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  1. Picture Projects?
  2. Top 5 favorite players alive! and dead! list your favorites
  3. "americas most talented kid".....
  4. What are you listening to now?
  5. It seems impossible....
  6. what are your experiences of changing sax (alto to tnr etc)
  7. The best feeling in the world.
  8. When does a player hit his prime?
  9. Focus on one horn - do you need to?
  10. The Perfect Saxophone Collection
  11. Ever Had a Saxophone with Bad Karma?
  12. The object of your next aquisition (Warning, GAS inside!)
  13. I Wanna Saxophone Lava Lamp
  14. David Dolson, HELP
  15. "Intermediate" Instrument Classification
  16. Saxes and hand size
  17. Motivation
  18. role model
  19. escape or gift
  20. soundproofing information
  21. Special thanks and perhaps a little brown-nosing
  22. The perfect 45-player ensemble?
  23. Happy Birthday Jimmy Lyons!
  24. Sax theme screen savers?
  25. Looking for a little inspiration !!!
  26. Your dream My dream Who's dream
  27. have you noticed?
  28. Ordering Devil's Rag in US
  29. The pinnacle…
  30. Spongebob Saxpants?
  31. Does anyone else name their horns?
  32. Sound absorber
  33. Realization
  34. Playing for my infant daughter
  35. definition of a good music?
  36. thanks sax people...
  37. Wondering what to do.........
  38. Winter NAMM 2004 Report
  39. Kudos to our own BobM!!!!
  40. do you open or close your eyes when playing ?
  41. Introduction
  42. Happy Birthday Ralph Morgan
  44. Recording Tips???
  45. Abstract Utility as Art
  46. Can you mute a sax?
  47. Recording music lessons
  48. Quick Question...
  49. I wish...
  50. Do you smell GAS?
  51. Sax "CONSUMER REPORTS" Can it be done?
  52. Tenor Sax -- iconic representation of Jazz today?
  53. World Record attempt in Toronto, May 30
  54. Beware The Curse of the Lame Busker!
  55. Lessons4me.com - List your lessons on there for Free!
  56. nervous
  57. True Confessions!
  58. the downside to owning a repair shop...
  59. 2 sax boards belly up
  60. Honest officer, it's all a big mistake.
  61. AMEB
  62. My dog...
  63. Junior and his magic saxophone....
  64. Saxophone"Cliches"--Do They Exist?
  65. Saxophone car equivalents
  66. That means what exactly?
  67. Is the guitar the only instrument around?
  68. So.... Why did you choose the sax?
  69. Dream analysis anyone?
  70. Speaking of Bill Clinton..
  71. International saxophone meet up on July 7
  72. Future of the Saxophone
  73. Scientific Sound Analysis
  74. Calling all Aussies!
  75. An entire setup made of wood?
  76. what do I do?
  77. Debating on selling my Selmer SBA alto..
  78. How to be creative
  79. Woodshed Origin
  80. Exposure to cold
  81. Sax food for thought
  82. Unbelievable young player !!
  83. Lost in San Francisco
  84. Nicknames
  85. The ones that got away...
  86. Uk people
  87. Research
  88. Can anyone help me find a saxophone stencil/cut out?
  89. No Strap seems good for me.....
  90. Audition/tryout packing list
  91. How far did your drive?
  92. Are these pieces from an alto sax or tenor sax?
  93. Is this acceptable to you?
  94. Looking for Bernard Daigle of Montreal
  95. North Carolina Saxophone Symposium
  96. Does the horn itself have a soul?
  97. how do you normally prepare for a gig ?
  98. Practicing What I Preach
  99. Oh My GOD!#!#$@!
  100. Good news, bad news
  101. Selmer Free Bandstand
  102. Definition of Chops
  103. God- I love the sax!!!
  104. Help with V7+9 (dim whole tone)
  105. coming back after break
  106. 18 and under only!!
  107. What do ya think???? Sticks and stones......
  108. Saxophone exhibit at Clinton Presidential Library
  109. Sound proofing a small room
  110. Need charity info on reitred musicians
  111. Just Need Some Moral Support...
  112. For those with young kids...
  113. what kind of set up (horn, mouthpiece)
  114. Question....
  115. Setup
  116. interesting sop. music, what can you recommand?
  117. Tuning
  118. There called RAVEL
  119. What ballad makes you want to cry?
  120. Vinyl
  121. So what to do when a customer stiffs you on special order...
  122. Any Yahoo or MSN messenger members?
  123. Kimmel Center? Anyone a Member?
  124. looking for dave spiegenthal? in va?
  125. Critique this!
  126. Best gig ever
  127. Ovecame a Phobia Today
  128. Update and thank you: Gordon(NZ) and JS
  129. Saxophone Business Cards
  130. Street Musician suing Atlantic City
  131. The 2006 Fundraiser Calendar IS HERE!!
  132. IAJE in California
  133. music in california??
  134. What do YOU think is the future of the saxophone?
  135. lisa simpsons sax
  136. Toilet mouthed Forums (Are you listening Branford?)
  137. playing to saxes at once, with a single mouthpiece...
  138. How much would you pay for Coltrane's tenor?
  139. GAS
  140. Some General Questions?
  141. My head is KILLING ME!!!
  142. Amusing TV ...
  143. Is "Lead Tenor" a widespread term? A 60's guy want
  144. Is "Lead Tenor" a widespread term? A 60's guy want
  145. Huge jazz auction - Sun 2/20/05 - NYC
  146. The Sax Maketh the man or the man maketh the sax?
  147. Tenor Players & Alto Players
  148. Amazing Opportunities on my deployment to Sri Lanka!
  149. It's All In Who's Holding The Sax
  150. better with age?
  151. I thought things like this happen only in stories
  152. can you take a tenor sax as hand luggage on international flights ?
  153. Natural reverb
  154. Whoa
  155. Career Shaping
  156. check this band out
  157. Repeated threads
  158. Does anyone have any good Sax/Jazz related Desktop Backgrounds?
  159. Busking Rules Rejected by Court in Seattle
  160. Need Help finding thread
  161. Question... NEED TO KNOW ASAP!
  162. charlie haden
  163. What type of sax?
  164. Richard Elliot concert
  165. Stan Getz sound on Desafinado
  166. trouble with the theory
  167. funky's scores
  168. Greater control?
  169. What ever happened to Guardala?
  170. Steven Tucker of Grapevine loved to play his saxophone
  171. What gigs are ya'll doing this summer?
  172. Chords and stuff
  173. What makes a band geek a band geek?
  174. For those of you who play jazz tenor AND alto...
  175. What was your "favorite player list" history ??
  176. wanna here somethin' crazy? (about sax stuff)
  177. The happiest moment in your sax life
  178. unknown E flat
  179. Why is the Saxophone Limited to Jazz Only?
  180. A Tiny Piece of Cork.............
  181. Kenny G's Duets Album
  182. Philosophical Question
  183. First sax make a difference?
  184. Went to hear R.Brecker at a Sanborn concert, found Chuck Loeb
  185. Getting Gigs
  186. What's the deal with PLAYING LOUD?
  187. Some interesting facts....
  188. First paid gig!
  189. Jackie Mc Lean style
  190. New York Sax Quartet- Carnegie Hall, 6/26/05
  191. How long are you a "Beginner"?
  192. Are alto players shorter?
  193. Coleman for sale!
  194. Which is Easier - ! Guitar or Saxophone !
  195. My return to SOTW with a few questions.
  196. George Robert appreciation thread
  197. I think I may be becoming a sax spotter....
  198. Crackpot theory or real??
  199. What's important to you?
  200. I think I'm an alto player.....
  201. Sight vs Hearing
  202. Flying with your sax
  203. Your favorite non-sax musicians
  204. Favorite musicians
  205. The Decline of the Afro-American Voice Jazz (long!)
  206. Help me identify this also player
  207. If I have $300 to spend.....
  208. Who was Naima in relation to Coltrane?
  209. Take my sax, PLEASE!
  210. Cheap sax tuning
  211. Sax & drinking- good combination?
  212. what's the jazz scene like Down Under ?
  213. Going on vacation
  214. Playing when its 100 degrees outside
  215. Lefty andvantage?
  216. Octave Higher?
  217. I almost lost my tenor..............
  218. Just wanna see what everybody thinks
  219. The Future of Art Music
  220. Players who learned the old fashioned way vs. those who learned at the University
  221. type of level
  222. More interaction as a community
  223. Question for J. Viola students
  225. What's your favorite album or song featuring a Moog Synth
  226. Stages of growth for the saxophonists
  227. how exactly do you go about getting your sax into Hand Luggage on flights ?
  228. list of setup
  229. The First SOTW Cooperative Project: The Beginner's Guide
  230. playing with different instruments
  231. New to the forum, not to the sax
  232. Woohoo! My 1000th post!
  233. I'm new here but I have to say....
  234. David Sanborn on non-alto sax?
  235. Stan Getz and Rock & Roll
  236. Shaakir-my role model. THANK YOU!
  237. Trying out new saxes is against Federal Law
  238. I Am One Happy Guy
  239. Happy Birthday Coltrane
  240. This was KEWL! (Long)
  241. Good, Bad
  242. Can't play alto after tenor!
  243. Do Your Kids Play Saxophone?
  244. These last couple of wedding gigs have been tough...
  245. Parent/child saxophonists
  246. Last Sunday I got an Alto Saxophone on Ebay!
  247. Carol King's Jaz Man Question
  248. Interesting gig tonight
  249. Hehe.... It Finally Came
  250. Professional horns
  251. License needed to do this?
  252. Just for fun - add your own lyrics...
  253. Just Visited the Archives - I don't think I need to ask another question ever!
  254. Do you sound better live than your recorded examples??
  255. past threads on subject
  256. Motivation
  257. There's too much music....
  258. Everything you've ever wanted to know about me, is on my flute case.
  259. Any thoughts
  260. Saxophone Music
  261. warranty on setup vs. horn
  262. Why Elkhart??
  263. Sax & U.S. Geography
  264. Ernie Krivda Newsletter Nov 2005
  265. Why do you post on SOTW???
  266. No Instructor...Am I Going Backwards?
  267. 3....2....1...
  268. Albert Collins / Chuck Williams 2 saxes at once
  269. Apasionado ....
  270. Playing on the street...
  271. Crazy Japanese Mute
  272. funny story
  273. Any info on Chinese Sax's
  274. What one sax would you get?
  275. Ironic Drippings
  276. !Help! I have a waver in my tone!
  277. Troubles in Muting a Tenor
  278. Weird things that happen often
  279. Saxophone Presentation
  280. Dogs howling
  281. Anyone see Pete Thomas last night?
  282. The saxophone and the human voice.
  283. Should we be insulted???
  284. Euge (Steve) Groove anyone?
  285. Cleaning Neck
  286. The new guy
  287. Reed Music "off the air"?
  288. First Gig - Tell Your Story Here
  289. Oh what fun!!
  290. What's your sax's name?
  291. Good crowd pleaser songs to put into the mental library?
  292. I want to be the Lee Morgan of Tenor Sax
  293. saxpics 2007 Calendar
  294. What do you call a group of Saxophones?
  295. Fingering - Flute vs. Tenor Sax
  296. Vintage Conn SOP
  297. Looking for Tony Ellis Aiello
  298. Resting places
  300. how to wash a silk swab
  301. Who are the Saxophonists
  302. Previous Bari user a smoker: Please help me get rid of taste
  303. Jazz jams in NYC
  304. what does "low pitch" mean?
  305. Discovered Bud Shank
  306. What's happening in NYC January 24-26?
  307. Adolphe Sax Question
  308. 'A TOUR OF THE SHOP' video clip
  309. Sax the most popular brass
  310. What led you to choose the type of horn you play?
  311. Transposing to guitar from tenor
  312. Heading to Vegas
  313. Gravitating toward the higher register
  314. Adolphe Sax statue
  315. Horse to Water - Tom Scott
  316. Minty Goldplated Conn sarrusophone!
  317. How to choose a Tenor or Alto Sax for my Record
  318. My Sax sounds happy
  319. Ernie Krivda Jan.2006 news letter
  320. Steve Goodson repair DVD packaging
  321. Questions for those who play both alto and tenor
  322. What are rhythm(ic) changes?
  323. Out of print band books
  324. Alto Hi G Breakup/or Horn Too Flat?
  325. What Have the Germans Done with the C Sharp??
  326. Saxophone Tuning with Crescents
  327. Who actually makes them?
  328. vibrato - jaw vs. diaphram
  330. Prez - Still the man
  331. You know this play along book has to be good when
  332. carry my sax on the plane
  333. Name of female saxophone players from the beginning?
  334. Songs for G.8 Royal Exam
  335. What is finding the PERFECT Set-Up Really Worth?
  336. How do you handle it?
  337. Richard Elliot fans
  338. Help with grading of Bach selections ...
  339. Advice:Cryogen saxophone?
  340. What does "GAS" stand for?
  341. Scam Email for teachers
  342. Take the GAS Test!
  343. please help
  344. Would you sell your MK VI to buy...
  345. That Chinese bass sax we were waiting on....
  346. What would you ask Clarence Clemons?
  347. How well would something like this work for blocking sound of the sax?
  348. Why Eb and Bb?
  349. Help with vintage saxophone questions
  350. Just visited the Local Guitar MEGA-STORE - I just don't get it.
  351. Musical instrument (saxes) district in Manhattan?
  352. spit coming out of palm F
  354. Happy Bday Dexter Gordon
  355. b sharp?
  356. Tuning notes ?
  357. Proud Owner Of My First Official Tenor Sax
  358. Saxophone tuning points
  359. Sad milestone reached: the top (brass) tenor from the Big-4 now all over $3000
  360. I Love Steely Dan
  361. Sad day at BET Jazz
  362. Someone please tell me...
  363. Alto sax teacher in vancouver?
  364. quesion for sax/trumpet players
  365. When visiting other (Non Sax) Forums, do you sometimes have to "Bite your Tongue"
  366. Looking for a teacher in the Belleville-Trenton area.
  367. Ska making a comeback??
  368. Do you close your eyes when you Improvise?
  369. Saxophone, the most tonal variation?
  370. Reed Strength & Lower Register
  371. Does your wife talk like Prez or Trane?
  372. Contrary to what one may be inclined to think
  373. saxophone factory visit
  374. Flying With a Baritone Saxophone
  375. Back from trumpet hell!
  376. 'Guardala Saxes Return'
  377. Weird reed thing
  378. What Modern Horns will be worth in 50 years?
  380. Electric saxophone
  381. looking for George Adams vidéos
  382. sax brands and sound
  383. No gigs!
  385. Argh! I hate middle D on every horn....
  386. Sax Giants
  387. Adolphe Sax Tenor from 1868
  388. Flys and other mishaps
  389. Boots Randolph
  390. Sight singing & its effect
  391. Tower of Power concert
  392. Hummingbirds
  393. Whatever happened to old/ancient student saxes
  394. Selmer neck on Yamaha alto sax?
  396. Vintage values?
  397. Burningest sax solo ever
  398. Instrument Insurance?
  399. Active day vs Inactive day
  400. When is a jam not a jam?