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  1. Rongs for my wife
  2. Which Songs for a wedding trio?
  3. Take Five Articulations
  4. NYSSMA solo
  5. Lead Sheet of Stan's Blues (Stan Getz)
  6. Billy Joel's "just the way you are" sax solo trans
  7. SOTW Article: The importance of Learning Tunes and Standards
  8. Sugar - Eric Marienthal
  9. Chords Changes
  10. New Jazz Standards
  11. Girl from Ipanema - Getz solo transcription
  12. Looking for Stan Getz - Para Machucar Meu Coracao
  13. Bluegrass saxophone?
  14. Ornithology
  15. California dreaming - flute solo needed, though for sax
  16. Sweet Rain
  17. Sonny's Squawk
  18. The chicken
  19. What song?
  20. Paul "Shilts" Weimar
  21. Love For Sale
  22. Wave - Dexter Gordon !
  23. Jazz transcriptions
  24. My One & Only Love
  25. Kenny G accompaniment CDs?
  26. Parker's KC Blues
  27. St. Thomas
  28. Catch Me If You Can
  29. Mo' better blues and Majia
  30. Alto and Piano Duet
  31. Grover Washington, "Just The Two Of Us"
  32. sax music in adult movie ?????
  33. jam session etiquette...
  34. Rhythm-a-ning by Monk
  35. Puttin on the ritz
  36. Some day my prince will come
  37. Sanborn's Butterfat
  38. Moondance
  39. Key of a Night in Tunisia
  40. Desafinado
  41. Flight of the Bumblebee
  42. The Night of The Spicy Burrito- flute latin solo?
  43. Night Train - what key?
  44. lisa simpon song
  45. Just the way you are?
  46. Just the way you are?
  47. Springsteen's Rosalita - alto, tenor or bari?
  48. Stardust
  49. transposing
  50. Hermeto Pascoal with Miles
  51. Anyone know where I can find the head to Move?
  52. Long Tall Dexter
  53. What scales to use to improvise on 'Corcovado'
  54. Changes For "Two Bass Hit"
  55. Sidewinder changes
  56. Quartet Christmas Music
  57. Good Solo
  58. Anyone care to help figure out the changes for 8 bar bridge?
  59. Rhythm Changes
  60. Sax Solo Help
  61. soprano sax trio
  62. Jumpin Off a Clef
  63. Scholarship Tryouts - Is it Appropriate??
  64. We fall down
  65. Tempo for Handel/Rascher Sonata #3?
  66. Anybody have the changes to Coming Home for Christmas.??
  67. Bruce Springstein
  68. last christmas by george michael.
  69. Santa and the Sax!
  70. How to tranpose a Clarinet solo to sax ?
  71. Fly Me to The Moon
  72. Grazin' in the Grass
  73. La Vie Boheme
  74. Roseanne theme?
  75. Sam River's Beatrice
  76. Changes for Moanin'
  77. Changes to "Step Lightly" by Benny Golson
  78. notes on the song "You Are So Beautiful"
  79. Spooky....... Classics IV
  80. Smile - Dexter & who?
  81. Henry and June
  82. upcoming one man show
  83. changes to cantaloupe island
  84. There Will Never Be Another You
  85. Question about "Sarabande and Gigue"
  86. Music parts for Soprano?
  87. website with keys for popular songs?
  88. Question on Phil Woods: "Three Improvisations"
  89. playing behind the beat
  90. how to learn the chords to a song......
  91. Pink Floyd Money Tenor Solo
  93. Dick Parry's Money solo
  94. Michael Breckers "Cat's cradle" transcription
  95. Suggestions for tunes
  96. Dion- Runaround Sue
  97. Brecker - Delta city blues!
  98. best songs
  99. Ballads
  100. Looking for recent Top 40 "dinner" music.
  101. Ibert's Concertino Da Camera-Playing Tips
  102. turning tabs into keys?
  103. 12-bar blues heads?
  104. Cannonball "Autumn Leaves" solo
  105. "Just the Two of Us"- revisited
  106. Happy birthday, help please
  107. can you play, flight of the bumblebees? I can't.
  108. hardest song
  109. Solo sax wedding music
  110. Not so much a beginner's question as a rhythm question
  111. "A Little Chicago Fire" by Frank Foster
  112. Sup Yo I got a Lil Prob bout playing clarinet notes...
  113. Do you know this song?
  114. Flight of the Bumblebee
  115. song "stroke it" ? knows anybody?
  116. Need a good beat song.
  117. Kenny Garrett Tunes, Anyone know the Chords?
  118. "IT DoNT MEAN A THING ", any1 familiar with this s
  119. some machine that writes the score down.
  120. Learning to Play by ear
  121. Andrew Hill's "Ashes"
  122. B-Flat Blues Help
  123. Improvising to a tune called "Big Foot" by David S
  124. 4th bar of Georgia
  125. Help With Solo ideas for Central Park West
  126. Tunes to learn
  127. Can anyone help me find the Lyrics to Ornithology?
  128. Are you sax pros an 'encyclopedia of tunes'?
  129. Lady Bird question
  130. That Tequila Sound! and solo!
  131. Same Auld Lang Syne- Dan Fogelberg
  132. Play Along Info
  133. a#
  134. guitar keys
  135. Help needed in identifying a saxophone solo sound! Hear it !
  136. to slur, or not to slur, that is the question
  137. Confidence
  138. Learning tunes
  139. Is "Cousin Mary" a minor blues?
  140. Glazounov Concerto Mvt. 1
  141. alto solos
  142. Tune from 'Round Midnight.
  143. Cowboy Bebop - Tank!
  144. Need a bit of help for a school solo...
  145. More - Which tenor plaser put this into thier record ?
  146. How To Learn a Standard Song by Tim Price ; lesson for sale;
  147. DJ Kool
  148. Tempered Steel by Charles Young
  149. Playing the Vocal Line / Tenor Line ?
  150. Flight of the Bumblebee: Arranged by Carl Fischer
  151. Georgia on my mind? Bb tenor or Soprano?
  152. Can anybody send me a PDF file of fly me to the moon?>?
  153. Best foot tapping numbers?
  154. You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me
  155. Bergonzi's Pentatonic book - tunes?
  156. Misty?
  157. Any of you know Masato Honda?
  158. All the talks about "Tank!" in Cowboy Bebop
  159. What and when should I be playing?
  160. All that Jazz
  161. Learning chords to songs
  162. Sight transposing
  163. Most despised audience favorites.
  164. choosing a tune for elemetary school tour
  165. Wedding gig
  166. First Concertino by Guilhaud
  167. How to play with soul?
  168. Big band era
  169. When I fall In Love
  170. "This way" from Nestico
  171. Marcus Miller's "Snakes"
  172. "Drop A Nickel In The Slot"
  173. Finally got it ...
  174. Anybody play Harlem Nocturne on tenor?
  175. Girl From Ipanema Key
  176. Issue with Play along CDs for vocalists
  177. An 8 measure intro for East of the Sun?
  178. Take 5? (alto sax)
  179. ...which grade??
  180. Eb and my blues!?
  181. Anybody got a good sax recording of Good Morning Heartache??
  182. Dinner For One Please, James
  183. South African / Township Jazz for beginner
  184. Speed of "No Moe"
  185. question from an idiot
  186. Favorite tune to play acapella?
  187. Bari part for "Loving You Too Long?"
  188. NEED HELP!!!
  189. help with Yakety Sax
  190. A confession... I don't know how to play a darn thing!
  191. Dexter's Three O Clock In The Morning
  192. Easy pieces for alto beginner?
  193. Stella by Starlight
  194. The Guitarplayer, does ha have any..
  195. GW Bicentennical March... HELP?!
  196. i find it very hard
  197. A tip for soloing at fast tempos
  198. hello, it's me
  199. "Let's Monk"
  200. Mal Waldron's "Cat Walk"
  201. How do you guys play the melody by memory?
  202. Help! Backing Tracks Mess Me Up!
  203. Can anyone put a little Sugar in my Bowl?
  204. Beginner Problems w/Aebersold Books
  205. Benny Golson's Whisper Not
  206. Blues horn sections
  207. "When I Fall In Love" what basic scale for noodling?
  208. slash chords
  209. Counting Rythms
  210. Grapevine
  211. Days of Wine and Roses
  212. So I picked A tuffy -.-
  213. Like someone in love
  214. "First Song (for Ruth)" by Charlie Haden
  215. transposing question needing an imediate answer
  216. My Shining Hour
  217. Tenor players -- "Donna Lee"
  218. What's your desired Soprano Tone for Pop MUsic?
  219. All of me improv
  220. A Sonata for alto saxophone
  221. Donna Summer's "On the Radio"
  222. Coltrane - "One Up, One Down"
  223. Steeplechase
  224. Playing at the open mic/jam session
  225. Playing at the open mic/jam session with better musicians
  226. 'Do you love me'
  227. Scrapple from the Apple (a sour apple)
  228. SALE; Learning a Standard Tune ;
  229. Playing By Yourself
  230. Standard Repertoire
  231. Epistrophy Scales?
  232. Help on "Beatrice" chord changes
  233. Earl Bostic C.D.
  234. Tin Tin Deo/ Chano Pozo
  235. My Playing is Dull and Lifeless...
  236. All the Things You Are chord scales (end)
  237. What does a person like me play?
  238. Our Love is Here to stay
  239. I need help from jazz players....
  240. Omnibook
  241. What a Difference a Day Made
  242. 'Carolyn' as played by Hank Mobley
  243. Carnival of venice
  244. Promenade... 3/4 to 4/4 ?
  245. Ibert Concertina
  246. low A
  247. All the things I AM tonight! haha :D
  248. Soprano B flat question Help
  249. So... in YOUR opinion...
  250. See if you REALLY know a tune
  251. Learning a standard song / pdf lesson sale ;
  252. What tunes have you been learning lately (in need of help)?
  253. anyone have a recording of vivaldi sonata in g minor
  254. Spring can really hang you up the Most
  255. ballad playing
  256. Easy Baritone Solos to transcribe!
  257. Note perfect or Make it your own?
  258. It Ain't Necessarily So
  259. Xmaj7 vs Xmaj
  260. blues suedois/swedish
  261. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
  262. Easy Tenor Transcriptions
  263. Coltrane's A Love Supreme Part 2 : Pursuance
  264. Mo Better Blues
  265. 'Who Cares?' Gershwin Tune
  266. Need help with minor blues
  267. Thoughts/emotions getting in the way?
  268. What to play in a jazz-combo filled with starters?
  269. Something wrong with my hearing?
  270. "Sweet love of mine" changes
  271. anyone have these on their computer?
  272. Use Me Up Aaron Nevelle
  273. Soloing over I-IV-V rock and blues
  274. R&B playing, where to begin?
  276. Harmony with Lego bricks - Conrad Cork
  277. Knowing a tune
  279. Which version of Real Book/ Fake Book you are using now?
  280. More Than You Know - a LOT more...
  281. Requesting chords to Sanborn songs --- from Aebersold's volume 103
  282. Lego Bricks
  283. When you're feeling down, which standards do you tend to play?
  284. Play-along for RnB and Funk
  285. What other birthday songs to play?
  286. Eminem Tune at Jazz workshop. Help!
  287. Awesome Aebersold - St. Louis Blues
  288. Improve my timing
  289. Bob Berg - Neptune chords
  290. Music education in the US of A
  291. Strangers on the Shore backing - urgent
  292. what is this tune?
  293. Favorite classical piece
  294. Standard Playalong Backing Tracks
  295. You the Night and the Music
  296. Calypso or Island backing tracks
  297. Male vocal & tenor sax song suggestions
  298. Songs suited for the soprano sax
  299. The recovery. One example with a question.
  300. What's the most popular standard you HAVEN'T learned?
  301. Rhythm Changes and Lester Leaps In
  302. Learning standards not a standard.
  303. Ferling 4
  304. Non-jazz improv and a projekct
  305. South of the Border
  306. How to put the island back in "St Thomas"
  307. Solo on SOLITUDE...looking for some tips...
  308. Stepping out w/ my Baby - help
  309. pannonica
  310. Some Night Train questions
  311. Libertango
  312. Does vocal removal software remove sax melody?
  313. Baker street
  314. Playing the Chords
  315. Low Life
  316. Bar 32 in Michel Camilo's "Just Kidding"
  317. Did this ever happen to you?
  318. Piano part for Sanborn's Dream song?
  319. How to get original changes for standards
  320. Duets
  321. Help Needed with jazz standard: INVITATION
  322. Learning Tunes: A Revelation
  323. Song in different keys?
  324. Does anybody else like this A L Weber song?
  325. Correct Tempo for Scaramouche?
  326. Jazz Solos: mechanical, soulful or just jibberish?
  327. What tempo do you prefer for Autumn Leaves?
  328. Bozza Aria: graces
  329. "Tuff" by Ace Cannon Midi Desperately Needed
  330. What is this tune?
  331. Wedding Gig
  332. Sightreading rythms help
  333. Go to school version of "softly as in..."
  334. I bombed out at a Jam Session
  335. Help with transposing please
  336. Transposing songs
  337. Tryout / Jam with band
  338. Ryo Noda's Pheonix
  339. Jams -- rules of engagement
  340. Original Version of Invitation?
  341. Giant Steps
  342. That's Entertainment - Not Entertaining!
  343. ces fanfares, ces melodies des balkans
  344. Beggining Funk/Rock Saxophone
  345. playing different styles convincingly
  346. DMB: The Song that Jane Likes
  347. Obscure tunes with cool titles
  348. Coltrane's "Giant Steps" Solo
  349. Stealin' Apples
  350. Pennies From Heaven
  351. Rushing
  352. Rap background tracks
  353. Help with "The Wedding Song" by Kenny G
  354. Favorite Dixieland Tunes?
  355. Playing Sax in "Cabaret" musical
  356. Yakety Sax, anyone?
  357. Phil Woods Sonata
  358. Bari sax low A on tenor
  359. Glenn Frey-The heat is on
  360. Sing a Song of Song - Kenny Garrett
  361. Cacklin' Sax
  362. young americans transcription
  363. Piano-Alto sax duo
  364. Soloing on Alto Sax-Need some help
  365. Arrangements
  366. What's the deal with 'Impressions'?
  367. Moonlight Feels Right (Starbuck)
  368. After hours
  369. Very useful computer tool for learning tunes by ear
  370. Songs you're sick of
  371. Music Minus One Question/Issue???
  372. Winelight?
  373. Collaborative Music Over the Internet
  374. Songs to Learn Intervals
  375. Alto Sax/Guitar Duo
  376. Just for Fun book
  377. Chord changes to Surrey with a Fringe on Top?? Help??
  378. Peter Gunn ideas
  379. Now's the Time (Charlie Parker)
  380. Evidence
  381. Which Charlie Parker tune to learn first?
  382. Thelonius Monk Ballad "Reflections"
  383. "Over Dressing" songs
  384. Need some Fusion ideas...
  385. Latin Jazz for Wedding!!!
  386. Best Key for "Star Spangled Banner"?
  387. Real Book Software
  388. parker's Mood
  389. The Sorceror
  390. 26-2 a Standard?!?!?!
  391. Corners - for Herbie (David Sanborn)
  392. bass player asked me what keys I like - help!
  393. Midi is bad.
  394. Groups playing out of Fake (Real) books.
  395. i feel good james brown
  396. Like someone in love/ Groovin' high/ how high the moon
  397. well you needn't, bridge?
  398. Aebersold vs. Hal Leonard
  399. Anybody got the sheet music to Say It?
  400. Songs from Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe - need suggestions!