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  1. Clarinet Barrell Adjustment
  2. Jupiter Flute Pads
  3. Clarinet: hissing notes
  4. New sub forum
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  7. Clarinet trill key guide removal
  8. Chromatic harmonica
  9. How to find/screen a repair shop
  10. Cleaning plastic clarinet bodies
  11. Amadeus COA
  12. Buffet Bass register mech modification
  13. Flute case foam inserts
  14. Vito Glittertone, or Turn Your Clarinet From Drab to FAB!
  15. leather pads in flute?
  16. Bassoon Shrinkage
  17. How to align trumpet pistons in there chambers
  18. Mildew in tone holes and on pads....
  19. Tight Clarinet Joints
  20. Are you a dope user?
  21. Trombone slide buffing
  22. Piccolo tone holes
  23. Key Adjusting Pliers.
  24. Clarinet question
  25. Clarinet spring tension: is this user-serviceable?
  26. Removing the low E post in leblanc Clarinet
  27. Elmers carpenters glue for cracks
  28. Anyone use a Magnifying Lamp or Magnifying Glasses in their repair work?
  29. Looking for bassoon whisper key spring
  30. Retouching sliver plate
  31. Clarinet: paper under pads, bad for seating?
  32. Pad Saver for alto clarinet?
  33. Clarinet Refurbishing Advice Please
  34. Flute: Strange sympathetic vibrations.
  35. Slightly loose mouthpiece?
  36. Clarinet Hinge Screw Question
  37. TECH QUESTION: Esthetically Pleasing Material to Fill in Crack on Plastic Oboe? Please help.
  38. Hinge Rod Thread Confusion
  39. Screw thread??
  40. lubing woodwinds
  41. Modification to Clarinet A key?
  42. gemeinhardt m2 replacement case
  43. Just retuned a harmonica
  44. Repadding a flute
  45. What kind of shellac I've found?
  46. Bass Clarinet Overhaul: Proper Adhesive
  47. Bass Clarinet Overhaul, serious price (and possibly more) differences
  48. What's your method for seating clarinet pads?
  49. Upgrades in later model Armstrong 104 flutes?
  50. Clarinet - edge of tone hole catching on ring
  51. reviving an old wooden clarinet
  52. Tuning Problem
  53. Adusting the keyworks of the Bb soprano clarinet
  54. Clarinet TLC
  55. Repaded my first clarinet
  56. Kid Pads on Clarinet, Good or Not?
  57. Red Clarinet Pad ?!?!?!?!?
  58. Clarinet tenon replacement
  59. how do i clean a clarinet body?
  60. flute soldering
  61. clarinet B/E alternate key adjustments
  62. clarinet tenon cork
  63. Using paper strip, or other material as a "shim" for a too thin cork...
  64. What are your favorite clarinet pads, and why?
  65. QC... not.
  66. No good deed...
  67. Marching Band "accident"
  68. Bass recorder pads
  69. What pads for 1934 Selmer Paris metal clarinet?
  70. Flute experts - urgent help!
  71. Good all-around repair kit needed
  72. dry clarinet joints
  73. G sharp playing an octave down
  74. Tuning cork in flute
  75. Reed doublers' dream flute
  76. fixed a clarinet today
  77. fixed a clarinet today
  78. Venting low Eb on bass clarinet
  79. Mouthpiece crack REPAIR
  80. Lowering D-trill touch on Flute
  81. Spinning clarinet... fireworks!
  82. common flute spring sizes
  83. Headjoint tenon length and flute body receiver depth
  84. Wooden clarinet "blown out," and what (if anything) to do about it?
  85. gold plating a mpc table
  86. Mouthpiece Plating Sources
  87. C.G. Conn Ltd bore oil?
  88. Contrabassoon Case fused together
  89. Price estimate for "mechanical restoration"?
  90. Contra Alto Clarinet Help Needed
  91. Expanding the cork on clarinet joints....with a blowtorch?!?!?
  92. Locked key Bb soprano clarinet
  93. Flute repairer in Berlin
  94. Vibrating bell metal of a Buffet E13 clarinet
  95. typical clarinet pad thickness?
  96. El Cheapo Clarinet
  97. BBb Contrabass Clarinet Overhaul/Repair
  98. Retired Tech Modifies Flute for 1-Handed Girl
  99. Changing flute lip plate/ chimney
  100. Bass clarinets - music medic pads
  101. Decent flute pads?
  102. Cracks in plastic clarinets
  103. Cyanoacrylate for wood clarinets cracks: glue or filler?
  104. Rebuilding valve casing threads
  105. Another Buffet Clarinet Botch-up.
  106. Why are flute pads not floated in with shellac?
  107. Recommendation for Votaw Grenadilla
  108. The base tube of the bassoon, leaks
  109. Anyone making recorders
  110. Flute troubleshooting
  111. Anyo˝e have a working link for buffet clarinet serials
  112. Curvy headjoints
  113. Clarinet tenon repair
  114. Sarrusophone new double octave key
  115. Clainet plays flat on throat f-d
  116. Pivot screw for Selmer s10
  117. Wrench for Armstrong flute pads
  118. reseating pads vs. using shims
  119. The Best Fltue Pads?
  120. Bb Clarinet - Marching with RooPads and other questions
  121. improving flute headjoint response by rounding inside edges of riser at body
  122. flute repad frustration
  123. Value Buescher 400 special Bb clarinet?
  124. Restoring a Rittershausen wood flute
  125. Seller Refurbished flutes
  126. Trumpet mandrel
  127. Have you seen this leak test?
  128. Bass Clarinet Crack Repair
  129. Couesnon neck strap ring placement
  130. Remove scratches from ebony
  131. Bb clarinet behavior question
  132. Best screwdriver to remove rods, screws
  133. Mag Machine Make 2014
  134. Best Pliers for basic Clarinet work
  135. Problems with Eb Soprano Clarinet Ring Keys and some duff notes
  136. Overhauling a very old Penzel Mueller Clarinet
  137. Reducing Flute Headjoint Diameter
  138. Flute crown threads
  139. Conn 6M palm key modification
  140. Tools for Pearl Flutes
  141. Bass clarinet problem- help/suggestions needed!
  142. Jupiter clarinet shaming, and repair suggestions request.
  143. Rampone Milano E-Flat Soprano Clarinet
  144. oboe right side g# linkage
  145. Difficult swedging problem...bass clarinet LH1
  146. Thanks to Charles Gray for working on my Low A Conn DJH bari sax
  147. General advice about flute maintenance
  148. Removing stuck screw in flute.
  149. buffet R13 set up question
  150. Question for techs, re. YTS-21, YTS-23
  151. Kohlert & sons wooden clarinet thumb rest repair
  152. Useful Copper Strips
  153. clarinet mold
  154. Filling wide cracks on wooden flute.
  155. Piccolo Tech Referral
  156. Need key height lowered on Miyazawa flute
  157. to high Neck-Strap-Ring Conn and Martins any solution
  158. oboe leak test
  159. Super-Thin Alto Flute Pads
  160. Clarinet problem
  161. 100 miles on a motorcycle
  162. Shop ripped off unwitting customer... Does one intervene?
  163. Repositioning an old solder joint without disassembly
  164. Where in the US would YOU like to have a good saxophone repair shop?
  165. How to series
  166. How to tighten a clarinet bell ring?
  167. Yamaha oboe nylon tipped adjustment screw
  168. Muramatsu pads?
  169. Saxophone in winter weather ?
  170. Clarinet : What's you method for applying bore oil ?
  171. Alto Selmer Suoer Action serie (1) low D# and C key ??
  172. Soprano Key Cups
  173. Keeping a clarinet assembled on a stand all day.
  174. Cosmetic hole-filling on clarinets
  175. Reed Trimmers
  176. Sharpen your pitchforks...(a LeFreque-y experience)
  177. Cheap Flutes (etc): Buyer Beware.
  178. Wood clarinet maintenance...what do I need to know?
  179. warped pad cups
  180. Clarinet tenon cork - replacement video
  181. Haynes flute question
  182. Repair of recorder
  183. Bass clarinet register key venting
  184. SML Alto F#/G# Adjustment Screws
  185. Oboe key height
  186. Unstable tone, unusual reason
  187. Are flute pads translucent?
  188. Expanding clarinet tenon cork (safely)
  189. Clarinet tenon chip repair....a new method: yr opinions sought
  190. Trombone vacuum / suction
  191. Clarinet low B/C# key "pins"