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  1. Jaguar-V Bari - First Impressions
  2. A conversation with Santy...
  3. C-Melody Runyon sharp?
  4. Help with a Runyon serial number piece
  5. Custom mps, narrow rails, and plasticover reeds
  6. Just my luck
  7. ligatures and Runyons
  8. What to use on tenor Q12
  9. What do Runyons compare to?
  10. Jaguar V tenor tuning?
  11. Where to buy Runyon?
  12. Ligs for Runyons.
  13. Got some new MPC's
  14. Alto Jaguar
  15. Opening up the chamber on a Custom?
  16. Opening up the chamber on a Custom?
  17. Jody and Santy
  18. Runyon Plastic
  19. alto XL
  20. Runyon Bionix Model Tenor Sax Mouthpiece How do you like it?
  21. Facing Chart or measurments
  22. spoiler and lig
  23. Santy Runyon, RIP
  24. XL vs. Smooth Bore vs. Jaguar
  25. Set the record straight please!!!!!
  26. Is there a "Link-like" Runyon?
  27. Fit and Finish
  28. Jaguar vs. Smoothbore
  29. Runyon/Brilhart Levelair tenor
  30. Custom Bionix Quantum or XL hight baffle?
  31. "SR" tenor
  32. Custom for Tenor
  33. JJ alto ESP
  34. Custom alto w/tenor reed
  35. quatum spoiler?
  36. quantum
  37. runyon custom 9,11,or 12?
  38. What Runyons work good for soprano?
  39. Custon For Bari?
  40. Metal Quantum, XL & Smoothbore
  41. Quantum on SBA tenor
  42. Runyon Custom vs Jody Jazz
  43. Compare Tenor Custom with Jaguar?
  44. Bari Runyon mpcs
  45. Brancher ligs. work with Quantum?
  46. Quantum vs. XL
  47. piece for martin bari
  48. Best Ligature Choices for Bionix
  49. new mouthpeice
  50. Jaguar is topnotch
  52. Runyon Roadshow in the UK
  53. Is there a good Runyon for Keilwerth tenor?
  54. Runyon Quantum and Jody Jazz "Q" on bari
  55. Non-slippiest Lig for Metal Quantum???
  56. Which Runyon to get?
  57. Ligature (metal) for XL (plastic) for alto sax
  58. alto XL vs SmoothBore HELP! comments...
  59. What do you think of Runyon 88"s
  60. fibracells on a bionix
  62. How does a JAGUAR compare to the NEW METAL LAKEYS?
  63. what model compare with Jumbo Java on alto sax?
  64. Color?
  65. Runyon Metal spoiler for a soprano
  66. Runyon website redesigned
  67. Runyon tip openings: WWBW vs Runyon website
  68. S.R. vs. Finesse? (alto)
  69. Lead Alto piece?
  70. So what's so good about Runyon mouthpieces?
  71. Ligature for tenor Quantum?
  72. Metal vs plastic quantum
  73. Jaguar + spoiler
  74. Bassoon Mouthpiece
  75. Runyons: one of the worst mouthpieces?!
  76. Runyon Jaguar or JodyJazz plastic?
  77. JodyJazz Standard vs ESP for Tenor
  78. mouthpieces
  79. i need help choosing a m- piece
  80. Runyon Low C# Extension Key
  81. Lig for Jaguar alto?
  82. Runyon Custom Bore symmetry?
  83. After-market lig for tenor SR??
  84. Smoothbore baffle?
  85. Custom Tenor mpc-help
  86. ESP alto Gold = Runyon XL ???
  87. Review: New Runyon Custom for my King Super 20 Tenor
  88. Fibracell on Jaguar?
  89. bionix ?
  90. Model 88
  91. XL similar SmoothBore? Which the differences constructive?
  92. Quantum for jazz?
  93. Runyons like Bergs/Lawtons/Javas
  94. Runyon UK on the road
  95. Extremely thin upper register with custom jazz
  96. Runyon for classical?
  97. Runyon Alto Sax Jazz
  98. plastic quantum on alto
  99. where to buy a runyon?
  100. Santy's horns for sale
  101. Jody Jazz Alto #8 mpc FOR SALE
  102. Shipping from Runyon Site
  103. Any Good?
  104. Confused?
  105. Metal Spoiler Series
  106. new mouthpieces
  107. what lig to use on a alto custom?
  108. Rovner e-flat clarinet lig for a Runyan Custom alto mpc??
  109. How much of a difference does the spoiler make on a Custom?
  110. Which Spoiler fits a Brilhart Level-Air?
  111. my choices
  112. Finesse vs. Model 88 vs. SR on Alto
  113. Mouthpiece
  114. where to buy
  115. Finesse for tenor?
  116. Classical tenor, 88 or Finesse?
  118. Brilhart Level Air=Quantum for alto sax...
  119. Just got my 88! Better ligature?
  120. pitch flat on bionix tenor
  121. How much of a difference is there between Custom 6 and 7?
  122. Praising the Alto Finesse
  123. Prasing the Runyon People
  124. like Meyer?
  125. So a spoiler is a loose piece in a mouthpiece?
  126. Mad case of mouthpiece GAS!!!
  127. Model 22 question
  128. general runyon question/concern
  129. ESP alto Gold vs Metal Quantum
  130. What do the facing #'s mean?
  131. New lig for tenor SR?
  132. Santy Runyon Memorial Jam Session April 19, 2004
  133. Reeds for a Finesse Alto
  134. Doubler's question
  135. Runyon Custom differences
  136. Pictures of Custom (blue, red, amber) with sax needed
  137. Good Gutsy Runyon Tenor Mouthpiece
  138. Who should I send my mouthpiece to?
  139. Runyon The Spoiler Quantum, who knows it??????
  140. custom 9 vs 12
  141. Lead mpc.
  142. Funk Band Suggestions?
  143. Altissimo on spoiler
  144. my new mpc!!!
  145. Legeres on Finesse/88 for classical?
  146. Runyon for Jazz?
  147. Intonation problem with SR alto
  148. Runyon's for big band?
  149. Runyon break-in period?
  150. Runyon spoilers in the UK?
  151. Lig for runyon custom
  152. Quantums and Jaguars
  153. Whats so good about runyon?
  154. custom tip cant be opened?
  155. Selmer C* vs. Runyon Finesse
  156. What's up with the Runyon XL?????????????
  157. Lig for Tenor metal Quantum
  158. Olegature for Quantum?
  159. Smoothbore and Bionix tenor mpcs
  160. Spoiler question/concern
  161. Runyon for "The Martin" bari?
  162. best reed for Bionix tenor m.p.c.
  163. Anybody playing an alto SR?
  164. Runyon Dealers?
  165. are these good setups?
  166. Art Pepper on Clarinet
  167. Santy Runyon Tenor Sax and Unidentified Runyon Mouthpiece
  168. Runyon Harmony Clarinet Mouthpieces
  169. No large chamber?
  170. Runyon Not for tenor???
  171. Please help. Which is the right Runyon mpc for me?
  172. bari sax chainsaw tone quality
  173. Lig for Alto Smoothbore
  174. Custom tenor sounds like?
  175. Jody Jazz - Complaint
  176. Metal Ligature for Runyon Smoothbore Bari Mouthpiece
  177. Optimum tip opening for tenor Quantum
  178. Alto Runyon from the 1950-60's
  179. old black Runyon tenor
  180. Spoiler Problems
  181. Runyon: which model?
  182. UK price rip off !
  183. Brilhart Level Aire facing chart?
  184. Runyon Custom vs. Runyon Jazz (alto)
  185. Quantum and reed width
  186. by the way, why a runyon only forum ?
  187. ligature for new Level Aire
  188. Soprano custom--spoiler position?
  189. Suggested ligature for Jody Jazz soprano MP
  190. Runyon Custom Tenor mpc w/Spoiler
  191. which reed and ligature to use on Runyon XL #8 w/ spoiler?
  192. Runyon SRs
  193. Quantum Spoiler Series, small or large chamber
  194. Custom Jazz vs. Jaguar
  195. X.L. v. Smooth bore
  196. Need suggestions for runyon xl tip opening on tenor sax
  197. I'm stuck!!!!!!!
  198. Quantum, Jaguar, Levelaire vs Berg, etc (Bari mpc)
  199. lig for Custom Jazz Alto?
  200. Ligature for Delrin Quantum Bari
  201. setup and sound
  202. Runyon Custom Soprano mouthpiece issues
  203. WHere can I buy a spoiler ... ?
  204. Alto Bionix
  205. Choosing a runyon for a bari
  206. Custom Bari Reeds
  207. spolier question
  208. vandoren optimum lig for runyon?
  209. quantum for alto
  210. charlie "a" RIP
  211. Quantum for rock and pop tenor
  212. Would a runyon get me where I need to go?
  213. Tenor Custom Spoiler ligature?
  214. Quantum+Baritone=reed troubles
  215. runyon spoiler in other mouthpieces
  216. JJ Q vs Quantum?
  217. smooth bore tenor and tuning?
  218. Conn comet?
  219. Rovner for Quantum Bari?
  220. Quantum metal for alto
  221. Which lig for Quantum tenor?
  222. Bassoon ligature
  223. Santy V
  224. Rovner Light for a Custom Jazz Alto?
  225. Runyon and Katrina?
  226. Model 22
  227. 50 year old Runyon?
  228. Runyon without a name?
  229. where to buy?
  230. Jaguar vs. Quantum for the Tenor
  231. Going for a getz tone which runyon?
  232. Lig for runyon custom tenor.
  233. Quantum Soprano what facing?
  234. Runyon mpc patches: Sticky but not sticky?
  235. Where to get an XL
  236. Custom Jazz compared to Custom design
  237. white quantum?
  238. X.L versus Smooth Bore
  239. Conn Comet Clone-Can Anyone Help Identify?
  240. Low Notes on metal Tenor Quantum
  241. Ligature for Tenor Quantum
  242. Unsure Vintage Runyon Model
  243. Runyon Dealer in the East
  244. what number?
  245. Which Runyons have large chamberS?
  246. Runyon Bionix
  247. Baritone Runyon Custom?
  248. What Reed for Runyon SR 4 Tenor
  249. Runyon for Bari with spoiler adjuster slider
  250. Quantum metal vs non-metal
  251. why is there a runyon-only thread?
  252. My 1st Soprano..SX90..Intonation and mouthpiece suggestion...
  253. ligature for Runyon soprano quantum metal MPC?
  254. Is the Runyon Custom Spoiler for soprano on the way OUT at WWBW?
  255. Is There A Runyon Mouthpiece That Gets The Highest Praise?
  256. Runyon custom soprano mouthpiece cap
  257. Conn Comet tenor sax mpth
  258. Custom and JJ ESP
  259. Ligature
  260. Why are Runyon Bari MPCs hard to find now?
  261. new to this
  262. Marshal Royal Mpc. (model 22?)
  263. Runyon SR 'special
  264. My new Runyon SR tenor mouthpiece
  265. runyon custom vs. XL for alto
  266. Help me find a Comet
  267. What Color should I get?
  268. Which tenor for what and how?
  269. ligature for Runyon xl alto
  270. Squeeks on SR Tenor MPC
  271. Help on Runyon XL alto
  272. Spoiler trouble with alto XL 8
  273. Need help about Runyon Custom Tenor and lig
  274. Tenor Delrin Quantums & Where to buy
  275. Just "The Spoiler"...
  276. Where to buy?
  277. what ligature?
  278. Mouthpiece Pitch - Santy Runyon
  279. Runyon Ligature on a different MPC?
  280. Runyon Shop!!!
  281. alto sr ligature?
  282. Runyon 9 Mouthpiece Info Please
  283. Can some one recommand a tenor mpc ?
  284. Alto Custom #6 or #7?
  285. Runyon & JodyJazz facings still similar?
  286. Actual Tip Opening Size on XL 8
  287. Picked up an alto Bionix
  288. New Runyon metal alto; finish chipped???
  289. Runyon Tenor MPC closest to a Berg??
  290. FST: Runyon Custom Alto (Blue)
  291. Wanted: Quantum for tenor
  292. Blues/Rock MPC for soprano??
  293. Runyon custom - good choice?
  294. Wanted: Quantum Tenor and Alto MPs
  295. Bionix for tenor?
  296. How come there is a Runyon-only section?
  297. smooth bore=runyon metal spoiler?
  298. Sanborn = xl or smoothbore?
  299. Runyon custom spoiler is adjustable??
  300. Just got my alto X.L today
  301. Smooth bore?
  302. Piece sounds airy hard to play
  303. runyon custom ligature?
  304. WTB: Big-tipped Runyon SR tenors, refaced is fine
  305. Runyon Quantum metal w/spoiler alto
  306. vintage vs new runyon
  307. string best lig for runyon?
  308. Bois ligature with Bari Custom?
  309. Runyon Custom facing is uneven....
  310. Soft or Hard Reed
  311. Runyon Bari Delrin Quantum!!!
  312. Runyon Smoothbore vs Quantum
  313. Lig for a Plastic Quantum bari?
  314. Runyon Jaguar: steel or brass?
  315. Runyon custom #7 too small externally = not forming air tight seal with mouth
  316. Quantum sharp & flat?! (bari)
  317. Runyon facings: Runyon vs Jody Jazz chart
  318. Runyon Quantum
  319. Help Removing Scratches From Runyon.
  320. Quantum for Tenor
  321. Runyon XL vx Custom for Alto?
  322. smoothbore 9 big enough?
  323. Finesse vs. Model 88 vs. SR
  324. Does Anybody Know What Model This Is?
  325. Runyon Bore size
  326. Does anyone else play a Runyon for Classical?
  327. Runyon Custom for Tenor - Pleased...
  328. What's the big deal with Runyons?
  329. reeds for Bari quantum 10
  330. Fitting the spoiler in the XL
  331. spoiler=no sound
  332. Smooth Bore on Soprano
  333. Runyon Sound Characteristics
  334. Quantum or Smooth bore
  335. From Dukoff to Runyon Quantum
  336. Help with ID on alto mouthpiece
  337. Model 88's design
  338. Yikes!! Help!
  339. metal lig for Custom
  340. Quantum Discontinued? Noooooooooooo!
  341. tip openings vs reed strength vs quality of sound
  342. Vintage vs. Current Production Runyon - How do I tell the diference?
  343. new metal spoiler - way sharp
  344. Reed Fit issues
  345. Looking for a Runyon piece similar to a morgan.
  346. Need help choosing a piece.
  347. Looking for info on vintage runyon
  348. Ligs for a Runyon mpc
  349. Runyon Bassoon Mpcs
  350. Runyon for bari?
  351. Can someone help me identify this runyon?
  352. new to me (SR) question
  353. pictures of Runyon Quantum tenor
  354. Some questions on Quantum alto mouthpiece.
  355. What tip opening should I try?
  356. Need Help Choosing Spoiler fpr BBQ
  357. Runyon Custom won't fit Conn 6M neck
  358. Is Jody Jazz Classic same as Runyon Custom?
  359. Runyon Quantum Bari Lig?
  360. Welcome to the Runyon mpc forum
  361. Runyon SR - Anyone try it yet?
  362. Runyon Quantum - to sell or reface?
  363. Custom 8 soprano - recommended reed?
  364. How order Runyon? Which model?
  365. Runyon custom w/ spoiler review
  366. Tenor Sax
  367. Lig for my LA
  368. Reeds for a Quantum Delrin Bari mouthpiece?
  369. What's the deal with these Runyons?
  370. Runyon Suggestions
  371. Quantum Delrin Bari
  372. MPC Runyon Smooth Bore Style
  373. White Runyon mystery piece
  374. RUNYON custom spoiler 7 (bari sax)
  375. My Thoughts on Alto Custom
  376. Recent Runyon Custom Soprano MPs
  377. quantum derlin bari
  378. why does the quantum have a slim beak?
  379. can anyone ID this baritone sax mouthpiece?
  380. Ligature on 22
  381. Model 22
  382. Runyon Custom: Are these the same pieces?
  383. Quantum or Smoothbore?
  384. Recommend a Ligature for a Smoothbore
  385. Is Runyon Insane?
  386. Runyon Custom v.s Selmer S90
  387. Lig for Runyon SR?
  388. SR Tenor Mouthpiece
  389. A weekend warrior looking for a Runyon that can get that Gerald Albright tone
  390. Runyon
  391. What size Rovner fits an alto sax Runyon Bionix
  392. Tenor Runyon Quantum Delrin vs Smoothbore/Metal Spoiler mpc
  393. Getting used to a Model 22 #6
  394. Bionix placed at the neck's tip to be in tune.
  395. tenor Brilhart equivalent
  396. Runyon Quantum any good on Alto??? vs. Smoothbore
  397. What Rovner Dark lig for Runyon Custom (bari sax)?
  398. jody jazz classic dosnt cut it for rock and roll (alto)
  399. What are these two tenor mouthpieces?
  400. Desperately searching: Runyon XL Alto #9