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  1. Wanted:Vito Kenosha Alto Sax Neck
  2. WTB - Varitone System (necks, pickups, wires, modules, amps)
  3. WTB/ Yamaha G1,F1 Or G3 Silverplated Tenor Neck
  4. WTB Bosken or Buesher Tenor Neck
  5. WTB: Keilwerth New King Neck, e-flat guard and pants guard (or compatible)
  6. WTB - Yanagisawa thumb rest silver plated for alto
  7. Wanted: Selmer Mark VI Tenor side F# key guard
  8. WTB solid copper JK alto sax neck...
  9. WTB : Vintage Brilhart with Plastic Plate 3 bands Ligature in perfect conditions
  10. wtb: Neck for Conn New Wonder "Chu Berry" alto or 6m 26m 28m neck
  11. WTB/WTT: Yamaha Wx5 w/VL70
  12. WTB: Silver neck tenon screws for Selmer MK VI tenor
  13. Wanted: '29 Conn tenor sax parts
  14. Wanted > SelmerVI / Super 20 Parts
  15. Wanted: Original black rubber screws for the vinatge brilhart 3 band ligs
  16. WTB: Plastic Cap for Vandoren Optimum Alto Sax Ligature
  17. WTB (or Trade for) Beechler Bellite # 7 (Alto)
  18. WTB : Alto Saxophone Case
  19. Berkeley of London Electric blue or green Alto sax case wanted,UK if any
  20. WTB: Selmer 2 screw alto sax ligature
  21. WTB Keilwerth Shadow Tenor Sax Neck In Mint Condition
  22. [WTB] Tenor Hemke #3 reeds
  23. WTB: Oleg skyscraper palm riser
  24. WTB - FF Fortissimo Ligature (Size small)
  25. WTB: Saxrax Soprano peg
  26. WTB: Curved soprano saxophone contour GIG bag or Propac Case
  27. Wanted: Keilwerth neck, especially Couf Superba I for Tenor
  28. Wtb - akai 3020 ewi instrument cable
  29. WTB: Selmer SERIES III soprano END PLUG!!! NEW or USED!!!
  30. Wanted Selmer cases
  31. WANTED: Selmer 402 ligature
  32. Wanted Berg stainless bari cap and lig
  33. WTB 14M neck
  34. WTB Harrison ligature that fits alto metal mouthpiece
  35. WTB: Walt Johnson tenor case for Selmer tenor
  36. WTB Ponzol Lig
  37. WTB: Steve Lacy Findings book & 2 CD's
  38. WTB Silver lower rod guard and screws for SIlVER MARK VI Tenor
  39. WTB: Francois Louis ultimate ligature for metal Ponzol tenor mpc
  40. Wanted: Gloger Baritone Sax neck for a B901 Yani
  41. WTB: Walt/Hiscox for Keilwerth OR King
  42. WTB: Selmer Tray Pack Case!
  43. Wtb: original Lig and cap for Guardala Soprano
  44. WTB Spirit cruise 2010 Guitars and Saxes AUG. 11TH
  45. WTB Dejacques ultra strap
  46. WANTED: Selmer Mark VII alto neck
  47. WTB: VGV Case for Tenor Sax
  48. WTB: selmer tray pack case alto
  49. WTB Mark VI neck alto
  50. WTB - Jakob Winter Fiberglass Alto Sax Case
  51. WTB: older Selmer lig and cap for HR soprano
  52. WTB: Marc Jean Soprano Lig for HR Soprano MP
  53. Wanted: Barone Bronze Lacquered Neck for a B901 Yani Bari
  54. WTB: Pagliacci Swings by Niehaus for sax ensemble and others
  55. WTB: Selmer Series III Soprano Neck-Gold Plated-Straight or Curved
  56. WTB: Francois Louis Pure Brass or Basic ligature for Spectruoso tenor mpc
  57. WTB: good solid case for soprano
  58. WTB Walt Johnson case for Conn 10
  59. WTB: Compact case for tenor sax
  60. Want to trade a FL Ultimate ligature for a metal Link tenor
  61. WTB/FT: Olegature for modern Otto Link STM 7*
  62. WTB: Selmer 404 lig for guardala tenor mouthpiece
  63. WTB Flat screw Berg tenor ligs
  64. WTB: Road case for Alto Sax (Calzone, Anvil, AS, etc)
  65. WTB Winslow Lig Metal Alto
  66. Wanted Selmer Balanced Action tenor Neck
  67. WTB used leather alto bag
  68. WTB Original vintage NY Tonemaster cap
  69. WTB 3 keys for my sax
  70. WTB Gornston's Advanced Saxophone Method
  71. WTB: Ligature for hard rubber berg - BARI
  72. WTB Alto HR Winslow
  73. WTB: Selmer mark VI tenor neck 200,000-225,000 serial range
  74. WTB: Yamaha Bari High F Key
  75. WTB: Berkeley of London tenor case
  76. WTB--Yanagisawa Baritone neck-silver or bronze
  77. WTB: G# Helper Spring for "The Martin" Tenor
  78. WTB: Yamaha GP G1/G3/V neck
  79. WTB: Yamaha Gold Plated G-3 Tenor Neck
  80. WTB: OLD Cordier tenor clipper
  81. WTB 70's Buescher (Bundy) BAri Sax Neck and Parts.
  82. WTB: Selmer 404 lig or similar
  83. WTB: Selmer Mark VI alto parts
  84. Wanted: Selmer Gold Brass Serie III Tenor or Sold Silver Neck
  85. WTB: Martin Handcraft tenor lower stack keys
  86. WTB: King Zephyr Special Alto NECK
  87. wtb: Protec PB305CT Tenor Case
  88. WTB: King Zephyr Special - TENOR - NECK
  89. Alto Brilhart Ebolin Biteplate wanted (or similar)
  90. WTB Winslow Lig
  91. WTB: Yamaha Unlacquered G-3 Tenor Neck
  92. WTB octave mech for selmer BA
  93. Wanted: Winslow ligature for alto/tenor Hard Ruber
  94. Wanted Oleg Enhancers for mark VI
  95. [WTB] Lebayle Scala lig for HR tenor mouthpiece
  96. WTB: Vito or Yamaha Student Alto Case
  97. WTB: Yamaha G3 tenor neck
  98. WTB: Jody Jazz Ring Ligature Alto
  99. Alto neck Conn 'Shooting Stars,' '20M' or similar WANTED!
  100. WTB; Paraschos TENOR neck
  101. WTB - Hamilton Style Bass Sax Stand
  102. WTB 10M Neck - doesn't have to be pretty.
  103. WTB- Tenor Selmer Paris Silver Ligature
  104. WTB: King Tenor Set of Pearls for keys
  105. WTB Walt Johnson type case for Mark VI tenor
  106. WTB: Tenor Protec PB305CTXL with backpack straps
  107. WTB: EWi 3020 SET
  108. WTB: Rovner Evo 5 Alto & Tenor lignatures / Rovner Turbocharge kit
  109. WTB Keilwerth Tenor neck for SX90 or SX90R
  110. WTB : Mark VI silver neck (ALTO)
  111. WTB : Mark VI alto neck (SILVER)
  112. Wanted Hyman Sax Stand or Just Hyman Peg With Soprano Fitting
  113. WTB Case for Conn 16M (opposing bell keys)
  114. WTB: LAW Ligature for Metal LAW Buzzer Tenor MP
  115. WTB : ligature for a tenor STM - Please read on
  116. WTB Berg Larsen ligature for metal tenor mouthpiece
  117. wanted: Selmer metal ligature for a sopranino sax
  118. WTB HAHN 2 1/2 and 3 tenor sax reeds
  119. WTB: soft case or gig bag for left sided bell keys tenor saxophone...
  120. WTB - VGV/Phil Barone Tenor Saxophone Case
  121. WTB: Walt Johnson tenor case for Selmer Mark 6 tenor
  122. Wanted: Silver B95 Bari sax Neck
  123. WTB: Yamaha Un-lacquered G1/G3/G2-V1/F1 Tenor neck
  124. WTB: Ref 54 alto neck
  125. WTB - Cannonball Tenor "Fat" Neck
  126. WTB: Hard case (Winter) or gig bag for low-Bb bari sax
  127. Want: Bundy II tenor Neck, or equivalent
  128. WTB : Selmer tenor sax neck MkVI
  129. WTB: Jody Jazz ring lig alto
  130. WTB/WTT Conn Alto underslung octave key.
  131. WTB: Couesnon alto e flat key guard
  132. WANTED: Alto sax end plug
  133. WTB 28M plastic guard
  134. WTB Vintage SilverTenor Sax End Plug
  135. Wanted Selmer Mark vi tenor neck
  136. Wanted: Cannonball Tenor Fatneck
  137. WTB leather Reunion Blues or Chronkite case cover for Walt Johnson alto case
  138. Wanted Conn 12M Neck
  139. WTB Oleg Neck
  140. WTB: soprano neck
  141. WTB Olegature for a Link STM Tenor
  142. WTB/WTT: Dejacques Strap for Alto/Tenor Saxophone
  143. WTB: Simple Alto lig
  144. wtb End-Plug for Conn 6m
  145. WTB: King Zephyr Tenor keyguard replacements in nickel plate
  146. Wanted: GoldBrass Serie III Tenor Neck Selmer
  147. WTB Jupiter (black alto sax) alto sax neck
  148. WTB: Barone Tenor Neck
  149. WTB: Soprano Sax Case
  150. WTB: BAM Trekking Case for Soprano
  151. WTB: Tenor Rovner Ligatures & V16 Reeds
  152. Want - Selmer Ref 36 Tenor Neck
  153. Wanted: Any jazz related(/alternative music) art work/prints/posters etc. please?
  154. Wanted Phil Barone adjustable brass thumb rest (RH)
  155. WTB: Selmer Series II or III Bari Neck
  156. WTB: Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature for HR Alto
  157. WTB: Francois Lois "Basic" tenor ligature in brass or silver
  158. WTB: SBA lower thumbrest
  159. WTB Houston Person "Harmony" CD
  160. WTB: Francois Louis Ultimate HR Tenor Lig
  161. WTB: Bari neck, old Martin or Indiana
  162. WTB: SaxRax Accessories
  163. WTB Tootle Bug for sax and or clarinet
  164. WTB : Rico H-Ligature for Alto HR
  165. WTB: Unused and unwanted TENOR Reeds!
  166. WTB : G1 or G3 Alto Neck
  167. WTB: Oleg key risers for tenor
  168. WTB: old Selmer cap for soprano
  169. WANTED: Metal Beechler Mouthpiece CAP
  170. WTB: Lyre and Lyre Screw to Fit Early Buescher Big B Tenor
  171. WTB: Leg guard - King Super 20 Baritone, unicorn, or hen's teeth
  172. WTB Vandoren Optimum ligature for tenor
  173. WTB Yanagisawa YNT 95 Tenor Silver Neck UK
  174. WTB Selmer Series II Goldbrass neck (Alto)
  175. WTB metal alto caps
  176. Fraud warning: Fradulent seller contacting wtb's
  177. WTB: Silver King Super 20 neck, single socket
  178. WTB 10M neck form th 40's
  179. WTB alto saxophone HR mouthpiece CAPS (in metal)
  180. WTB Rovner ( ?) ligature for bass sax mouthpiece + cap
  181. Keilwerth bari copper neck wanted...
  182. WTB: Selmer Mark VI Silver Plated Tenor Neck
  183. WTB, Buescher tenor neck
  184. WTB: P Mauriat Solid Silver Neck for 67R Alto (Not Nickle Silver)
  185. WTB : tenon neck expander for tenor sax
  186. WTB: Rovner L6 ligature for alto saxophone
  187. Wanted: Ref54 Tenor Sterling Silver Tenor Neck
  188. Wanted: ***** saxworks alto sax mouthpiece 7 ring ligature with cap *****
  189. WTB: Gold Alto Charles Bay Ligature
  190. WTB: Lavoz MH Tenor Reeds
  191. WTT/WTB: Case or gigbag for curved soprano
  192. WTB or trade Olegature 04 for metal tenor pieces
  193. WTB Otto Link early Florida ligature Tenor ( before the T stamp ) or will trade bunch of Rovner ligs
  194. king vox pickup wanted
  195. WTB Selmer Reference 36 Tenor neck
  196. WTB: Cannonball Alto Fatneck
  197. WTB: Wrench for Oleg key risers
  198. WTB Selmer Brass 2 Screw Lig. For Hard Rubber Tenor
  199. Wanted: Selmer Fight Case Tenor
  200. WTB Flute or trade for Phil Barone tenor mouthpiece
  201. WTB/WTT: Replacement Neck for Selmer Mark 6 tenor
  202. WTB: Selmer ligature for Tenor Otto Link STM
  203. WTB: Yanagisawa 880 alto neck
  204. WTB Soft C Melody gig bag in the UK
  205. WTB: Selmer keyguard
  206. WTB: Flight case for Keilwerth Tenor
  207. WTB: Tenor Soprano Double Case
  208. WTB: King super 20 alto keyguard(low Eb)
  209. WTB: Selmer Reference 54 Alto Neck
  210. WTB: Walt Johnson tenor case for Selmer Mark 6 tenor
  211. Wanted: Ref 36 Tenor Sax neck
  212. WTB: Yamaha Silver Plated Tenor Neck (not G1)
  213. WTB 1972 King Tempo Bari neck
  214. Want to buy: Yamaha silver G3 tenor neck
  215. YAMAHA G1 Tenor Neck WTB
  216. WTB: Vandoren Optimum Ligature for metal tenor
  217. WTB: Walt Johnson case for alto and tenor
  218. WTB - Sax Mute (Alto/Tenor)
  219. WTB: Silver neck for Yanagisawa baritone
  220. WTB - Selmer Tenor 2 screw ligature and cap
  221. Wanted...Bari reeds
  222. WTB: Saxrax Hi or Hi-Lo Alto / Tenor Stand
  223. WTB: Buesher True Tone Silver Alto Neck
  224. Wtb low c# key
  225. WTB Selmer Vanguard tenor sax case
  226. WTB...Single Curved Soprano Stand
  227. WTB Metal Thumbhook (Selmer/Yamaha style detachable)
  228. WTB: Forza Saxophone Thumb Rest
  229. WTB: Gary Sugal tenor mpc. Cap
  230. WTB- Martin alto end-plug
  231. WTB - Olegature 2G
  232. WTB Silver Neck for King S20
  233. WTB: old stock RICO TENOR 4
  234. Pickup wanted
  235. WTB: Pants guard and screws for a bundy II alto
  236. WTB-Nee a B/Bb keyguard that will fit a 26M.
  237. WANTED: OLEG front F extension for tenor AND for soprano Mark VI!
  238. WTB: Yamaha G3 Tenor
  239. wtb palm keys for a martin (or stencil) tenor
  240. WTB: Neck for VI tenor
  241. WTB: Case for a curved martin soprano
  242. WTB Dave Liebman stuff
  243. WTB protec xtreme alto
  244. wTB- Reunion blues leather barintone gig bag (low Bb horn)
  245. WTB: tenor sax mpc cap
  246. WTB: Selmer SBA Tenor Neck
  247. WTB: MK VI Tenor Neck
  248. WTB: hard reeds for cheap
  249. Wanted: Selmer Flight Case Tenor
  250. WTB: Srewdriver set
  251. WTB: Jakob Winter Silver Fiberglass Tenor Case for Keilwerth SX90R
  252. WTB: Yanagisawa Curved Sop. NECK
  253. WTB Vintage Barcus Berry pickups
  254. WTB: Reference 54 tenor neck and olegature
  255. WTB: Samson Airline Wireless Mic and Transmitter, Channel U5
  256. WTB: used s80 alto neck
  257. WTB king super 20 Eflat cage tenor
  258. WTB: Yamaha VL70-m & WX Cable
  259. WTB: neck for conn alto 6m VIII #284,xxx with underslung octave key, double socket tenon and tuner
  260. WTB: Yamaha Silver G3 or F1 Tenor Neck
  261. WTB ligature for metal bari mouthpiece
  262. WTB: Keilwerth SX90R Sterling Silver Tenor Neck
  263. WTB: Lig that will fit Selmer C* Tenor
  264. WTB/WTT: Buffet SDA Sax Necks
  265. WTB: Neck Receiver for a 5-digit Mark VI Tenor
  266. WTB Oleg High-E
  267. WTB: "Top Tones for Saxophone"
  268. WTB: Selmer Suer Action 80 Series I & Mark VI alto & tenor sax necks
  269. Wanted: Selmer Tenor Flight Case
  270. Wanted: Selmer light alto case
  271. WTB: Vintage Selmer Tenor Case
  272. Tenor case wanted, have alto case available for possible trade or sale.
  273. WTB Gloger Silver neck for JK SX90II
  274. WTB: King Super 20 Tenor low Eb and C guards
  275. WTB/ Pearl Roller for Conn New Wonder II
  276. WTB/WTT: Marc Jean alto ligature
  277. WTB or WTT Winslow OR SAXXAS alto or alto Lig
  278. WTB: Vandoren Optimum Ligature for Alto HR
  279. WTB: ElectroVoice RE20 microphone
  280. WTB 2 piece bass clarinet case
  281. WTB: Conn BARI neck/s, Kohlert tenor parts horn carcass. Beuscher G# touch.TRADE or buy
  282. WTB: Gold Plated Selmer Series III Alto neck
  283. WTB/ SML tenor neck
  284. WTB/WTT: tenor sax neck for a SA80 I serie
  285. WTB: Selmer Ligatures and caps
  286. WTB: Silver Plated Forza Thumb Hook
  287. WTB new neck for my Selmer Mark VI...Gloger or Bosken...
  288. WTB- Mauriat Magnum Neck (tenor)
  289. WTB - Hiscox tenor sax case (new/used)
  290. WTB: 12m / 11m CONN neck or pieces of one
  291. WTB: Selmer "cap" for metal MP
  292. WTB: Tenor Case
  293. WTB Mk V1 alto neck with pickup installed
  294. Wtb: Yamaha G1 silver Tenor sax neck
  295. WTB: Tenor/Straight Soprano Doubler Case
  296. WTB: 12m or 11m CONN baritone neck 24mm
  297. WTB King Super 20 Bari neck and keys
  298. WTB: Francois Louis Ultimate HR Tenor Lig
  299. WTB: key clamps
  300. Wtb : Selmer french light soprano sax case
  301. WTB: Looking for Selmer USA model 164 or T-100 tenor NECK. (aka Omega)
  302. WTB: Oleg Gold plated tenor sax neck
  303. WTB: Metal Cap for Otto Link STM
  304. Mark V1 alto neck wanted
  305. WTB: Rovner Mark III or Versa /Eddie Daniels Alto Ligature and Dark Soprano Ligature
  306. Wtb: Selmer vintage sax cases for alto and tenors saxes
  307. WTB: Reeds: Rico Royal Baritone 2.5
  308. WTB Otto STM Alto lig and cover, cap / Tenor STM cover , cap
  309. WTB: Yamaha VL70-m
  310. WTB: Used Tenor ESAX Mute or Tenor Sax Partner Mute
  311. WTB: Vintage Otto Link Tenor Ligature (No USA Florida)
  312. WTB Walt Johnson Alto Case
  313. Long hard case wanted- for soprano sax and saw
  314. WTB: Olegature for Beechler Bellite Alto
  315. WTB alto microtuner
  316. WTB: Mark VI metal thumbrest
  317. WTB Selmer Tenor Neck
  318. WTB/WTT: Selmer Silver Two Screws Ligature For Guardala Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
  319. WTT/WTB - Harrison Ligature for Guardala Mouthpiece (tenor sax)
  320. WTB: Yamaha G3 tenor neck
  321. WTB yamaha tenor cloth guard
  322. WTB The Martin Bari neck or usable substitute
  323. WTB: Berkeley alto saxophone case
  324. WTB: Francois Louis Tenor XL Basic in BRASS
  325. WTB Mark V1 alto neck
  326. WTB: Any generic or stock ligs
  327. WTB: Oleg tenor neck for a Mark VI
  328. WTB: Tenor Bam Hightech case with pocket
  329. WTB: Conn 12M baritone neck
  330. WTB: Oleg Ergonomic Harness Strap Combo
  331. WTB: Walt Johnson tenor case for Selmer Mark 6 tenor
  332. WTB: King Cleveland Tenor Neck (pre-615)
  333. Neck Octave Key 1920s Buescher & Conn WTB
  334. Pierret Alto Neck Wanted.
  335. WTB Legere 4.75 Baritone Sax Reed
  336. wtb: Keilwerth SX-90R alto case
  337. WTB: Lawton Alto Reed Guard
  338. WTB: Regal Queen tenor reeds strength 3
  339. WTB: Metal thumbrest for Yani alto
  340. WTB: Selmer mouthpiece cap (metal tenor)
  341. WTB/WTT: selmer or walt johnson flight case for tenor
  342. Mark V1 alto neck wanted
  343. WTB/WTT: winslow or saxxas for guardala
  344. WTB: case cover for walt johson tenor
  345. WTB: Hiscox Tenor case
  346. WTB: Yamaha YTS- 61 tenor low B key
  347. WTB: Musicmedic thumbrest
  348. WTB: Rovner Mk III Soprano Saxophone Ligature
  349. WTB. Cigar Cutter Bari Neck.
  350. WTB: Rovner Eddie Daniels II lig for HR tenor
  351. WTB: Selmer ligatures for HR mouthpieces
  352. WTB hard shaped / contoured case for Conn 10m
  353. WTB /WTT: BG L28MJ ligature for metal tenor pieces
  354. Part Wanted - Curved neck for a Winston 350GL Sop
  355. Wanted: Jerry Bergonzi Inside Improvisation
  356. WTB: Standard Pro-Tec alto case or similar for Buescher Big B
  357. WTB: Selmer flight case
  358. WTB: Vandoren Optimum ligature for SOPRANO
  359. WTB QTron, Polyoctave Generator and anything similar
  360. Wanted: Selmer flight case for alto sax
  361. WTB: Rovner EVO-5 Sopranno ligature
  362. Wtb neck for newer king super 20 or other
  363. WTB: Oleg ligature (Olegature) for HR soprano saxophone
  364. WTB: Soprano End Plug
  365. Wanted: palm f lever for Conn 11M or 12M
  366. WTB: Francois Louis HR tenor lig and Olegature lig for tenor Guardala mpc
  367. WTB Used Protec Propac XL Tenor gig bag
  368. WTB: Keilwerth (SX90R) bari neck
  369. WTB: Oleg key risers
  370. WTB reeds
  371. WTB: "Bb key guard of Conn 6M or 26M"
  372. WTB: Marc Jean HR tenor lig
  373. WTB: Selmer Series III neck for tenor sax
  374. WTB premium metal lig for a Lamberson bari mpc
  375. WTB: Old 2 screw ligature for HR Tenor
  376. WTB: Conn 16M Neck
  377. Vito tenor saxophone neck wanted -
  378. WTB Alto STM Otto Link Ligature and Cap/ Cover
  379. Want To Buy : SELMER Alto Back-pack Case
  380. WTB: Rovner Eddie Daniels II lig for HR tenor
  381. WTB: Keilwerth SX90R Sterling Silver Tenor Neck
  382. WTB: Ultimate Ligature for Alto HR mouthpiece
  383. WTB/WTT Yamaha V1 neck, Selmer tenor necks, Bari optimum
  384. Wtb: Big B Bari neck
  385. WTB: Robertos tenor ligature
  386. WTB Selmer Mark VI Silver Neck
  387. WTB: Vandoren Optimum Ligature for HR tenor
  388. WTB - End plug for Super 20 tenor w/ double socket neck
  389. Wanted: Selmer two-screw ligature and cap
  390. WTB: A solid case for a Martin Committee I alto
  391. WTB: Series II (alto) Goldbrass neck
  392. WTB Francois Louis ligature for tenor STM Link
  393. WTB Used Protec contoured Propac XL Tenor gig bag
  394. WTB Used Protec Tenor contoured case XL
  395. WTB Neck for a Dolnet Baritone sax
  396. WTB Akai EWI 4000s
  397. MK VI alto metal thumb hook set wanted
  398. WTB: Hahn reeds and share shipping cost (members in Los Angelesand surounding area).
  399. WTB: Ultimate Ligature for Tenor HR mouthpiece
  400. WTB Conn tenor sax neck octave key