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  1. Silver polishing
  2. Thinking of delaquering
  3. Black nickel plate
  4. Yanagisawa bronze finish
  5. sanding a palm key
  6. Laquer Wear...
  7. Engraving - Custom Special
  8. Costs of relaquering, replating....?
  9. Spot Plating of Satin Silver
  10. has anyone stripped their sax to the bare brass?
  11. "Waxing" a Bare Horn
  12. Bare Brass Cannonball Finish
  13. Future Finish of Reference 54
  14. bronze, silver, black, nickel-silver....
  15. Make ur sax look like it's an old one?
  16. engravings
  17. Any sax body material tougher than others?
  18. Blackened/blued brass
  19. Cleaning a lacquer finish saxophone
  20. Clear coat on Satin and Shiney Silver horns
  21. removing lacquer
  22. removing dents from a black nickel body?
  23. Guardala
  24. Making a Satin Finish
  25. Relacquer
  26. Acid Bleed
  27. care for a bare brass horn
  28. Nickle (Silver) Finish
  29. Lacquer corrosion on Yamahas that looks like red rust
  31. All Black Nickel horn sounds very smilar?
  32. What do the platings mean?
  33. Stupid Question
  34. Is silver plating suitable for classical music?
  35. Cleaning & protect a Black Nickel horn's finish
  36. How long to patina?
  37. rolled toneholes
  38. Removing Ink Stain From Laquer?
  39. de-lacq. + clear lacq.
  40. Retouching lacquer
  41. Thoughts on epoxy
  42. Stripping Sax
  43. Cleaning your horn
  44. Overpolishing
  45. chrome plate sax??
  46. removing silver plate
  47. Ugly Green Spots !!!
  48. Lacquer & Un-Lacquer horn = Big Difference ?
  49. What kind of polish to use on a 50-60% lacquer horn?
  50. Oh, geez. For the last time!
  51. is my sax ruined for good?
  52. Mark VI Bent
  53. Lacquer Quality
  55. removing laquer
  56. recommendations for plate/engraving job?
  57. must have engraving?
  58. SC901 intonation with Rascher mouthpiece
  59. Bore, bells, volume, intonation and stuff
  61. Brass or nickel?
  62. how to speed the oxidation process (?)
  63. Question about patina removal
  64. Swirl Marks on Silverplate
  65. Chem dip / Stripper
  66. Cleaning silver plate & nickel plate on Anniversary sax
  67. Where to buy? + EZ? Polish
  68. question about pledge on lacquer
  69. unlacquered saxophone question
  70. 3D-Artist needs help from you
  71. Problems with laquer...
  72. Help with bare brass please!
  73. Brass thickness?
  74. Refinishing frosted silver
  75. Black really=Dark? Silver really =bright?
  76. How To Spot A Relaquered Horn?
  77. Pledge and Old English
  78. Triple Chrome Saxophone?
  79. WHat kind of Finish did all of your new horns have?
  80. Bronze, Silver Necks
  81. brass turning purple
  82. brass turning purple
  83. How often you clean your horn
  84. Benzotriazole
  85. nickle satin finish
  86. Unlacquered sax pics!
  87. Tarnished Body (The Sax's not mine)
  88. Brushed Finish
  89. Engraver
  90. Silversonic-type lacquer job...?
  91. shiny finish
  92. tarnished , patina or acid bleed?
  93. Please Help!! Vintage plating horn Experts
  94. Does a bad relaquer really affect sound and ruin a horn??
  95. Hagerty silver care
  96. Layer of corrosion
  97. Artificially Induced Patina
  98. Is my unlaquered "Z" gonna smell like an old India
  99. Engraving.
  100. Price change of a delacquered horn
  101. How to clean/protect a gold-plated sax?
  102. Buffed horn advice (relacquered)
  103. Clear nail polish
  104. How often do you polish your silver plated horns?
  105. How often should one polish their saxophone? Is it bad not t
  106. Basics of re-cutting original engraving
  107. different lacquers
  108. Silver Saxes vs. Normal ones
  109. Effects of Engraving on Sound
  110. Gold plating advantages/disadvantages
  111. Home silver plating
  112. Questions on Lacquer
  113. Silver saxophone
  114. Silver Plated vs Satin Silver?
  115. Nickel stripper
  116. Un-lacquered Horn - How you think thier sound ?
  117. Silver Plating
  118. Dust problem
  119. Prepping a sax for plating
  120. Baby wipes to clean?
  121. Color changes sound?
  122. I just found the neatest polish for my horn!!
  123. Different finished horn - What is your Impression ?
  124. Silver sax..
  125. can't strip the lacquer
  126. spray-on lacq
  127. How difficult is it to keep a silverplated sax looking nice?
  128. Color lacquer question
  129. How much work does it take to keep a silverplated sax nice?
  130. Does acid bleed only occur on lacquered saxes?
  131. Gunk Removal - old Silver Conn Body Tube
  132. stripping the lacquer on a new Ref 54?
  133. Are crazing marks in or under lacquer?
  134. durability and upkeep of satin finishes
  136. the post to end all posts (effects of finish on sound)
  137. An unlacquered horn something for me?
  138. Question about color
  139. What are the modern "lacquers" -- e.g. Selmer, JK,
  140. Nickel or silver plated keywork on well worn yanagisawa?...
  141. A good way to remove/recover scratch mark ?
  142. bronze vs silver
  143. making a spotty horn presentable
  144. Effect of aftermarket plating on original engraving
  145. Prep work for silver plate
  146. Polishing Laquered Silver
  147. yanagisawa weak lacquer
  148. Removing green-blue corrosion from unlacquered brass??
  149. Coating to protect Lacquer
  150. Black Chrome vs. Black Nickel
  151. Removing "old horn smell" ????????????
  152. So what's "French brass", anyway?
  153. tenor bore and length
  154. Old vs New manufacturing techniques
  155. Turning shiny lacquer into matte finish without delacquering
  156. Latest engraving project, NAPBIRT convention and new site!
  157. Soprano - Different Finish, Different Sound
  158. Engraving a matte-finish horn?
  159. Cleaning
  160. Clear to Silver
  161. Severe scratch on body
  162. Silver Polishing Cloths
  163. Sax Laquers
  164. Lacquer Supplier?
  165. The Dried Spit Monster
  166. Lazy polishing
  167. Polishing the nooks and crannies
  168. Dumar's engraving
  169. DIY delaquering
  170. Refinished, or repair?
  171. your view on the effects of different finishes
  172. shining up the keys
  173. Testing for Goldplate
  174. Finishes and Tone Quality
  175. Can you darken the lacquer?
  176. Silver cleaning bath and pearls
  177. Cleaning True Tone
  178. Cleaning Satin Gold Finish !
  179. 3M Tarni-Shield for Copper/Brass... Opinions?
  180. black nickel help
  181. Yamaha Metal Polish
  182. Bare brass, how to get it nice an shiny again?
  183. Developing a nice patina effect on the Unackered 82Z
  184. Cleaning a Silver Tenor
  185. Jason DuMars/engraving
  186. Help!...Part 2
  187. silver plate and spray wax
  188. please help my silver-plated Conn alto, see pics..
  189. Care of non-lacquered sax - especially exterior finish
  190. Sax on the beach...
  191. Spray painted Sax?
  192. Things I Need To Keep A Silver Plated Sax Polished
  193. laquer or unlaquer?
  194. Overhaul Mark 7
  195. "Elkhart" alto 20a. What is the finish? New Pic!
  196. Re-plating a c-mel
  197. NYC engraver? Help me rat him out!
  198. Lacquer stripping
  199. Signs a Sax Has Been Relacquered?
  200. Have you seen this finish???
  201. does rubber plus unlacquered finish really equal bad news
  202. Is It Gold Plate or Bare Brass?
  203. Worn finish a good thing -- for now?
  204. Testing of two cleaners: Germany - Israel
  205. Gold washed bell = warmer tone?
  206. Scratch remover?
  207. Have my horn engraved?
  208. How can I tell what finish I have should I refinish mine.
  209. have you ever seen a white sax?
  210. Is this "red rot" on a Buffet SDA?
  211. neck materials
  212. Effects of lacquers on the sound
  213. Sparkle polish removal?
  214. Polish for Nickel Keys?
  215. Brass / Bronze sax body metal composition?
  216. Substrates for gold plating
  217. prep brass for laquer
  218. prep brass for laquer
  219. Prep. bare metal
  220. does brass season with age?
  221. Relacquer or not.....that is the question
  222. Renaissance Wax
  223. Mystery Scars!
  224. Black laquer body finish
  225. Custom Paint Airbrush
  226. Different colors/styles of finish
  227. Instructions for spray lacquer/
  228. Corrossion protection?
  229. What is it about those black lacquer saxophones?
  230. Ehh
  231. Engraved or not......pros/cons
  232. Wax
  233. Shoddy Laquer
  234. Caswell SilverPlater and the "frosted Look"
  235. Water stains
  236. gold plated or not?
  237. Silver plating
  238. Removing silver plate
  239. Re-plating your sax
  240. Jazz Tenor
  241. Best Polish for Gold Plate??
  242. Various colored lacquers
  243. Pros & Cons of Silver/Gold/Laquer
  244. Aftermarket engraving
  245. black nickel horns
  246. Removing Tarnish
  247. Nickel-plating repair
  248. Epoxy finish of European and japanese horns
  249. Windex?
  250. Water Stripped My Laquer!
  251. How to engrave your sax
  252. Laquer coming off, reddish look taking over
  253. Dent removal tool
  254. Lacquer or re- lacquer
  255. Scratches on silver
  256. Heat and gold plate
  257. to strip or not to strip, that is the ?
  258. strip the nickle plate
  259. Selmer Transluscent Lacquer
  260. Self Plating Experiment
  261. chemical strip to a re-lacq. horn
  262. Does stripping lacquer devalue the horn ?
  263. Visiting the local electroplater
  264. Super 20 Finish
  265. Poll: Help me choose a finish for my sax.
  266. Protruding cork.
  267. Masking materials
  268. 1954 Mark VI Tenor Question
  269. Anti-Tarnish Strips
  270. Protecting Patina
  271. Wax Finish On A Delacquered Horn
  272. Three weeks of tarnish.
  273. Silver vs Gold
  274. peeling off ??
  275. Engravers in the UK?
  276. How regular to strip and clean?
  277. re-silverplating horn?
  278. Old brass
  279. Anyone ever powdercoat a sax?
  280. Thickness of a gold plate
  281. Engraving over Silver plate
  282. Nickel plate
  283. Clear Lacquer?
  284. Pics of a horn I am redoing
  285. How do I clean this finish? (Buescher TT)
  286. sax material and finish
  287. Any other Silver/Gold key saxes besides Yani?
  288. New silver plate vs. "vintage" silver
  289. The Process of Engraving
  290. Bell washes- Gold or Copper?
  291. Plate by oxide titan
  292. does clear shiny lacquer dull or darken with age?
  293. Rennaisance Wax
  294. Did anybody plate neck by red copper?
  295. Help!
  296. Is Black Nickel Durable in a Kessler or Antigua?
  297. Solid Gold/Silver and Gold/Silver Plated Sax
  298. Bad plating work or a spoilage in production?
  299. Nikolas Lacquer spray
  300. How can I know if a horn has been relaquered?
  301. needs to be ugly
  302. "Can Gold Plating Damage Your Sax?"
  303. De-Lacquer
  304. Small "dots" of corrosion on a bead blasted silver plate; how to clean?
  305. Rennaissance Wax On Bare Brass
  306. Is my sax gold plated, brass or bronze?
  307. Copper finish B&S
  308. Old silver cleaning method
  309. Red & Green Rot
  310. should I stop it?
  311. To plate or not to plate?
  312. blue laquer
  313. Water Strip
  314. Silver sax care & feeding Q's
  315. Appropriate lacquer methods
  316. Origin of Black Lacquer Saxophones
  317. Resale: Relacquer vs. Delacquer?
  318. What causes dezincidication?
  319. relaquer?
  320. Clouding on a Selmer Black Lacquer
  321. Getting Rid of Spots
  322. Cleaning spots off nickle silver keys and rods?
  323. Gold plating -- how to tell in a photo
  324. Taking care of finish?
  325. unlacquered to keep from green
  326. Aftermarket Silverplate
  327. white freckels
  328. Finish doesn't affect tone- prove it
  329. matte/sandblast/earthtone question (help!)
  330. How does it happen?
  331. Artificially Aging (Patina)
  332. how to tell it's a chemical-strip re-lacq. horn ??
  333. polishing gold plate
  334. How Can I Tell if a Horn is Gold Plated?
  335. Glue left on palm keys?!
  336. more tarnish questions
  337. where to begin - cleaning an older horn
  338. how to completely restore an alto sax.
  339. Is this wear and tear something i need to fix? (Pics included)
  340. Learning engraving in the UK
  341. Delac, relac, or leave as is?
  342. Cleaning Hard-to-reach Spots
  343. Cleaning A Sand-Finish Soprano
  344. removing lacquer
  346. Narrow bore?
  347. Repairs on nickel plated horn
  348. Instant Patina !
  349. gold plate cleaning advice
  350. Control aging and color of Unlacquered horns?
  351. good technicians do the chemical-strip
  352. Plate a TH&C neck?
  353. Ragging Fixture!
  354. Titanium plated saxophone:
  355. Looking for Jason
  356. Small-scale sandblasting tools
  357. Satin-silver military horns with protective lacquer?
  358. How to Laquer Keys
  359. How to darken engraving
  360. Removing Silver plating from brass
  361. Lacquer vs nickel plate(black)
  362. MK VI engraving before lacquer ?
  363. Help me to identify this......
  364. Does a horn sound...
  365. Does repadding cause lacquer discoloration?
  366. How often do you polish your silver?
  367. Matte Finish
  368. Ultrasonic Cleaning
  369. Adding an Antique/vintage finish?
  370. Keilwerth refinishing...need help and opinions
  371. de-lacquering service
  372. Past Idiot Destroyed Buescher Finish
  373. silver Matte Finish???????
  374. polishing a sax
  375. Project FrankenBari #1
  376. is this a bad habbit?
  377. Hm, little help here?
  378. Colored Saxes
  379. How important is the lacquer?
  380. the gold on vintage horns
  381. Whats happened to the finish...
  382. acetone to remove pad glue from silver plate?
  383. fixing a scratched-up finish
  384. Removing magic marker from lacquered horn
  385. Connecting ring on Yamaha alto
  386. What lacquer to buy and where?
  387. Lacquer impact
  388. Coloring Your Sax
  389. Why don't they clear coat silver plated horns?
  390. Why do bronze horns cost about $500 more than brass?
  391. De-plating a sax???
  392. Black Spot on a Lacquered Sax???
  393. caswell plating stuff
  394. Silver plating over solder?
  395. Tips for bench buffing/polishing keys
  396. Sax plating difference?
  397. they don't make q-tips like they used to!
  398. Can pitted nickle plate be repaired? (or at least look better)
  399. How to prevent further corrosion
  400. sliver plate polish on a TT bari?