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  3. What Gear have you been using
  4. What makes a good Backing Track
  5. Moderators: Can we change the name to Solo and Duo acts?
  6. Vocalizig
  7. How many tunes
  8. Post pictures of your One-Man/Duo set-up in LIVE situation
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  11. What's your solo act
  12. E. Rousseau Mouthpieces
  13. To mic or not
  14. Advertising to get Gigs
  15. Repertoire?
  16. What do you guys charge for solo sax-with-PA-trax?
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  19. Solo performer As PROFFESSION
  20. Recommendations?
  21. Placement of single PA
  22. First time market busking... Song suggestions please? :)
  23. Sonata by Pasquale!
  24. Style Council "you're the Best thing" backing track without sax solos
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  27. Just starting out...
  28. Recording For An Audition
  29. First solo accompanied - who leads?
  30. iPad
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  32. 2012 Taichung Saxophone Competition-the highest amount of prize in the world !!
  33. James Martin plays the National Anthem
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  35. Where do you go
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  38. Insane kid bassist
  39. recording help
  40. Looking to move past Aebersold/Karaoke for backing tracks if a straightforward solution is out there
  41. Isaiah Richardson Jr. on the Metropolitan Museum steps.
  42. How to find find people to share interest in saxophone playing where you live?
  43. How to impress on the spot?
  44. How many songs are played in a normal night gig?
  45. restaurant gig
  46. Senior Recital: Dale Underwood
  47. Searching for Embarcadero
  48. Next Generation Audition
  49. Busking / Street Performance - getting paid
  50. The price for which you can be sold!
  51. Hey, can you play solo?
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  53. Cool looking hats for jazz sax players - got a pic/photo/youtube link?
  54. trio and no real instruments?
  55. Jazz Danny Boy
  56. Back tracking sound system etc
  57. Solo / duet with piano scores
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  64. HELP! Searching for audio 'Fanfares for soprano sax ' - Huw warkins
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  66. Looking for semi-advanced tenor Christmas music!
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  68. Your chance to actually try being a Busker
  69. Need help
  70. The WEDDING MARCH solo sax
  71. Gig Advice Needed by This Sat!
  72. Tenor sax solo help.
  73. Please Give me criticisms and suggestions to my perfomance.
  74. Playing Christmas Carols And Tunes For Public Event 4th May!!
  75. alto songs needed for busking?
  76. A small sound on my tenor
  77. Software for solo performance with prerecorded accomp
  78. Unaccompanied Sax pieces
  79. Pricing?
  80. Reverb suggestions for live performance
  81. Solo Performer
  82. Suggestions for Tenor Sax Church/Lenten Performance?
  83. Question: Solo Performance
  84. A New Experience for TIPS !!
  85. Stop asking me to play you a song!
  86. Trying to broadcast senior recital for relatives in another state. Suggestions?
  87. No love for flute ?
  88. Danny Boy Sil Austin
  89. how can I determine if I am is still good?
  90. getting Music/Jazz/Black American Music out to the people is good for us and them!
  91. Backing Track MP3 Downloads (ostensibly for vocalists)
  92. Christmastime is Here Backing Track
  93. The World Fastest Staccatto - Ziva Dinulovic (serbian saxophone player)
  94. Public No.3 "Flying Cats" 1959 Conn 10m Florida Link No.10 Vandoren Java No.2 23/09/2015
  95. A Touch of Ireland - Bari Sax solo
  96. Performing Easy Tunes for Solo Sax LIVE-Intermediate Level~~First live performance ever
  97. Drumless backing Tracks ..?
  98. Playing Saxophone With A DJ
  99. Should call this sub forum solo playing and busking.
  100. Make more money with or without backing tracks?
  101. Solo Sax With Backing Tracks Suggestions
  102. New backing track site
  103. Chargeable Amp for backing tracks?
  104. Tips for playing in cold venues?
  105. Renaissance piece to be played on alto or Bari
  106. Transposing staff and notation
  107. Backing Track Copyright help
  108. Sax and Ukulele
  109. I hat playing outdoors/
  110. Isolated sound of famous players
  111. Music Book plus CD for solo live performances
  112. How to play every song with soul?
  113. Set lists?
  114. saxophonists from Serbia and ex-yugoslavia
  115. Kinda Micky Mouse....
  116. Tenor sax sound... opinion
  117. What computer program should I use?
  118. Need a well done MIDI of "Romance and Troika" - Serge Prokofiev arr. Hummel
  119. You might consider the Book Making it in the new Music Business by ari