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  1. looking to buy a alto sax $1200
  2. Selmer Paris SA80 II 498xxx fair price
  3. is this priced right?
  4. Purchasing a Tenor, Need suggestions.
  5. Pricing on my sax
  6. Help! Looking for a student model saxophone for xmas
  7. Pricing on Buescher alto true tone
  8. Sax Dakota...where can I find them?
  9. support your local music store?!?!
  10. Yamaha YTS-61: What's it worth?
  11. thinking of get a used pro Alto - Any suggestions?
  12. Upgrade from Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Sax - How Much of an Upgrade?
  13. Looking for a used tenor sax.
  14. Suggestions for a college tenor
  15. Jean Baptiste JB600ASL Value
  16. Conn 6m alto
  17. Looking to buy second hand in the UK
  18. Where to go from here (new to sax)
  19. $$ for a Larry Teal Scroll shank Alto MP
  20. Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax, 161,###, Mint or Mint-
  21. Is this a good soprano for a beginner ?
  22. Looking for the warmest sound on Sax! Please Help!
  23. I need a Tenor Sax
  24. U.S.A. Line Sax
  25. $400ish intermediate alto??
  26. Scammer on Selmer Mark VI?????
  27. selmer paris series III MINT for $3000 CDN
  28. Need advice,Mark VI with vintage STM 6
  29. Guys tomorrow this guy is going to bring the sax I wanted to buy...
  30. Scammer AD?
  31. Advice for Saxophone
  32. Yanagisawa Pro 990u Tenor--how much??
  33. Choice of beginner Saxophone (Keilwerth, LA Sax, Voss, ETC)
  34. Voss Bari Sax - Value?
  35. Voss Bari Sax - Value?
  36. A Little Bit Stupid- Keilwerth??
  37. leap of faith
  38. Jean Cartier Alto Sax ??????
  39. Pawn Shop Find: Go for it?
  40. Value of 1926-27 Buescher Soprano Sax?
  41. Needing Some Advice Choosing
  42. Buying a sax from a scrap yard.
  43. Buying: Vintage Tenor Sax!
  44. Establishing some kind of price range for 2nd-hand Taiwanese horns?
  45. Which Bari?
  46. tax on consignment intruments?
  47. Antigua Winds, Barrington or Vito?
  48. Let the Buyer Beware!!
  49. Need an Intermediate/Professional Alto Saxophone
  50. Yamaha tenor 275 V 475
  51. Potential score of a vintage horn
  52. is this a tenor?
  53. Sax dealer near southern WI (Milwaukee, Chicago)?
  54. Kessler via Email
  55. My teacher hate my horn!
  56. Antigua tenor help
  57. Sensibly priced Curved sop options
  58. is this a good deal?
  59. Looking to sell, but not sure of the best medium
  60. Sax shops to visit in New York?
  61. For Sale or For Scam - New Super 20 Alto
  62. Ozwinds?
  63. King Zephyr Bari - 388xxx
  64. Fermata Music?
  65. Looking for modern soprano with fixed straight neck.
  66. What would be the best sax for investment purposes
  67. Is this VI a good buy?
  68. Looking to buy a saxaphone.
  69. Selmer Tre-Pack Case
  70. Choosing btw G4M and Carmichael
  71. Could you sell your instrument on eBay for the same price you paid a year ago?
  72. $6k For a 1965 MKVI?
  73. Need help selecting/buying a sax
  74. Which of these will be best?
  75. buying a soprano.. budget.
  76. Another Alto-er looking for purchasing advice....
  77. FS: Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax - $3750 obo
  78. relacquer?
  79. used alto/bay area/newbie
  80. Upgrading my Alto to A901, YAS62, Super Action or?
  81. Kessler Custom Deluxe Soprano?
  82. Demo Horns
  83. Relative Worth of Buescher Curved Soprano and various vintage mouthpieces.
  84. What's a Holton Soprano Worth?
  85. 10th Grade Upgrade Help
  86. Help Me buy an alto Saxaphone from New Jersy
  87. experienced clarinetist in need of sax
  88. Vintage 1924 Conn Straight Soprano
  89. Need Help for purchase
  90. Advice on tenor purchase
  91. Antigua Winds Products Questions
  92. buying altosax.....
  93. New Alto
  94. Completely Confused??
  95. Value of a couple horns
  96. Selling my S902
  97. Upgrading my alto. Conn or Yanagisawa
  98. Buying a new tenor on a tight budget.
  99. Selling my Alto
  100. Post-sale price renegotiation or return?
  101. Recent increase in prices?
  102. doubler to buy bass clarinet, need help
  103. Hi, need some help with buying
  104. Best Inexpensive Intermed./Adv. Alto?
  105. Buying a new alto :/
  106. Advice on Selling Keilwerth EX-90
  107. Upgrading to a Martin?
  108. Not sure what this Mouthpiece is worth..
  109. Advice needed.
  110. Good Deal ? Bad Deal ?
  111. Advice needed on buying a Evette-Schaeffer France baritone sax
  112. Series II to A992?
  113. Where Can I Try Horns in Houston..
  114. How much?
  115. Fair value for Conn 1925 Alto Sax
  116. " Selmer Mark VI/Cannonball/King/Yamaha Saxophone Deals "
  117. Opinion needed
  118. advice on Selmer C* prices...
  119. Has the economy brought down mark VI prices?
  120. What's a 30's Conn Nakedy Lady Bari Worth?
  121. New Instrument
  122. Buescher sound in a modern horn?????
  123. Help me price my Antigua winds curved
  124. Mark VI 206xxx
  125. Holton 241 repair
  126. What's the deal with Keilworth?
  127. Where's best to sell a Selmer mark VI?
  128. Couf Superba or Naked Lady Bari? Which is best?
  129. King Zephyr Tenor is worth?
  130. I want to buy an alto sax. Help
  131. Vintage/Cheap Tenor
  132. Need access to a Conn tenor specialist...
  133. 1926 alto Bueschar sax to buy? or not to buy?
  134. YAS 23 -buy or forget it
  135. Budget Tenor
  136. Giardinelli saxes?
  137. Vintage Bari's
  138. New King Keilwerth
  139. Cannonball Big Bell Global
  140. Soprano Sax value--Yanigasawa
  141. can i buy a saxophone from music fair(expo) in europe??
  142. Maxtone sax, bulk purchase
  143. Selmer Mark VII, alto
  144. Selmer Balanced Action Tenor - price/selling advice please
  145. FS: Harrison Ligature for Alto Dukoff Mpc
  146. Advice with Selmer Serie III Alto
  147. Any opinion on these two Bundy altos?
  148. Taking Pictures to sell a horn
  149. Ebay vs PayPal... or is there even a VS? Should it be =??
  150. how to evaluate intonation when purchasing a sax?
  151. Pro Tenor - Is the Selmer Mk VI the Only Valid Choice?
  152. Looking to unload a horn in NY/Boston, tips/stores?
  153. Does anyone know what this Martin is worth?
  154. Is this even worth anything?
  155. Value of Buescher Aristocrat Series I tenor
  156. Please advise on a Selmer SA80 SerII alto
  157. Conn 28M Alto
  158. Conn 12M Bari
  159. How not to spell Buescher
  160. Selling tips for a 1920 Buescher True Tone Eb alto
  161. Yanagisawa B901
  162. Posting A Horn For Sale On Here Is Stupid
  163. Buy my horn or bones will be broken
  164. 1920 Martin Saxophone
  165. Various instruments from estate
  166. How much should I get for my Selmer Series III tenor?
  167. Box of original conn res o pads
  168. Uhm... Don't use a name like this
  169. Buying Professional - worth it? Any opinions?
  170. Borgani Tenor evaluation
  171. need info on a selmer sax sn# 28588
  172. Any advice on selling 3 saxophones and buying 3 more?
  173. advice on how to pick a lady named conn
  174. Conn C-Mel: How Much Should I Ask?
  175. craigslist listings and home burglaries
  176. Advice on Trading Horns?
  177. Your Experiences with Online (Nigerian?) Scammers
  178. How much time do we give the seller?
  179. Looking to sell Keilwerth sx90r - black nickel tenor
  180. Advice, please -- looking to sell a Selmer USA Tenor Sax Model 164
  181. Advise on selling Conn 10M- 1936
  182. Advice on a Super Balanced Action tenor
  183. Yas-52
  184. Buying a Neck from the Selmer Paris Showroom
  185. Renting/Buying advice:
  186. Two Old Horns
  187. Advice on a new sax
  188. How much could I sell this alto for?
  189. I don't understand the animosity toward local music dealers in your community.
  190. Vendors Listen Up: Take a Page from Martin Guitars and Make it Cheaper
  191. hi all Im in the market for a professional Tenor Sax and already have two in mind
  192. New Tenor
  193. Where is the closest place to try out instruments
  194. 1956 Conn 6M Alto
  195. What are the advantages of buying a new sax from your local dealer?
  196. Testing before Purchase
  198. Does Anyone know much about Solist horns?
  199. Hanbang Alto Sxaophone , Mint , like new condition
  200. Purchasing Advice
  201. How Much should I sell for...
  202. Counterfeit??? What do you think?
  203. what does your advice?
  204. antigua model as3100lq (a500-lq) saxophone
  205. Would deeply appreciate your help
  206. Pro horn?
  207. Cannot decide which Alto Sax...
  209. What are my choices for tenor sax
  210. Help with buying an intermediate sax
  211. A question about the SDA Tenor Price
  212. Is it worth it?
  213. whats it worth...
  214. What! Why? What happened to that thread?
  215. Has anyone ever heard of Saxquest?
  216. Is getting a new ybs-52 worth it? And other questions
  217. Silver,Bronze or Brass/Gold
  218. Conn Pre Chu Berry
  219. Looking at pawn shop saxophones
  220. Can anyone help me identify this Sax and orginality?
  221. Sellers, any tips for a safe transaction?
  222. Clarinet that appreciates in value?
  223. Lost contact with seller, haven't recieved item.
  224. Please comment on this soprano
  225. Cheap Bari anyone?
  226. Best price for a vito
  227. New Alto Sax for a beginner under $ 500 ?
  228. Buescher Aristocrat - High Serial Number
  229. WTB: alto saxophone stand
  230. Antigua 520 LQ - A good buy?
  231. What sax to buy?
  232. A Bauhaus-Walstein question
  233. Price for this vintage alto
  234. Noblet Alto
  235. Alto Sax Advice
  236. 10-year-old YAS 52. Fair price?
  237. Alto SA80 Price?
  238. King Super 20 - how to sell it
  239. What is the current going rate for a SA 80 II tenor?
  240. Highschool Senior needs a Tenor Sax
  241. What time of year is best for selling horns?
  242. Selling Selmer Series II Advice
  243. Good cheap Sop.
  244. Help Choosing Replacement
  245. Selmer Paris Mk VI Soprano
  246. Moving onto a pro horn.
  247. How to be sure that its not a fraud item on Craigslist?!
  248. Yamaha yts-475 what is your idea?
  249. Help! Big B Buying Advice! Mint?
  250. Selmer 80 Super Action series II - Ebay
  251. Big Bux for famous guy's old horn?
  252. Selling a yamaha YTS-23
  253. Anyone in the UK ever used this site?
  254. Is there a dealer with good inventory in San Jose?
  255. Buying a horn without a neck
  256. Advice on craigslist posts
  257. Value of a John Lehner flute with silver head and silverplate body?
  258. Buffet SDA alto
  259. Help! How should I get rid of the semi-repaired saxophones?
  260. I want to know what a fair value is on a mint Selmer USA Aristocrat SS600 would be?
  261. Would Ebay or The Marketplace Here Be A Better Option To Sell A Horn?
  262. Value of Pierret Hard Rubber Alto Mouthpiece?
  263. Looking for a Bari Sax and have few Questions.
  264. preparing sax for sale
  265. On the Prowl...
  266. Value of Series 1 King Super 20 alto
  267. Stupid Paypal Question
  268. Conn 30M trade question
  269. Trying to find a sax that will last through college and afterwards?
  270. My student has a 500 to 750 price range
  271. Paypal problem
  272. What should I look for when buying a Mark VI or VII Tenor?
  273. Price for a Mauriat Baritone
  274. Buescher Aristocrat
  275. I'm going to check on an ad for a secondhand reference 54 tenor
  276. Selmer Tenor Ref 36 Limited
  277. worldwidesax - great experience
  278. Selmer Series III Alto, Non-Engraved
  279. E. M. Winston BOSTON Pro-2000 advice!
  280. Antigua Winds Power Bell AS4240SG Alto
  281. Should I Get This Mark VII?
  282. How much does a sizable bow dent affect the value of a newer pro tenor?
  283. Selmer five digit tenor sax - Manchester UK
  284. Quality low A bari
  285. Post Selmer Buescher ...bad idea?
  286. Sax purchase!
  287. Adolphe Sax: 1814-1894 : sa vie, son œuvre et ses instruments de musique By Malou Haine
  288. Just ruined my day
  289. Tying out a new alto w/o mouthpieces
  290. Price for a 12M
  291. Need advice! Buying first sax.
  292. Selling Brilhart lig- advice?
  293. Recommendation for under $1500 sax - must be plated
  294. Looking for a tenor sax
  295. Good sax from ebay (600 - 900 USD)
  296. Is Anybody Here Familiar With Vito Tenors?
  297. Two Vintage Altos to Sell
  298. Advice on packing a horn
  299. Buying off the internet - what should I expect?
  300. Anyone deal with this guy on horns?
  301. Help! I'm so perplexed.
  302. Recommendation for a professional Alto Sax
  303. Craigslist whats the deal?
  304. Selmer Dealer in Los Angeles
  305. Looking for a backup tenor
  306. Money is no object....
  307. Horn for a good high school student ??
  308. Looking for a good soprano :) what is Opus USA?
  309. Looking for a new Alto Sax
  310. New Wonder - Advice for the selling?
  311. Problems with Canada Post!
  312. Buying without trying
  313. Your Dream Sax?
  314. my first (and hopefully last) alto
  315. buying a windsor
  316. Attn. BARI people: help please
  317. Vintage Tri-Pack Tenor Case
  318. Hints Please?
  319. Best bang for $ modern bari
  320. The safest way of buying privately from abroad?
  321. Stick with YAS 23 or buy YAS 62
  322. Vespro sax
  323. What Are My Chances
  324. Price suggestion for Used Selmer AS300
  325. Affordable Professional Sax
  326. Disadvantages of a Lazarro?
  327. Thinning the alto herd
  328. YTS-23 value?
  329. Gold Plated Buescher Aristocrat alto
  330. Yamaha Recommedations for a Beginner
  331. Wexler Soprano Sax???
  332. changing old tonyking alto sax
  333. Tenor sax for €700/$1000
  334. Let me die!
  335. new horn??
  336. Get The Horn You Want
  337. A question of etiquette
  338. Help new saxophone fore highschool student :)
  339. Mail order problems, another try before you buy thread
  340. Which horn should I sell?
  341. help on cheap alto sax choice
  342. YAS-62 for $800
  343. Buffet Evette tenor + Dukoff mp, for $550 = good deal?
  344. Reasonable price for SBA?
  345. Yanagisawa 900u price range
  346. "friends horn"
  347. Selmer Paris 1935 Alto and Selmer Paris 1969 Mark VI value?
  348. Looking to maybe sell a Selmer Mark VI alto (58,xxx).. cost advice?
  349. Any ideas about prices for second hand Selmer Series II Silver Plated
  350. Nice looking newer Silversonic Tenor on Kijij in Stratford ON, Canada
  351. Purchasing a Keilwerth online... Recommended or not?
  352. Buy a used YAS-52 or rebuild a mid 50s Conn 6M?
  353. payment protocol
  354. Decent Economy Alto Saxaphone
  355. Selmer SAS280 La Voix II
  356. Guidance on value of German-made alto sax
  357. Want to Upgrade - On a Budget
  358. vintage sax shops in Europe?
  359. What would be a good price on Mark VI Tenor?
  360. Which sax is best for me? fat, dark sound
  361. Nice Curved Soprano
  362. How much can i get for my Selmer
  363. Question about aging
  364. Cheap Vito Tenor available in Lk Havasu, AZ
  365. Barone, PM, or CE that order...
  366. Who's the moron?
  367. Craigslist - What is happening?
  368. How to avoid "tire kickers" and unnecessary PMs
  369. 1984 Yamaha Yas-23 Absolutely Mint should sell for? Please?
  370. New cheap but good sax recommendations.
  371. Best of ultra cheap horn?
  372. why does my spidey sense tingle?
  373. Don't Be Afraid To Ask The Right Questions
  374. Martin "The Committee" baritone sax - sell as is or repad?
  375. WTB good tenor around $600
  376. What plastic reed do you recommend?
  377. 1917 Restored HN White "King" 1 piece Soprano
  378. Pricing a Conn M Series Tenor
  379. Please Flag This Craigslist Ad (post additional too!)
  380. King Super 20 Alto Saxophone
  381. Conn 10M on Craigslist
  382. Kickbacks
  383. Selmer Alto Sax Hummingbird Reference 54 for Sale
  384. yamaha soprano saxophone yss62 value
  385. SPENCER Alto Sax
  386. Advice for later model King Super 20
  387. H.N.White “KING ZEPHYR” #299,800 (1949) or Cannonball Big Bell Series.
  388. is this a good price? cant find solid data anywhere
  389. Buying a Saxophone in Florida
  390. What is the market like for selling used Saxes?
  391. Conn 10M
  392. Later Super 20 pricing...
  393. DHgate, counterfeit horns ?? ref 54 for $399
  394. Buying a saxophone on Ebay.
  395. ordering from thomann
  396. Buying a Sax from overseas /safe payment ?
  397. Conn Transitional alto value
  398. Advice about a new tenor, need to sell one also
  399. Buyer's remorse: Used Yanagisawa A4
  400. looking to buy new/slightly used pro-model alto