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  1. stay on stage or get off?
  2. combos/big bands a student can try out for....
  3. Tips on playing with a band
  4. Tips on promoting your band
  5. Questions about Military Bands
  6. What's the makeup of your community band?
  7. Audition tomorrow, tips on improv part?
  8. How much to ask for playing an evening?
  9. Choking at tryouts but knowing you deserve more...
  10. Military Love/Hate
  11. new jazz quintet
  12. Ska Band!
  13. Help with formal structure of a Community Band
  14. Consider this a rant
  15. High School quartet needing some guidence
  16. The Jazz Duo
  17. pop group
  18. Naming a band question
  19. Who is actually the band's time keeper?
  20. High School Solo and Ensemble Contest
  21. where oh where have all the bass players gone?
  22. weird band names
  23. Playing an 'average' arrangement
  24. thinking of the band pic in front of a brick wall?
  25. 'Renegade' second alto
  26. High School Jazz Combo
  27. National Grammy Big Band
  28. Ok
  29. Jazz Combo
  30. How Do You Keep Balance?
  31. Promo Pack
  32. Band tryouts
  33. Community Bands--Your Experiences in them?
  34. looking for dance songs for a big band
  35. Band Camp
  36. Crabs
  37. Getting Gigs for Big Band
  38. high school jazz band
  39. High School Band People
  40. Band Leader woes
  41. Concert Band
  42. sax/guitar duo to start out
  43. Christmas Gigs
  44. Jazz Band in need of sax players
  45. Swing Dance material for quartet
  46. Fun First Rehearsal
  47. Band Name
  48. WHOOPS!!
  49. Band etiquette During rehearsal/ Gigs
  50. A custom made baton?
  51. Band Web sites
  52. VA Booking Agents
  53. What are prefered keys when playing in a dance band
  54. Recommendation
  55. Fruitless search
  56. What to play?
  57. Is this an unusual situation?
  58. Where to get Band "Banners"
  59. Desperately seeking! UK
  60. Naming the stuff you and your bands do...
  61. Are these insturments enough for a small jazz band?
  62. I need a Concert Band Arrangement
  63. Saxophone Ensemble Edmonton - ideas??
  64. Learning Band Arrangements
  65. Veggie band
  66. Any tips would be nice
  67. Jazz Combo Help
  68. Anyone with a similar experience?
  69. My new R&B Band
  70. How to get a band to the next level?
  71. Drummer Drama
  72. New band for weddings, corporate, etc
  73. Help, putting a group back together!
  74. What websites help you build a band?
  75. the band is falling apart...
  76. Want to participate or start a Blues/Swing band
  77. Key issues playing with guitarists
  78. The phenomenal Thrascher saxophone quartet
  79. halloween costumes anyone?
  80. Big Band Sax Section Frustration!
  81. 3/4 piece jazz group
  82. Good golly this marketing end of "the band" is EX$PEN$IVE
  83. Baseman,where are you?
  84. Looking for a piano player and a lead vocalist...
  85. How not to get hired for a gig
  86. Denver band looking for sax player...
  87. Big Band Question
  88. Who to play to: the owner or the audience
  89. Leaving the band??
  90. Band Festival in the Bahamas
  91. No lessons on the bandstand?
  92. Band Additions
  93. Started a trio, no to get gigs: Looking for advice
  94. Making a band
  95. OK, Now What Do I Do?!?
  97. Copyright issue: Mech. license needed for demo?
  98. Rehearsal Bands - Boston and N.W. Suburbs
  99. Sax Wanted for W.London Soul Covers Band
  100. Forming a band
  101. Hi, Im new at this community
  102. Soul Band Advice
  103. Wanted, bigband chart that can introduce all the players
  104. Name the Band - Contest
  105. Community Band...
  106. Sax-guitar-vocals ensemble?
  107. Kick the drummer?
  108. Combos/jazz groups in columbus, Ohio area?
  109. Favorite Saxophone Section
  110. how to get groove without rhythm section
  111. Seating of the Sax Section
  112. I may not be worthy but...
  113. Posters / Marketing during a gig
  114. Advice on Adding Horn Players to band
  115. Looking for a CT Bari Player....
  116. What would you do? Etiquette question
  117. Dance Band?
  118. Looking for section
  119. Starting a jazz band
  120. Quote of the Day
  121. Sax Ensemble
  122. Harmonizing Horns
  123. Physical Arrangement of the rhythm section
  124. First-time pit band gig. Any Tips?
  125. Need an alto player for Central FL big band
  126. Trios to listen to?
  127. New Jersey Concert Band Seeks Members
  128. Virtual big band
  129. Most Hated Song Request
  130. I never knew it was so hard
  131. So my band director wants our combo to play a gig...
  132. No Longer Playing By Myself!
  133. missing: new band member
  134. Concert Band!
  135. Looking for Sax-specific fundamentals advice
  136. Temecula All-City Community Band needs YOU!
  137. When The Bass Is Not There,Would You Still Go as a Trio or a Duo
  138. What's Your Fee
  139. Live band playing for Karaoke - can it be done, how ?
  140. Post your set list!
  141. brass section method
  142. A money question...
  143. Music suggestions for young concert band?
  144. Recommendations for a Jazz Band?
  145. Charts: To use or not to use?
  146. Big band
  147. Sheet music for band
  148. Hot weather help needed, STAT
  149. Tenor player(s) needed for SE PA concert band
  150. I've never marched with my sax!
  151. Organizing shared band resources online
  152. Ever loose your cool at a rehearsal?
  153. OK. Who's got suggestions for the worst Medley in history?
  154. Suggestions on Lead Alto
  155. Whatever happened to "dance bands?"
  156. Community Bands
  157. Clubs;a new way to cheat the band
  158. Sax and Guitars
  159. Metronome at band rehearsal
  160. On Responsibility
  161. What's Their Trouble?!
  162. What do I need to start a trad jazz combo?
  163. Starting a Band
  164. Evita - pit band instrumentation?
  165. The Sanford Alligator Band
  166. About your sound.......
  167. I'm In Charge!
  168. Kailua High School Marching Band!!!
  169. Trying to start a funk group
  170. When is it time to leave the band?
  171. Teaching Elementary School Band & Orchestra
  172. community pits?community orchestras
  173. Playing on the Street
  174. Post your community band recordings here
  175. Planning band rehearsals
  176. What degree of fidelity do you demand from your bandmates?
  177. Director Seeks Missing Band Part - Please Help
  178. Starting a Band with mates. Alto, Keys, Drums.
  179. RICK K and the All Nighters
  180. Opening for Poncho Sanchez
  181. Miyako
  182. It's Started To Work!
  183. Any Jazz/Blues JAM SESSIONS in Los Angeles?
  184. Sax Quartet suggested repertoire
  185. Sax band
  186. A question for pit orchestra musicians
  187. Unexpected Six
  188. Funniest Gigging Moment
  189. Good Blues and RR Tunes
  190. trio/quartet
  191. convincing bass player to get new ax, or new pickups?
  192. New Blog: My best rock band stories 2000-2003
  193. Band Rules?
  194. Tip jar?
  195. Black tie gala? Us?
  196. Band Malaise - that dreaded thing
  197. Fundraising ideas for the school band
  198. Blood on a gig?
  199. Band In Need Of Help
  200. Do I need ASCAP or BMI for my wedding band?
  201. [Concert Band] Name that tune
  202. Starting a community band w/ minors
  203. Starting Highschool Jazz Band
  204. New Project
  205. Big Bands: How Many?
  206. Gig report with my new link
  207. I need song recommendations
  208. New bar treats my band really well
  209. Saxophone Quartet!
  210. Looking for a band...
  211. Inquisitive but Bold Kid
  212. Bari player for Central Florida Big Band
  213. Christmas CD Suggestions
  214. Sax quartet! and a problem...
  215. Help! New Band!
  216. Community Band in Pittsburgh
  217. Community band - trumpet music for soprano sax
  218. So When Is It 'Thunderbirds Are Go'?
  219. Getting Gigs
  220. Crashed and burned
  221. How Do You Convince Your Directors to Play a Solo?
  222. Are All Bands Living Soap Operas?
  223. Doubling
  224. Trumpet players help!!!!
  225. Marching Band FTW
  226. Pittsburgh,PA Players - Check this out
  227. We lost our Singer :(
  228. Lessons learned in gigging acoustics
  229. Minimum Personnel Questions
  230. How to play Lead Ato
  231. Youth jazz band
  232. Big Bands in the Denver area
  233. Trying to play in a band
  234. Problems hearing everyone on Stage
  235. Rehearsing or Performing?
  236. Is this normal?
  237. Drummond Community Big Band, Edinburgh
  238. Buddy's Buddies...
  239. Great people/awful band or awful people/great band?
  240. Using vibrato in band pieces
  241. Monitors and "core" sound
  242. New name, new website
  243. Band music: What parts for the soprano?
  244. pulling a trio out of your.....
  245. Flyer for new band
  246. I'm nervous...
  247. Love Hate
  248. Any good jam sessions In Orange County?
  249. What to do in Band
  250. Is there anything better?
  251. Jam Sessions - Twin Cities
  252. Substituting for other (sax) parts
  253. Some f*** up funk music...
  254. Stuffing the Mic in the Sax barrel
  255. What horn for indie music?
  256. Benefit gig tonight
  257. Playing outside
  258. Excellent classic rock tunes for tenor sax?
  259. Recent gig recorded with H4
  260. Community Based Big Band
  261. Band Advert Ideas??
  262. Open mike capers
  263. Coming up with a Name for the Band...what a Nightmare!
  264. Publicity Drive
  265. what is meant by "big band"?
  266. Lead Alto
  267. Dilemma....let's see.
  268. Most embarrassing performance moment
  269. Shifting from rock music to jazz ensemble - halp!
  270. Never felt so discouraged
  271. Any big band tenor players here??
  272. Don't waste my time
  273. Question about US school/college bands
  274. First preformance questions...
  275. After the rehearsal
  276. Finding a band in Quebec to play with
  277. big band charts
  278. Christmas Parade
  279. Anyone In a Band With Family?
  280. Before the Gig
  281. Musicians Wanted Websites?
  282. Group audition - when would you do it?
  283. What do you wear for a gig?
  284. Trying out for a Pink Floyd tribute band
  285. Not Hired for Playing Too Smooth!!
  286. Play in a Mexican Style band (norteno)
  287. Sax Duet & Quartet Help
  288. Telling rhythm players what to do...
  289. Band and communication,would you say that it is important beteween members?
  290. downsizing from a quartet to a trio
  291. Bored with the woodshed. Need to get out and play.
  292. Bari Backup for Motown stuff
  293. Sax+Drum=Tet my new group
  294. Dream coming true
  295. Starting a polka band?
  296. Band being too crowded, help!!!!
  297. When you go out to see a performance what do you expect to see?
  298. Blood, Sweat and Tears Live
  299. help with new singer
  300. How to find new people to play with?
  301. New Jazz standards from todays pop charts.
  302. Ken Watters - The Jazz Musicians' Protocol
  303. average musician gets $23 out of $1000?
  304. Group that played for charity or was it "horns for students"
  305. Encore Woes
  306. Alto or tenor in a 4 piece horn section?
  307. Teaching new songs to non-readers
  308. I/We Play Music...and People Fall Down. What Gives?
  309. Thoughts on who / when / where you play
  310. Any Columbus, OH players?
  311. The "free" studio session - when free isn't really.... free
  312. Electric guitar player appreciation thread
  313. It's Raining Low Winds.. Hallelujah!!!
  314. Sound saturation?
  315. Bossa Nova's for Jazz Duo Repertoire
  316. Protocol: improvising backgrounds
  317. Pro Tips: The Band Book
  318. Recurring Dream
  319. How did you name your band?
  320. anybody use
  321. Funk Rock Song for Small Ensemble
  322. Drum Machines
  323. Where can I hear Jimmy Lally arrangements?
  324. FB band app
  325. Contrabass Clarinet in the Band
  326. Jazz Standards ...$....and the law....
  327. Defeating The Inner Tiger Mom
  328. Big Band Sax Section
  329. Do brass players get less gigs?
  330. help with positive criticism
  331. Have you ever
  332. Do I need to be a music major to get a job as a pit musician?
  333. wedding gig is the rain (under a tent)
  334. Help needed.. We need a name for our duo!
  335. Help with song ideas for busking
  336. My first Big Band - any tips?
  337. Big band soloing ... How do you do it?
  338. Concert B flat blues improv.
  339. Harmonica player appreciation thread
  340. The best gig ever
  341. iPad for big band charts ?
  342. Band Playing With a Sequence
  343. fff - is this the new norm or is it just my area? Rant
  344. Recommend me a new amplifier for my tenor sax
  345. Acoustic Bass player WANTED
  346. how to guide to latin big band
  347. Getting People to Your Gig
  348. LateNiteSax Performing live 10/22/11 Nyack NY. Cmon out y'all
  349. Best chart for big band warmup/tuning
  350. I know sax is not everyone's cup of tea but ...
  351. How to transcribe for band
  352. Suggestions for a Six Man Jazz Group
  353. Keeping the tempo ?
  354. Urgent need ska advice
  355. Baker Street Cover - Guitar Solo On Sax
  356. Moves
  357. I think I overblow my solos
  358. Error
  359. Band horns playing too up on the beat.
  360. What woodwind instrument could replace a trumpet in a musical arrangement?
  361. Ran across this interesting turn of the century female saxophone group,
  362. wedding bands
  363. Showband wants me: Acceptable?
  364. Best Gig
  365. Horn band music
  366. How much to charge for horn arrangements?
  367. Playing live, problems
  368. Check out my 25 cent rhythm section!
  369. LEMON from Valencia
  370. piano comping on ballads - anticipating 3rd beat?
  371. Monitors on larger stages
  372. Help me brainstorm ideas for names for my new band!
  373. Friday 8/3 Gig New Hope PA
  374. Band Members Arguing
  375. Breaking into the local gig scene with a big band
  376. How do I explain it?
  377. Another 'help me name my band' thread
  378. Question for those of you that do your own sound (no sound guy)
  379. Do you prefer playing with guitarists or keyboardists?
  380. Sax line up for horn section with 2horns
  381. CD Recommendation
  382. Music for Wind Ensemble; Senior Project
  383. Positioning of sax players in big band
  384. How to, um, quit, without looking like a jerk
  385. What basic electronic set up to play in a studio in a band?
  386. Arrangements for 9 piece band
  387. What I learned at tonights gig
  388. What does this mean?
  389. Is there a standard formula for calculating pay percentage?
  390. Big Band Layout
  391. Need to Know songs for contemporary/rock band Work
  392. MUSIC RANT (don't bother reading)
  393. Need help with stage/ PA setup before 6/12 gig.
  394. Chris' Jazz Cafe tonight!
  395. how to start jamming with other players?
  396. More kvelling...
  397. Let's say you start a band then a coup takes place, Who gets the band name?
  398. Tips for starting a school band from scratch?
  399. Sound Reflector or Ear Plugs
  400. Clothes Encounters Of The Saxl kind