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  1. Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet)
  2. My Brain Just Exploded
  3. Don Menza
  4. My first gig, In a sentimental mood!
  5. Bill Evans
  6. Quick video with Dirty Fingers, original tune
  7. A great one before Stan left us.
  8. Sam Kininger's on a Yani A992
  9. Charles Mcpherson, Andrew Speight, Errol Buddle
  10. Poll: Which version do you like better (Stan Getz Born to Be Blue?)
  11. Great Interview With Jeff Coffin
  12. Jessisca's Birthday - Cannonball Adderley
  13. Three excerpts from Sven Klangs Kvintett (1976) - Christer Boustedt alto
  14. Jerry Bergonzi
  15. Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard and McCoy
  16. World Music in saxophone
  17. John Coltrane - I Want To Talk About You
  18. Glasper Experiment
  19. Big (contrabass sax) and Little (Soprillo) saxophone duet video
  20. Fabulous Joel Frahm
  21. Talk about a beautifull soprano sound
  22. Who is this alto player?
  23. Charlie Parker & Coleman Hawkins
  24. No Idea Who He Is, But He's Awesome In My Books!
  25. Dexter Gordon in Sweden with a killing solo of Benny Bailey on trumpet
  26. Hey guys, easy way to change UTube/Real Player video to MP3?
  27. Jazz Sax Quartet Arrangement of Syeeda's Song Flute
  28. James Carter after a 10 hour flight WTH is this guy on saxophone steroids?
  29. Will Vinson playing the Free Wind Alto
  30. Woody Herman Big Band with Joe Lovano, Frank Tiberi & Bruce Johnstone
  31. A video every Sax Player should watch which sums up all the advice a young person should here.
  32. MODERN sonny rollins
  33. Eric Alexander and Vincent Herring at Monterey Jazz Festival
  34. Can someone teach me this technique?
  35. Let this be a lesson on being flexible with your music
  36. Bari.....Dizzy
  37. Sal Nistico and Steve Grossman
  39. Dexter Gordon More Than You Know Documentary 52 minutes
  40. Libertango sax quartet
  41. Don Menza plays the Pink Panther. W O W !!!
  42. Someday My Prince Will Come
  43. Pharoah!
  44. Wonderfull ballad by Johny Griffin- Asfahan
  45. Lovano and Potter
  46. Song of the month!!!!
  47. Anton Schwartz
  48. Four Tops...Everybody's Talkin....just a beatiful song
  49. Win $5,000!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. Killer alto playing! Baptiste Herbin!
  51. Almost one hour of fantastic live clips of the late great Illinois Jacquet
  52. Trioscapes(fusion band featuring tenor sax, bass, and drums)
  53. Everyone watch this at least twice a month!
  54. Lookout Farm w/ Dave Liebman 1975
  55. Great version of Georgia On My Mind
  56. Sonny stitt! This solo!!!
  57. Ahhhh..............when jazz was actually fun to watch and listen to
  58. Pop saxophone music video.
  59. medium slow alto sax Blues on YouTube
  60. VERY nice tenor playing!
  61. Blues Clip
  62. Brecker
  63. Redman and the Stones
  64. Moon Hooch busking in NYC with Mark VI tenor
  65. Jon Smith rocks out on Super 20 ..killin' !!!!
  66. Live Junior Walker
  67. Is this normal? Audience going nuts on a bebop tune :-)
  68. Soprano sax solo.
  69. Chris Potter with Dave Holland
  70. Chris Potter Quartet -Children go
  71. Try cutting this cat on stage !
  72. Dexter Gordon's solo on Wave, from Vo. 1 Swiss Nights... his finest solo
  73. Great talk about jazz at TED (Stefon Harris)
  74. Crosby, Stills , Nash & Jones
  75. This band really SWINGS!!!
  76. What AWB should have done -Thank you Nils
  77. Backwards Charlie Parker "Kim No.2"
  78. Reasons to be Cheerful!
  79. Constructive Criticism?
  80. Jackie McLean On Mars
  81. My man----what a tenor sound!!!!
  83. My irrational hatred for Chris Potter is growing
  84. Ginger Bakers Airforce
  85. A little Alto Funk from Asia
  86. Nice James Houlik stuff
  87. Krister Andersson with band rippin' it up!
  88. Never enough Nistico
  89. Is this a haloween prank?
  90. An interesting approach to The Cape Verdean Blues!!
  91. Kenny G & Michael Bolton
  92. Will Vinson and Jonathan Kreisberg
  93. The Three Tenors
  94. 1-man Sax Quartet - jazzy "Wade in the Water"
  95. Anyone else dig Felipe Lamoglia, this cat can play !
  96. Yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  97. What do you do when your son brings home a Bass Clarinet from School
  98. Kenny G — Without Effects
  99. Art Pepper - Notes From A Jazz Survivor
  100. Ferdinand Povel a great sound!
  101. Great Gary Burton improv class1
  102. Please share great masterclasses you found on youtube!
  103. Paul Horn...amazing
  104. Dick Oatts Master Class
  105. Potter and Elgar
  106. Gumbo Variations
  107. That's what I call a saxello!
  108. Great English Sax Hooligans no.1 David Jackson
  109. Great English Sax Hooligans no.2 Elton Dean and Lyn Dobson
  110. Great English Sax Hooligans no.3 Dick Heckstall Smith
  111. Chris Wood Great English Sax Hooligans #4?
  112. Lol Coxhill
  113. Progressive Rock and new music of Saxophone
  114. 4 Horn Players Leaping (In)
  115. I just can't get enough of Joel
  116. Pretty unseen live video of Sonny Rollins
  117. Check out this tenor tradeoff
  118. 'The Music Theory Song'
  119. Johnny Carson sings the blues (with Basie + the Rat Pack)
  120. Dave Liebman
  121. James Carter...a WILD MAN!!!!
  122. Amy Winehouse: live jazz versions of Album "Frank"
  123. Dave Liebman in the Julius Keilwerth workshop to go over final details of the SX90-DLS soprano
  124. Paul Simon redoing a classic -------so beautifully done!
  125. TIM HARDIN; check out the band
  126. Please watch---very uplifting video
  127. Very fun 'Shalom Aleichem, Rov Feidman' performance
  128. Rockin Xmas tune from JD MacPherson
  129. Bulgarian Saxophone Master Yuri Yunakov
  130. Coltrane's Mr. Knight
  131. I'd love to be able to gliss like Sonny
  132. Blackjack - Donald Byrd 1967
  133. Pepper adams-------- phenomenal!
  134. Bill Evans Masterclass
  135. the smokin' hot Phil Collins Big Band
  136. Jimi Christmas and Hendrix New Year
  137. yikes 12 year old sax player
  138. Three youtube videos of Brecker in the studio
  139. Perfect Christmas Listening
  140. Hudson Valley Saxophone Ensemble Christmas Concert - 12/23/12
  141. Bostic at his best!
  142. My Father, Recordings From His Lifetime, Classical Concert Pianist
  143. Garbage makes great instruments
  144. King Curtis and Jack Dupree
  145. Black American Music....
  146. Steve Douglas playing Honky Tonk, King super 20
  147. Bob Berg's favorite recordings
  148. New Lester Young
  149. What tune in the beginning of this clip?
  150. This is what great entertainment is all about!!!---love, passion, respect, and talent
  151. Early Dexter Gordon recordings (1943) - KILLING !!!
  152. Ernie Watts clinic at PM Woodwinds in Evanston
  153. Sonny Rollins Way Out West
  154. A must see---James Carter preaching!!!!!
  155. Herb Hardesty w/ Fats Domino
  156. Smooth Jazz (old skool)
  157. ok-- imagine if earth, wind and fire covered "disco inferno" in the late 70s???
  158. Wayne Escoffery
  159. More of Escoffery
  160. Captain Black Big Band...Featuring Joel Frahm
  161. Joel Frahm
  162. Kenny Barron - David Sanchez, Well You Needn't.
  163. Kenny Barron- David Sanchez, Part 2
  164. Troy Roberts
  165. David Sanchez 4tet 2008
  166. Jesse Elder group - Logan Richardson
  167. For all you G-man haters!
  168. Branford Marsalis
  169. Branford Marsalis speaks about students.
  170. Kirk Whalum
  171. Kirk whalum, Boney james , and the real Kenny G...
  172. Brecker and Nils Landgren NICE!!!
  173. Amazing Colin Stetson solo
  174. Fabrizio D'Alisera 5tet live @ alexanderplatz jazz club - tenor sax solo extract
  175. Saxual Healing Quartet
  176. Science Gone Wrong -- Live Looping
  177. When the COWS go marching ( Jazz)
  178. Marius Neset masterclass about how he compose his music
  179. This Dog Feels the Blues
  180. Careless Whisper
  181. Southwork- Gift of Love
  182. S.F. Jazz Collective Plays Superstition
  183. S.F. Jazz Collective Plays Do I do.
  184. Miguel Zenon....
  185. Miguel Zenon....Awakening
  186. Jerry Bergonzi ripping on Inner Urge- EPIC!!!
  187. Dan Voss, alto
  188. Al McLean creative and inspiring!
  189. Ancient Videos of The Trash Site Blues Band - A Greene Solos
  190. Pat Metheny talking about YouTube
  191. Fabrizio D'Alisera 5tet live @ alexanderplatz jazz club - silent bob
  192. Chris Potter with Dave Holland
  193. As Time Goes By - saxophone solo
  194. Nice Intimate Jam Session...with Arturo
  195. amazing
  196. Sonny Criss Blues
  197. What tune?
  198. anyone deal with ?
  199. Totally HIP 70's Frankie Valli YT Vid with awesome band and AWFUL LAME sax solo... FUN!
  200. Softly as in a morning sunrise (Brecker)
  201. Carmen McRae---Whats not to love about her?????
  202. Potter and Kreisberg 2010 Rome
  203. Don Cherry , Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll
  204. Bob Mintzer with Dallas Booker T students at JEN 2013
  205. Gil Evans documentary
  206. Thrift Shop
  207. Lester Left Town...last seen in Sugar Hill, Japan!?
  208. Sax Quartet tribute to African-American History Month
  209. My new web series, episode 2: developing a personal style
  210. newish quartet...
  211. Greg Vail Europa
  212. Origami Saxophone
  213. Spend an hour with Kennys Garrett & Kirkland, et al.
  214. More from Saxual Healing Quartet
  215. Nice David Binney solo
  216. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on C-Mel a cappella
  217. Coltrane execute his sheets of sound
  218. Who knows sax woman with Nguyen Le ?
  219. Joe Lovano J@LC
  220. sax - trumpet trading - Fabrizio D'alisera 5tet live
  221. A couple of tunes from last nights gig
  222. scholarship auditions
  223. Pick up Da Pieces
  224. Dave Ellis
  225. Lockjaw------ the master at work!!!!
  226. Great insights from Branford Marsalis
  227. In Honor of the Man......Dexter Gordon
  228. Dayna Stephens Quartet ( 10 min. vid. Full audio @ NPR jazz)
  229. Dexter Gordon, Lars Gullin, Sahib Shihab play " The Flight "
  230. Dexter Gordon, Lars Gullin, Sahib Shihab play " I Love You "
  231. Dexter w/ Jr. Mance Trio " Body and Soul "
  232. Dexter Gordon...A Reservoir of Sounds.
  233. More absurdly absurd post-human saxophonics from Chris Potter...
  234. S .F. Jazz Collective "Visions" - Stevie Wonder
  235. S.F. Jazz Collective "Creepin' " - Stevie Wonder.
  236. Sam Newsome- Monk Legacy
  237. Lovano & Redman - " Blackwell's Message "
  238. Jonathan Rowden Group - Live At Vitello's Upstairs Studio City
  239. The Master- Barry Harris...........NYU 2004
  240. The Late Bob Brookmeyer & Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Rehearsal; Manhattan
  241. What a voice!!!!!!!--------enjoy!
  242. Pharoah
  243. For Shepp fans only!
  244. Tradition vs. Innovation. Roy Hargrove's take.
  245. Wallace Roney The tradition is the new new
  246. The Bad Plus With Joshua Redman
  247. Joshua Redman " East of The Sun "
  248. Maceo Parker Documentary
  249. J. Redman wonderfull recording,Alone In The Morning
  250. Brasilian group playing Classical Music modern style.. opinions ?
  251. FLY - "The Fruit "
  252. C mel-a capella Go away little girl
  253. Roy Hargrove Quintet 2010- " Close Your Eyes"
  254. A Few Good Friends
  255. Mike Stern. Bob Berg. China Club.
  256. Steve Lacy - Lift The Bandstand
  257. The incomparable Sal Nistico
  258. Ed Calle
  259. Soul
  260. Gary lindsay Master class - Jazz Arranging
  261. Snarky Puppy
  262. Ella & Mel
  263. Downloading Audio from Youtube
  264. NEW VIDEO "Title" - Jon Rowden Group Live at Vitello's! Check it out; hope you dig it!
  265. One World One Voice featuring many of the WORLDS great musicians
  266. Chad Lefkowitz
  267. Charles Lloyd Quartet - Caroline No
  268. Jazz Conversations: Wayne Shorter & Joe Lovano
  269. the artist and his muse: Django carves his own path...
  270. For those in need of a little Heat
  271. Me playing some tunes.
  272. Omar Sosa, NDR BIG BAND & Jaques Morelenbaum "Ceremony"
  273. Masterful bebop alto playing: Zaid Nasser with strings.
  274. My C Melody Easter story
  275. NYC Subway Sax Battle
  276. Videos of my group, Paul Jones Sextet, in NYC
  277. Rey Scott's Unusually Different
  279. 9 April 2013: it's Stan Getz day!
  280. Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra--1987, live...
  281. WOW what a lineup!!
  282. Italian free jazz duo
  283. Jerry Bergonzi Concert 2012
  284. Even the greatests have bad days..
  285. Tom Harrell's Approach to Music
  286. One of my favorite Paquito albums.
  287. Music does indeed bring people together.
  288. Ron Carter Discusses pretty much everything
  289. Jonathan Rowden - Rin's Song (Fukuoka)
  290. Friday Relax.... Mnozil in " Blue".....enjoy
  291. An inside look into MusikMesse Frankfurt (Largest instruments and equipment trade fair in the world).
  292. Ornette Coleman: live, 2008...
  293. Pharoah - what song
  294. White Christmas by Ken Ng
  295. Brecker/Metheny times two--live...
  296. Zoot Suit's Me!!!
  297. Bill Evans master class
  298. Jeru (live at Newport)!
  299. Getz meets Strayhorn (thrice!)
  300. Brian Blade + The Fellowship............King's Highway.
  301. Tim Price and Keith McKelley at Theo Wanne's booth
  302. A Grafton sax in a pop music video..?
  303. I've Got A Secret-Worlds Largest Saxophone
  304. Dexter Tribute
  305. Chris Potter/Pat Metheny duet
  306. tenor player Tesfa Maryam Kidane
  307. Supersax Just Friends
  308. Lewis (Jerry) Sings Dylan (Bob)
  309. Muscially Excited
  310. Jerry Weldon kicking my arse
  311. two ballads of a Sunday evening...
  312. The rippingtons / garden of babylon
  313. Old time religion--c melody and piano
  314. Just a reminder to say THANK YOU more often......
  315. Ghostbusters theme - jazz quartet version
  316. Wayne Shorter's "Aung San Suu Kyi"
  317. Eric Whitacre's Sleep for Saxophone Choir - played by Bob Eason
  318. Transit - Darcy James Argue's Secret Society
  319. Nice Chu Berry work!!
  320. Pianist Krystian Zimerman storms out over phone recording ( what do people think)
  321. (Ignore)
  322. Esplanade Recital Hall, Singapore - Men In Groove
  323. Recored 68 years ago. So ahead of his time!
  324. The great Peter King with Charlie Watts-----now THAT'S an alto sound!
  325. Youtube/online theory lessons?
  326. Trevor Watts
  327. Incredible concert
  328. Stevie Winwood
  329. CHICAGO Live 1970
  330. Levon Helm's RCO All Stars w/ David Sanborn- Bearsville Studio, Woodstock rehearsal
  331. Greg Ward Georgia on My Mind with Anthony Molinaro
  332. What is this saxophone song?
  333. Nice ballad on Drake SOS
  334. Michael Brecker - AVO Session Basel (2001)
  335. Well, he does have a good sense of humor----KENNY G. COMMERCIAL
  336. Archie Shepp plays Ellington standards
  337. A Real Smokin' Collection . . .
  338. Saxellos were hard...
  339. My Favorite Version of Meditation...
  340. Soprano Saxophone and Oboe Duet
  341. Electro Swing, I had no idea !!!
  342. What the World Needs Now.........
  343. My Name Is Albert Ayler documentary
  344. Maceo Parker- Fred Wesley - Pee Wee Ellis Roots Revisited Germany 1991
  345. Charlie Mariano on nadhaswaram
  346. The SONICS Strychnine
  347. Garage sax heaven
  348. Me playing my SELMER S-80 Series3 on You Tube...
  349. Chad Lefkowitz-Brown
  350. 'Black Rhino' - soprano sax solo
  351. Daft Punk medley sax quartet & percussion
  352. Any Nils Landgren Funk Unit fans?
  353. this guy is pretty good
  354. Wilton Felder and his Super 20
  355. Now this is what you call a jam session: 'Tiger Rag' New Years Eve 2011.
  356. Gato Barbieri in NYC 1973
  357. ESP - Stravinsky's Rite of Spring
  358. Brian Auger Hammond
  359. Harold McNair
  360. Amazing Contrabass flute
  361. Sid Caesar plays a tenor solo with Benny Goodman's band!
  362. Would Adolphe be turning in his grave?
  363. Jamming with your pet
  364. Less-known killer players on YouTube
  365. Cherokee - Jason Marshall and another (I forgot his name) - BURNING
  366. Eric Dolphy colour footage.
  367. Joni Mitchell's Jazz Jam
  368. Unfold ordinary mind
  369. aHH Tom Beek on his Conn10 m What a sound!!
  370. What is this lick ?
  371. More from Saxual Healing!
  372. North Texas Jazz
  373. Ladies and Gentleman, it's sing-a-long time! (Moody)
  374. New Video: I Hear A Rhapsody - Jonathan Rowden Group
  375. Bergonzi - Dexter
  376. A young alto player sounds unbelievable good.. (now I quit!)
  377. Kashmire HS Band, Houston - awesome band, awesome story
  378. anyone recognize this tenor (c. 1969)?
  379. Sonny's eighty-third b'day in a few days...
  380. Ralph Bowen with Michel Camilo
  381. Paul Desmond plays Skylark.
  382. Bob Malach:Link with a baffle?
  383. Tango Ecstasy - two saxophones (listen!)
  384. Murder in C#min
  385. Eric Marienthal
  386. This is the band I co-lead - the Orange Devils!
  387. Mike Stern / Bob Sheppard
  388. Mike Stern on music.....
  389. The great bill evans "The Universal Mind of Bill evans"
  390. Garth Hudson (The Band): his heartfelt tribute to tenor-master Clifford Scott!
  391. Sonny Rollins Trio
  392. Oded Tzur
  393. Video interviews: José James, Teus Nobel, Christian Scott and others!
  394. Here's a Lunceford chart I'm transcribing...
  395. Ear Training
  396. Francesco Bearzatti 4tet - Monk'n'Roll!!!
  397. Ornette plays Bach
  398. Got to love Dexter when he plays the blues!
  399. opinons needed on c-mel vs. alto for old time religion....
  400. Wayne Shorter, légende du jazz