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  1. Starting point:
  2. Do you like playing against a wall or into a corner?
  3. Saxophone acoustics.
  4. Compression
  5. Inharmonicity and low note "burble"
  6. Fft
  7. Grainy tone caused by something mechanical vs condensation?
  8. Factors affecting volume?
  9. sound projection (??)
  10. How does F#3 work?
  11. What is Good Intonation?
  12. Does Finish Affect Sound? A Proposed Test
  13. PARTIAL-LOCKING (aka mode-locking)
  14. I like the sound of players swinging off the mic.
  15. Santy Runyon Mouthpiece Pitch Experiment
  16. low note burbling: but WHY?
  17. Low note "warble" part deux
  18. newspaper article ->Secrets of sax appeal revealed
  19. Acoustics Goes Mainstream: Physics of Coltrane's Sound
  20. Running out of notes at the low end
  21. Octave pips: what does what?
  22. Hard graft, not genes, creates musical genius
  23. The Acousticoil Chainletter is Alive and Well !
  24. Thoughts on cold and heat
  25. Effect of body thickness & continuity
  26. Describe the sound of the Mark VI.
  27. Low A on tenor/alto
  28. Help on Physics research project for acoustics
  29. Ideas to produce a sax tone by artificial means
  30. demonstration of five auditory illusions
  31. Bamboo as a studio floor
  32. high F# tone hole
  33. The acoustics of pad glue
  34. density holds key to sweet sound
  35. Scientists Discover the Secret of the the Mark VI next?
  36. Effect of Bore Taper on Sound
  37. Playing Softly and Loudly
  38. Do Key Touches Affect Intonation??
  39. What microphone for sax?
  40. Personal Microphone Home Studio
  41. Soundproofing Practice Room
  42. W-curves
  43. Acoustics
  44. rough comparison of two tenor bores
  45. what effect for shape of bell flare?
  46. AER Compact 60 - any experience
  47. Starter Kit
  48. New silverplate Vs (?) original - Tonal differences?
  49. Recording Tips by Jon Gordon
  50. Monitor placing problem
  51. spread v focused, dark v bright, finish v tone
  52. A Hard Day's Night--the opening 'lost chord' solved?
  53. Recording Microphone
  54. Need Evaluation of Home Recording Setup
  55. calculating actual sounding length
  56. Sympathetic Vibrations and Perceived Saxophone "Sound Variations"
  57. A can of worms, I know...
  58. A little light reading
  59. recorded sound vs. actual (what you hear)
  60. Neat Opportunity to Compare Reference Altos With and Without High F# Keys
  61. Matching reeds to mouthpieces
  62. What is a good set of headphones for Aebersold to let you still hear your sax?
  63. Big sounding tenorsax need to be recorded in large rooms?
  64. The Official Shellac vs. Hot Glue Comparison
  65. Fitting resonators to a vintage C soprano?
  66. Strange noise
  67. Fixing sharp second octave
  68. new sax acoustics database up at UNSW!
  69. Echo
  70. bore confusion
  71. brightest to darkest
  72. When you move the mouthpiece on or off the cork, what determines the pitch?
  73. How does key height affect the intonation?
  74. Holes in bell flare: would they change the tone?
  75. Tone Hole Correction - Friend or Foe?
  76. Can you suggest a kit that would be good for busking with CDs?
  77. Hearing Yourself vs. Those Who Hear you
  78. Average Decibel for a Tenor Sax on a middle C
  79. Portable Recording Equipment
  80. sound recorder
  81. Does reed strenght affect intonation?
  82. Identify this AKG Headphone Please!
  83. Apology+Microphone Placement Question
  84. Deceptive Ears! Please no!
  85. Death or Life
  86. baritone - clip mic or not?
  87. Missing: Midrange!
  88. What kind of reverb do you use?
  89. I Have a Crazy Idea to Aid in Sax Regulation - Please Comment
  90. Acoustic Guitar Learning ...
  91. Do saxophonists tune the vocal tract resonances like singers?
  92. your Most Mortifying Moment
  93. Tones and harmonics/overtones...
  94. New Sax Acoustics Yahoo Group
  95. Recording room layout
  96. Thirds
  97. Strobe tuners
  98. Mainstream news story about Pythagorean Comma and tuning in general
  99. Hybrid PA system - Mic and Audio/video editing software?
  100. I like my sound better when my recordings distort - why?
  101. Tuners
  102. Decibel meter for Windows 7 computer
  103. trivia - does tooth filling affect your tone
  104. A Very Informal Experiment on Body Tube Vibration
  105. Japanese Company: "Resonator Chips"
  106. Liquid Nitrogen Yamaha Z
  107. air pressure in (bari)sax
  108. glass acoustics help??
  109. VUVUZELA: question about pitch and accoustics
  110. My baby is out of tune...
  111. Practice room - sonically live or dead?
  112. Sound color and "shape"
  113. Mic - Preamp - PA setup
  114. Can a room do this?
  115. Stuffy D2? Check your reed.
  116. Saxophone Pitch Slotting
  117. Spread octaves -cause?
  118. Why is this one overtone so stuffy?
  119. Some Experimentation with the Spread Octave Issue
  120. Saxophone resonance/resonate note
  121. Tuning using a graph. NOW WITH DOTS, CRESENTS AND STARS!!
  122. Benade Revisited
  123. Has anyone seen my missing cone?
  124. Why are the lowest notes hard to play softly?
  125. Finding the mouthpiece "equivalent" volume
  126. Reed movement and sound wave
  127. The "Non-Argument" Acoustic Question Thread
  128. How Octave Vents Work
  129. Do Harmonics Have Harmonics
  130. Strange overtone response on The Martin Tenor
  131. The Acoustic Effects of Resonators
  132. Applying Benade questions - The Martin Tenor (Lance please??)
  133. Mouthpiece baffles
  134. Internal Harmonics
  135. Pickup on neck or body and where
  136. Response from Joe Wolfe re: conical tenon
  137. Neck trombone...
  138. Question about alto neck (Bundy vs Vito)
  139. Santy Runyon Mouthpiece Pitch Story - Fact or Fiction
  140. How the Player's Vocal Tract Influences the Sound
  141. conical neck tenon - revisited
  142. Keilwerth neck mod
  143. Does the cork on the neck offer any acoustic/vibration properties?
  144. What makes a great sax
  145. A Theory About Harmonics and Tonal Intensity
  146. sax vocal tract adjustment: new paper published
  147. Quartet recording sounding 'bassy'
  148. Ferron on the Height of Raised Tone Holes
  149. cute video from UNSW on standing waves
  150. C# vent key on S80 Series III
  151. Effects of mouthpiece chamber size and length on tuning
  152. Pendulum Dance Reminds Me of Music
  153. selfmade gardenhose-basclarinet - where to drill the holes?
  154. Neck Pull Down?
  155. The effect of an oval shaped conical tube on the soundwave
  156. Does plating affect the sound; no longer an issue...
  157. NPR Story how music may ward off hearing loss
  158. Selmer Mark VI Neck Air Noise
  159. What makes a good sounding room?
  160. A different spin on hearing differences
  161. Which is the strad?
  162. Why do palm keys overblow a sixth?
  163. Compare Selmer Mark VI and Keilwerth SX90R sound
  164. sound waves displayed by a flaming tube
  165. What are acoustics?
  166. Quantification
  167. Larger tone holes
  168. Cold-flat Warm-sharp?
  169. Different location of Eb tone hole?
  170. What is a bad tone
  171. Have instruments changes since the 50's?
  172. Conical neck tenon - revisited 2
  173. Soprano Octave Pip, One or Two?
  174. Feeling the tone hole vibrations
  175. Sound Proofing Basement
  176. Does the position of the bell brace have an effect on accoustics / resonance of the tone
  177. Recherche saxophonistes pour une étude - Looking for saxophonists to participate in a study
  178. Does (your input) affect the quality of sound ?
  179. C#2 intonation problems
  180. Conical Tone Hole Chimneys: Why not?
  181. Sax acoustics and intonation, Interesting new website…
  182. The Effect of Plating and Lacquer on Tone and Original Lacquer vs. Relacquer (Everything Saxophone)
  183. Super Magic thumbrest
  184. What would happen if an already vibrating air column hit a reed?
  185. A question for the acoustical theorists: Why does a foot in the bell actually lower the note?
  186. Teaching acoustics to middle-school kids?
  187. Some easy things to read about Sax Acoustics
  188. Question about "grunting" sax sounds
  189. Octave vent pitch nodes
  190. Acoustic Basics
  191. Acoustics of MP alone vrs MP on instrument
  192. Bore Differences In Identical Models
  193. Question about overtones
  194. the moment of truth: note 'attack'--please clarify...
  195. The hissing octave pip
  196. Help with an Acoustic Question
  197. Anybody own a whisper room?
  198. Just Temperament versus Equal Temperament
  199. Materials, Materials, Materials
  200. My WhisperRoom review
  201. A Tunable Window That Soundproofs But Allows Air To Flow
  202. Acoustics on notes G and below
  203. How small a recording room , and get good sound on it
  204. Bone Conduction
  205. Scientific article about the acoustics and working of the sax
  206. Why An Octave Contains 12 Notes
  207. noise canceling window treatment
  208. Do acoustics differ with extreme fit of mouthpiece on cork?
  209. Projection?
  210. Best acoustic panels for small room?
  211. Mute vs. Foot in a bell
  212. Facings and reed behaviour
  213. Tone words. I can't take it anymore.
  214. 3rd Octave vent?
  216. Tone holes
  217. Acoustics - In a room
  218. What is the "ideal" pitch (frequency) of the neck (crook) off the sax?
  219. How is the timbre of a sax changed by the player?
  220. Discover and understand the acoustics of the saxophone and other wind instruments
  221. High A and B pitch problem
  222. High G and Middle D Dropping Pitch
  223. A4 = 432Hz tuning
  224. Practice room
  225. Tuning a saxophone for optimum performance at different temperatures
  226. Neck Dents or Pull Down Affect Tone and Intonation?
  227. Primer on instrument construction/acoustics?
  228. Getting the best sound out of a baritone in a loud amplified band
  229. Why an iPhone cannot record a saxophone decently?
  230. High C blows freely but middle c gets stuffy and flat
  231. 1948 SBA low D warble
  232. Middle B and C 30 cents Flat til mouthpiece cap dropped in
  233. key height too high?
  234. Neck Geometry and Tuning
  235. How to know how do we really sound?
  236. Why does biting cause the pitch to go up ?
  237. AMIGOS, Do You Really NEED A Scond Horn for Your SandBox?
  238. Too large octave on bari
  239. Out of tune...
  240. What exactly is a "focused tone"?
  241. Pad porosity and acoustics
  242. Warble Study
  243. Crack the sound barrier!
  244. Is there anyone left who is interested in saxophone acoustics?
  245. In search of the "missing cone"
  246. Importance of thin rails in mouthpieces