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  1. Funny-coloured reed question
  2. Reed Value
  3. Zonda and sub-strength
  4. Flying Goose Reeds
  5. Daniel's Reeds
  6. LaVoz Reed Question
  7. Trade reeds?
  8. Aloe Vera to revitalize reeds?
  9. New sax means new reed...
  10. Making reeds from scratch
  11. 101 thing to do with faulty reeds
  12. Major Reed Revelation-Did I learn Something
  13. soprano reeds and strength
  14. RJS running harder lately?
  15. Best reed case/guard?
  16. Please help me Choose
  17. Suggestions please??
  18. Vandoren Jazz too hard, How to make them playable?
  19. Legere Reeds on Bari
  20. Vandorens getting unbearable... solution: La Voz
  21. Rico Reed Vault
  22. Brightest Cane Bass Clarinet Reeds
  23. Rico Jazz Reeds for Bari
  24. Buy 3 Boxes , get 4th. Box Free
  25. Mouthpiece/Reeds are leaking!
  26. Your favorite reeds and why
  27. Can anyone find Rico Reserve soprano sax reeds?
  28. Vandoren ZZ great altissimo
  29. Suggestions for classical and jazz player
  30. Roberto's VS FL reeds
  31. Problems with the reeds...
  32. Found a perfect reed for my soprano!
  33. Palm Key Trouble with Legere
  34. how can I determine if a reed is still good?
  35. Alexander NY reeds? Anyone try them yet?
  36. Regarding Synthetic Reeds
  37. Any way to thin out a Legere reed?
  38. WWBW Selling Used Reeds?
  39. Do I have to prepare Plasticovers?
  40. Reed Wizard Refinishing Techniques
  41. Back to the orange box
  42. No more Rico reserves for me!
  43. reed choice for runyon custom
  44. Need some advice on working with reeds
  45. Squeak, Squeak
  46. Vandoren Javas
  47. Why are reeds inconsistent? Why don't some work?
  48. Leaving the reed on...
  49. Hemke's in grey box... how old?
  50. What strength Alexander DC should I use?
  51. vandoren choice on sop for trad jazz
  52. reed fixing
  53. ATG reed system
  54. ZZ vs. Java?
  55. Favorite Reed
  56. Favorite Reed 2
  57. reed question
  58. What strength reeds do you use?
  59. Favorite Reed 3
  60. Enduro Reeds by Arnold Brilhart?
  61. Hunter Flutes
  62. Filed Reeds
  63. severe reed bowing
  64. Seasonal changes ...
  65. Ponzol reeds
  66. Reed Search...
  67. Which Reed for Meyer "G" Series (5M) for Alto?
  68. why is this?
  69. Fiberreed Strength Comparison.
  70. when should I move up a size in reeds?
  71. Reed Prices Going Up Again!!!
  72. Rico Royal, a blast from the past
  73. Reed hunt
  74. Bari Reed Help
  75. What reed for bari
  76. Vintage Reeds?
  77. Reeds and frustration
  78. If not Fibracell than what?
  79. Hodge Reed Case
  80. Buying reeds in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tips, anyone?
  81. Buffet Alto sax reeds
  82. How do you guys break in cane reeds?
  83. Plasticover only up to 3.5??
  84. Reed similar to Rico Jazz (the old ones)
  85. Vandoren Going Down?
  86. Quick Reed Question
  87. a question about synthetic reeds...
  88. How to start on synthetic reeds? need advice
  89. Hemke 2.5 Tenor
  90. Thinking of switching from Javas, need some advice.
  91. how do you...
  92. How long do your reeds usually last?
  93. How do you file reed and what to use
  94. Squeaking after playing for a while?
  95. Francois Louis Reeds
  96. good reed strength comparison chart
  97. What differences do you see based on hardness?
  98. USA Reeds problem?
  99. Berg Larsen Makes Reeds?
  100. Reeds for metal Selmer (soprano)
  101. Vandoren Reckon People Counterfeit Their Products...
  102. Plasticover: "marching band reed"
  103. How do you manage reeds?
  104. Managing Tenor Reeds?
  105. Darker Reeds
  106. Reed rotation or play one 'til it's dead?
  107. Reed survey
  108. Why harder reeds?
  109. Please help me persuade the band that harder reeds do not mean better intonation!
  110. Reed advice......
  111. Meyer 7...Yikes.
  112. I give up on ZZs!!
  113. Vintage reeds same as new reeds?
  114. Dying La Voz's
  115. Selling reeds individually.
  116. Saving your reeds......
  117. How many boxes of reeds do you go through a year?
  118. Great Reedfile
  119. Stay with the trads or Grand Concert Select or... ?
  120. What's going on with Fibracell or is it me?
  121. $800 for a box of 18 reeds?!
  122. Dark MPC/Reed Combo? (tenor)
  123. Questions
  124. Roy Maier Reeds
  125. Reed Fit On An OttoLink Metal STM
  126. LAVoz again
  127. Need an answer fast Vandoren v16
  128. Wanted: New or like new used Hahn reeds for alto sax.
  129. Reed holder thingy?
  130. Has Vandoren Improved?
  131. Reed Help
  132. Warning!
  133. lavoz vs. V16, ZZ
  134. Any reed recommendations?
  135. Vandoren to Rico Reserve?
  136. unpredictable reeds.
  137. Rico Reeds
  138. Rico Reserve for tenor
  139. New Alexander New York reeds
  140. Do you play despite of a chip in your reeds?
  141. Faulty Fibracell Reed
  142. Rico Frustration Rant
  143. Rico Reserve strength question
  144. what's the longest a reed has lasted for you?
  145. Reed Strength?
  146. I left a load of reeds out in the cold and now they're rubbish?!?!?!?!
  147. RJS filed Vs unfiled.
  148. Reducing Overall Reed Strength
  149. Rico Plasticovers: can they be trimmed?
  150. Populaire Reeds, a nice surprise
  151. Rico Plasticover: what's the black stuff?
  152. Legere reeds or Fibracell
  153. Alexander NY Reeds Availability??
  154. Synthetic Reed Buzz
  155. LaVoz vs. Rico Select Jazz
  156. Longest lasting reed ever?!
  157. Where to buy Regal Queen Reeds?......
  158. Plasticovers warping and shedding paint?
  159. Do plastic normally break.
  160. I've had really good luck with reeds...
  161. I've had really good luck with reeds...
  162. Lower lip irritation with cane reeds.
  163. Smaller Reed Case
  164. My Reed prep
  165. Shaving a fibracell
  166. The Important Relationship of Matching Mouthpieces & Reeds
  167. Vandoren Reeds Experiment
  168. Buying reeds from the internet
  169. Reed Cases?
  170. How do I contact Vandoren to complain?
  171. New Roger Garrett Half-Size Reed Case
  172. Alexander DC vs Vandoren ZZ
  173. Talking about reed prep -- Runyon permanent reed rush?
  174. Hemke Reeds
  175. Do used reeds get harder or softer over an unused period of time?
  176. Fibracell and Fibracell Premier...same thing?
  177. Reeds / On A Jody Dv *7
  178. Brancher Classic Opera Reeds (Alto)
  179. Right now I play very comfortably on a Rico 2.5... should I switch?
  180. Selmer Omega reeds strength advise
  181. Sanding Reeds
  182. what do the descriptions (soft, med, hard) on synthetics mean in numbers?
  183. When to switch to harder reeds?
  184. Anything similar to Rigotti Golds?
  185. Alexander Classique, the right reed?
  186. update on rico reserve ?
  187. Rotting Reeds
  188. Rotting Reeds
  189. Legere wants $25 a reed !! I say we boycott ):
  190. Trimming Reeds: Wet or Dry?
  191. I Just Sanded My First Reed!!
  192. My 1st experience with Hahn reeds (alto)
  193. Synthetic reed advice
  194. Lagere + Ponzol SS
  195. Widest reeds
  196. Plastic and Plasticover Reeds
  197. Bari "Star" plastic reed?
  198. reed strength and inconsistancy
  199. Harder reeds and time
  200. Rigotti Golds and Vinyl Sleeves
  201. Alexander nino reeds
  202. Sanborn and wet reeds
  203. Rico Reed Vitalizer
  204. Saxophone V12 reeds
  205. Time to move up, or freak accident?
  206. zonda/gonzales = alexander dc
  207. What legere do I get with same size to Orange Rico 2.5?
  209. Old style Fibracell reeds?
  210. Plasticovers shedding paint chips
  211. Plastic reed recording?
  212. Tenor LaVoz, really recommended and good reed?
  213. Reed Blowing Closed
  214. Which reed is equivalent to Rigotti 3-light?
  215. moldy discolored reeds
  216. Do the 'BARI' reeds never warp?
  217. Reed with really good consistency
  218. Synthetic reed info
  219. Synthetic reeds, why and why not?
  220. Reed Tips always getting bent, uneven or something
  221. Reed Perfect Combonation for C* S-80 (classical)
  222. vandoren ZZ's horrible
  223. reed that goes with a metal link STM?
  224. Breaking in synthetics? Plastics, Fibracell, Plasticovers?
  225. Synthetic reeds: which is the best for me?
  226. Alexander Superials: Jazz or Classical?
  227. no warm up for synthetic reeds
  228. Harry Hartman Carbon Reeds
  229. Which Brand of Reed Trimmer?
  230. Reed Size Switch?
  231. This is strange.
  232. Anyone who played Steuer GS Solos
  233. Rico Jazz Select questions
  234. Need a Jazz Reed
  235. Rico Jazz Select Tenor Reed Size for me?
  236. Alexander Classique reed preparation help
  237. Reed kvives
  238. wood reed temperature
  239. wood reed temperature
  240. soaking
  241. Rigotti gold alto reeds #3 light
  242. What Reed case to use.
  243. Mold on my reed and Which is better wood or plastic reed?
  244. Different reed strength comparison charts (for Vandoren)(alto sax)
  245. Mad Scientist?
  246. What reeds work well with Morgan M?
  247. RJS 2H vs. Hahn 3 Sound Clip - What are your Thoughts?
  248. My reed preference keeps getting softer and SOFTER
  249. Vandoren V16 vs. regular blue pack - my review
  250. Tenor Reed with darkest tone?
  251. My messed up ZZs
  252. Vandoren V.12 Alto Saxophone Reeds
  253. I hate bad reeds!
  254. plasticover reeds
  255. Hats off to Alexander NY's
  256. synthetic reed on jody jazz esp
  257. AW reeds
  258. When can you tell when a reed is bad or good, etc?
  259. Reed For Guardala TB/A
  260. New Reed by Vandoren-Java Red
  261. Missing strength
  262. Suggestions for a new reed?
  263. Pelican 1030 Micro Case for reed storage
  264. I stole some reeds!
  265. Frederick L. Hemke
  266. Choosing between adjacent reed strengths
  267. Reeds w different strengths in the same practice ssession?
  268. Synthetic Reed Comparison
  269. Whats with Hemkes?
  270. Question about Rico's
  271. Rico Royal Tenor # 3-4 only
  272. La Voz Reedguard vs Rico Reed Holders
  273. Comparison of Fibracell (or Fibracell Premier) Reed Strengths to Cane Reed Strengths
  274. Java tenors softer?
  275. Shortage of Cane?
  276. Buying a lot of different reeds
  277. Reed comparisons
  278. What reeds did Gordon use?
  279. Water-permeable polymer-treated cane reeds for wind instruments
  280. Vandorens for bari break over one day
  281. Vandorens lock up after use on Beechler Bellite
  282. Which of these reeds would be best for my mpc?
  283. Alexander reeds
  284. Reed life
  285. Plasticover Reeds for concert
  286. Audio Comparisons of Different Reeds
  287. Roberto's strenghts?
  288. Daniel's reeds
  289. Preparing 3 different reeds and squeaking problems
  290. Rigotti Gold
  291. Should I go plastic?
  292. Basic reed tools
  293. Help! I need to harden my reeds...
  294. reed recommendation on guardarla MPC
  295. Alto vs Tenor sax reeds
  296. Throw me out reed ideas
  297. Avant reeds: My wife is the Guinea Pig!
  298. What does shape have to do with it?
  299. Soaking reeds/Health issues
  300. What reeds to use with metal ottolink?
  301. Vandoren's new V12 reeds for alto sax
  302. Plasticover vs Fibracell
  303. How do Moldy Reeds look?
  304. gonzales reeds video
  305. Why Stiffer Reeds?
  306. berg larson's??
  307. Reed problem, need advice
  308. Alexander reeds...again
  309. Legere comparison recording
  310. Anybody know what happened to "Phat" reeds?
  311. reed heck
  312. I Need REEDS! :)
  313. Don't throw those old reeds away
  314. Vandoren Reed problems
  315. High baffle mpc reed recommendations
  316. solo with new reeds
  317. Rico reserve bari sax reeds
  318. Vintage Chedeville Bari Reeds on Ebay
  319. plasticover reeds- plastic peeling off
  320. storing rico reserve reeds?
  321. Marching Band Reeds?
  322. Single Reeds
  323. Hemke
  324. Issues with Hemkes
  325. Difference of Vandoren reeds?
  326. First Synthetic Reed
  327. What is the proper way to break in a new reed
  328. Metal Otto Link Stock Lig a good one?
  329. Old new reeds
  330. Vandoren Java vs. Rico Jazz Select
  331. LaVoz Reeds, what happened to them?
  332. Testing Reeds Question
  333. New Vandoren V12 Reeds
  334. Vandoren Java Red Reeds
  335. How good is your eye for reeds?
  336. Yet Another Reed Longevity Issue
  337. Rico Reserves: One of the greatest reeds ever.
  338. Classical Tenor Reeds
  339. My First Synthetic (Legere')
  340. Rico-v- Vandoren. What do you think? Letís Talk Rico?
  341. Legeres too wide for baritone?
  342. Accurate synthetic sizing
  343. Vandoren Java "Filed - Red Cut"
  344. Train Wreck ... choo choo
  345. Tenor reeds on Bari sax?
  346. John J. Moses Endorsing Legere
  347. Reeds on Jody Jazz DV NY
  348. Chicago Wolfe reeds?
  349. Vandoren done messed up. Anyone have old V16 #3's for tenor they want to sell?
  350. Your Vandoren Trads recently?
  351. Reed Strength from Tenor to Alto
  352. Will they make V12 for tenor?
  353. Tenor reed on an alto mpc?
  354. Having trouble making sense of this
  355. Rico "multi-instrument" reed vitalizer case
  356. Reed watch
  357. Reeds with limited budget
  358. Filed / Unfiled?
  359. Diminishing returns
  360. reeds drying out while playing
  361. Pill bottle
  362. Alexander Classiques substitute?
  363. Bari reeds
  364. H. Hartmann users...what is up with "das blatt?"
  365. Tenor Rico Royal ,,,man 2 out of 10 are OK,but the rest is.
  366. Forestone Reeds. Anyone try them yet?
  367. What do you like for bari reeds?
  368. Alto sax reed trimmer
  369. Questions about the Rico Reserves
  370. Troubles finding "the right reed"
  371. Gonzalez Reeds on Saxophone
  372. Woodstone Reeds
  373. Strength of fibracell plastic reeds
  374. Berg Larsen Reeds?
  375. Brancher reeds - who knows about them?
  376. Fs rico reserve reeds 3.5 tenor
  377. Plasticover
  378. Otto Link STM reed choice
  379. New Vandoren Products
  380. vandoren website?
  381. Fiberreed/Rico Plasticover
  382. Quality of old unused reeds
  383. Reeds swelling and flat tables
  384. LaVoz or Vandoren?
  385. Legere placement tips needed
  386. Reed Blanks
  387. Plasticover Reed Strength
  388. Vandoren ZZ to Rico Royal
  389. Java Red: Not for me - OK to sell here?
  390. Did anyone ever have a bad Rico Reserve reed?
  391. Reed Holder & Key Clamps
  392. Classical sax reeds affordable by school?
  393. Quick question
  394. Good dark reeds
  395. help with synthetic reeds
  396. Reeds affecting intonation
  397. Harry Hartmann Carbon Fiberreed: Thumbs Up!
  398. turpentine
  399. Sand sythetic reeds?
  400. Hemke to Vandoren Trad. or V12 [Alto]