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  1. Which Baritone is your choice and why?
  2. travel
  3. I play alto. How is the bariitone?
  4. the bari shape.
  5. Types of low A mechanisms?
  6. Virtues of A and Bb
  7. Would it be...possible/safe?
  8. Aramphone?
  9. Low A vs Low Bb
  10. New to bari-world
  11. Bari - The Most Versatile Sax???
  12. Sax-On stand with Tenor Neck on Bari sax???
  13. Dream Baris
  14. Will a bari sax case fit in a Honda CRX ?
  15. lower than low a?
  16. Going from modern tenor to vintage bari
  17. Bari Sound
  18. withdrawals!
  19. Who's first sax was a bari?
  20. Switching from alto to bari
  21. bari sax weight
  22. Makes ya wanna play bari...
  23. That Motown Sound
  24. my friends mom is so FRIGGEN LUCKY
  25. Can't hold it in anymore...
  26. A less heavy bari (weight)
  27. That Big Bari Sound
  28. Moving
  29. Bari Sax 101
  30. Straight Baritone sax?
  31. Do I really have to to use a harness?
  32. Your journey to the Bari
  33. Same intonation issues - different horns
  34. A horn that sounds like mine
  35. I can't believe this...
  36. Baritone - Low A or not ?
  37. No more bari
  38. Bari Rental
  39. I TRIED to play a bari today...
  40. Parting with my bari...
  41. Out of tune Bari... (Also, "Hi, my name is Lurker Hunte
  42. New nasty (not nasty as bad) sound for Bari
  43. Low A or just to Bb
  44. Announcement
  45. Bari octave key vents
  46. Your first bari.
  47. Flying Baris - Part I
  48. Low A or low Bb
  49. Does anyone actually dislike playing the bari?
  50. travel with bari
  51. Hall of Fame Jazz Bari
  52. The last straw!
  53. Coming to the Dark Side
  54. low Bb to low A??
  55. Baritone Sax advice
  56. Bari Stance
  57. Bari with low A or Bb???
  58. How big do you have to be to play bari?
  59. virgin bari player
  60. Poultry in Motion - Dig that Bari
  61. Got no low A
  62. bari sax good for symphonic band?
  63. Great bari features-what are they-- lets show our talent!
  64. Historical bari info
  65. Low or High Pitch, How to tell???
  66. New to bari
  67. Best "bang for your buck" vintage bari?
  68. Suggestions/Advice needed for a Vintage Bari
  69. Gold Brass Spn5501 neck for Selmer 55AF Baritone sax
  70. Cheap Bari
  71. New bari, Intonation issues
  72. New "inexpensive" bari
  73. good unaccompanied solo for bari
  74. How's the ponzol M1 for bari
  75. can anyone send me the bari part for such sweet thunder?
  76. Lesser-known Bari brands- trustworthy?
  77. Yay! New-old bari!
  78. Low A extension... environmentally friendly solution
  79. Mark VI plays flat
  80. Bari suggestions
  81. Pepper Adams' 1980 Selmer Baritone sax
  82. Vintage H.N. White King Bari
  83. kenny garrett on baritone
  84. Anybody have any thoughts on True Tone baris?
  85. Bari is sharp in the upper register
  86. Starving student buying strategy
  87. When did low A become common on baritones?
  88. What will be used more- bass clarinet or bari sax?
  89. Getting back to the bari
  90. Buescher
  91. Unlacquered Baris, King Supers, and Rock & Roll
  92. What appeared to be a crappy horn...
  93. White Hall Bari Sax's
  94. Keilwerth Bundy
  95. Looking for manufacture of my vito bari
  96. Pepper Adams reissue; Critics Choice
  97. A strap for my bari!
  98. Love my True Tone
  99. tall bari sax stand
  100. Calling all bari experts
  101. Required Listening for the Baritone
  102. Pierott Baritone--Opinion's wanted.
  103. Ronnie Cuber clips
  104. This Sugal Guy
  105. WOLFE low A?
  106. The Martin serial #s?
  107. Who to listen to?
  108. When was the low A added?
  109. New Musical Setting for Baritone
  110. Lamberson SB or DD
  111. Serge Chaloff's Set up?????
  112. Help! - Bari or bust
  113. Help! - Bari or bust
  114. Cleaning your Baritone
  115. Recommendation for NEW bari needed !
  116. Need bari stand advice for player with bad back
  117. Tenor mpc on a bari?
  118. Problems with low F and lower
  119. Buescher v. Conn
  120. Stores in Southern California
  121. Wot No YBS-875?
  122. Need some notes
  123. Baritone altissimo video
  124. Which would you choose?
  125. Lower Than A?
  126. Classical Baritone CDs?
  127. Intonation Issue - Very Flat High B Natural
  128. Super 20 baritones
  129. The Martin vs Zephyr baritones
  130. Holy Grail Super 20 Baris?
  131. Forgive my ignorance, but....
  132. where to buy reeds?
  133. Looking for obscure R&B/blues bari solos
  134. very low
  135. yamaha
  136. Vent keys stick on your bari?
  137. C#key
  138. thin in the upper register
  139. Selmer Low A key
  140. Where can I test play a Bari?
  141. Good Conn Bari?
  142. Best way to pick it up?
  143. I love the Bari!
  144. Evette Bari - S2? - Fair Price?
  145. Left Hand Pinky Keys on a Vintage Bari
  146. Suggested cases?
  147. Silver plating a vintage bari
  148. Selmer vintage Bari help quick please
  149. Bari sax players only
  150. Info requested from you Bari specialists
  151. Getting a good bari sound in a day
  152. How necessary is low A? question for bari players...
  153. Bari sax problem
  154. Today I got My Bari
  155. King Zephyr Special Bari
  156. High-End Modern Baritones
  157. Has anyone heard of...
  158. bari cds?
  159. Selmer SA80 II Spit Key
  160. A little help with the bari please
  161. help with a lick...
  162. Making the Switch.
  163. identification required please
  164. Bundy bari serial number?????
  165. some questions about my new zephyr
  166. Jean Baptiste Bari?
  167. A lot of bari players have the same tone...
  168. Eastman Bari - A Yamaha YBS-32 Copy?
  169. Cheap bari to double on
  170. Low C on bari is weird...
  171. Length
  172. selmer paris/ or other
  173. Your opinions on my playing? High school jazz band solos =]
  174. After 10 Years, My First Baritone!!!
  175. wow, check out this monster....
  176. low b flat bari modern key work
  177. Bundy serial number help
  178. Low A bari - Stuffy low bflat
  179. Who is this bari player?
  180. Alto to Baritone Transition
  181. Alto to Baritone Transition
  182. Alto to Baritone Transition
  183. What does your axe weigh?
  184. I Got My New Baritone!!!
  185. Jazz Audition pieces
  186. Check out my new Beast...
  187. Diblasio Solo Transcriptions
  188. Transitioning to Bari
  189. Is it really NOT a good idea to mix Bb and Eb instruments?
  190. Looking for a CHEAP bari with low A
  191. Please Help, Urgent!
  192. Looking for a bari solo
  193. Altissimo for Older Baritones?
  194. when the bari is the rhythmn section....
  195. Flying with a Baritone
  196. Input on Rene Dumont/Keilwerth Bari
  197. Most influential bari player?
  198. Stool for Baritone playing
  199. Gary Smulyan's set up
  200. saxophone harness for bari
  201. Bari Size Problem
  202. Mic for Baritone
  203. 1970 Low Bb Selmer Bari
  204. A neck is a neck is a neck?
  205. My Buescher needs help!
  206. Thoughts on bari's
  207. Is this the Oldest Bari?
  208. Good Choice or not ?
  209. fingering problem - help needed
  210. Mk VI baris: the different values
  211. Bari Sax Stand
  212. Pro Tec Contoured bari case
  213. Pepper Adams Tune entitled Dylan's Delight
  214. High note problems
  215. Bari sax stands
  216. Practice day
  217. Do bari's attract clumsy people??
  218. Ideas about keeping my horn safe while taking it overseas
  219. Any Thoughts on upgrading?
  220. Your Favorite Ballad to Play on a Bari...
  221. Please help, I just picked up a 1968 Mark VI Baritone and I need MOUTHPIECE advice
  222. Keilwerth/ Bundy Special question
  223. Enough wind?
  224. wireless on bari
  225. middle register problems
  226. Help!!! B-6 or B-901 ???
  227. Marching a bari.
  228. Weltklang Bari (not silver plated)
  229. Amati bari
  230. Intonation problems
  231. Armstrong bari
  232. Bari harness
  233. Buffet 400 Series or 'Horn' Revolution II Bari?
  234. What is a used ybs23 going for now
  235. Conn 12M Low Bb
  236. risk of buying a high pitch by mistake
  237. Vintage Baritone intonation issues
  238. Never playing bari...
  239. Buescher 400
  240. Bari instead of bass guitar?
  241. Bari Sax Stand Thread
  242. Change tenon on Barone neck?
  243. Some Interesting text on Pepper Adams...
  244. C or high pitched Conn?
  245. Keilwerth SX-90 Low Bb - YIKES!!!
  246. Any Keilwerth ST90 owners out there?
  247. Which Harness/Sling?
  248. Harmonics / overtones on Bari
  249. Blues for Bari
  250. conn 13m
  251. Ligature for Rico Metalite
  252. P. Mauriat 300DK Bari?
  253. Saddest Bari Sax Story in History...The Stale Squeak of Death
  254. The Bari Spell
  255. King Tempo?
  256. Oval C tone hole?
  257. More Rare than a mint Mark VI
  258. Sharp upper octave on New Wonder 2
  259. YBS32 Yamaha or B901 Yani
  260. Yani neck on Mark VI bari
  261. Weltklang bari did arrive!
  262. Laquer Guardala Bari Opinion
  263. Travelling with a Yani Bari
  264. Is it just me, or is it easier to play more clearer low notes on the Bari?
  265. Yamaha YBS-32 or Yanagisawa B-901
  266. Best Low Priced Bari
  267. Need Some Advice For New Bari
  268. Your Baritone Setup
  269. Harness/Sling for the CHICKS
  270. Low Budget, Need Good Horn
  271. Hamiett Bluiett website
  272. Ida Maria Grassi Baritones, Mark VI clones?
  273. mouth piece question
  274. i want to see pic of mouthpice peter ponzol bariton super hr
  275. lower notes off nearly whole note.?,?,?
  276. Sick of the timbre?
  277. Salivating.
  278. Thoughts on the SA80 Series II Bari?
  279. which bari sax do I have?
  280. Using Trombone Music for The Baritone Sax
  281. Middle A problem on Bari
  282. is it worth getting a cheap baritone sax?
  283. should both octave pads ever open at the same time?
  284. Why that big huge thing ?
  285. haven't posted in a while, but back with good news.
  286. Any Idea what this Bari is?
  287. I finally listened to some Gerry Mulligan
  288. Effective octave pips? - an odd observation...
  289. Cafact anyone?
  290. Various questions about Vintage bari
  291. Players with small hands
  292. Fixing a bari!
  293. Having a bari issue.
  294. Help me support the monster
  295. No Matter What I Play...
  296. Embouchure fatigue while playing quietly
  297. Front E Problem
  298. Neck Screw Issue
  299. Vito VSP/Leblanc 7190BA vs Yanigasawa 901B
  300. cleaning the bari
  301. yanigasawa baritone case question
  302. Need some baritone advice
  303. Bari sax confusionnnnnn
  304. So Is Anyone gunna make a new bari anytime soon?
  305. I'VE STRUCK SILVER!...now what?
  306. I think i have a problem in the head get in now !
  307. Selmer Mk7 282.xxx value estimate
  308. FrankenBari
  309. Hot, New, Smooth Jazz Bari-Sax player Rebecca Buxton!
  310. Replacement Sax
  311. Bari low note harmonies are painful
  312. Lots of breathing!!
  313. Stuffy G#
  314. Awkward "ringing" sound when playing middle D
  315. Looking into a vintage Bundy bari... need help!
  316. Hite Artist mpc
  317. First day on bari XP
  318. a posture advice needed
  319. TAM Baritone Sax
  320. Bundy??
  321. Jack Nimitz - what brand of bari?
  322. Very flat low A
  323. A Low G Bari?
  324. Otto Link Metal Bari Sax Mouthpiece
  325. Experiences/Recommendations on Shipping a Bari via UPS?
  326. Tuning challenges
  327. Barone Baritone (Baronitone?)
  328. How to fix an Embrouchure??
  329. Traveling Internationally with a Bari?
  330. Baritone Saxophone?
  331. Price of a Selmer super action baritone
  332. leaky yanagisawa B901??
  333. Keilworth Sx90
  334. Coil on the right or coil on the left?
  335. Opinion on Rampone & Cazzani baris
  336. Which stand for my "The Martin" Bari?
  337. What's that thing called?
  338. Best Big Band Bari
  339. LH Pinky Low A & Other Low A Mechanisms
  340. Motown Bari Sound
  341. Mystery Bari Neck-ID needed
  342. Yani B992
  343. Help from the bari experts
  344. bari solo songs
  345. Low Bb Bari: King Super 20 vs. Couf Superba vs. SML or ???
  346. Jupiter ?
  347. Need help with my new 7190BA Leblanc...
  348. My new Phil Barone gold plated Baritone sax
  349. Playing the baritone while it sits in a stand
  350. Inexpensive bari saxs?
  351. Baritone playing Tenor music
  352. Growling
  353. Bari for church sax ensemble
  354. Bari is fun!
  355. Bari and 3rd partial
  356. Jazz baritone sax web site!!!!
  357. Yamaha bari on ebay
  358. Conn 12 M intonation isssue resolved
  359. Bari sax solo.....comments please!
  360. Which baritone....
  361. Baritone Tricks
  362. Yani B992 neck
  363. B&S 2001 Bari?
  364. Starting bari
  365. A long spike for playing bari standing ?
  366. Big Band Pedagogy for Bari Sax?
  367. Good box for shipping bari?
  368. Favorite big band orchestration to play on bari
  369. New to Baritone
  370. the New Bari Excitement thing...
  371. Just Purchased YBS-52 Baritone from eBay
  372. Cases for Bari's with Floor Pegs
  373. "No one plays the baritone anymore"
  374. Trying Out Bari's: B901 vs. B992, Mark VI, SA80 I, SX90R...
  375. York baritone sax?
  376. Help! Are older Buescher's picky when it comes to mouthpieces?
  377. New Bari Player!
  378. Barone Bari
  379. Leblanc-Noblet bari on ebay
  380. Conn 12M G# Key
  381. Nick Brignola embrochure
  382. New Cannonball review
  383. Treble Clef
  384. How much do low-G horns run?
  385. Baritone Sax concertos?
  386. YBS62 compared to Selmer Superaction I
  387. Yanigasawa Copies
  388. NeoSling for bari?
  389. Anyone heard of George Curry????
  390. Hard low C#
  391. Yanagisawa B-6 "artist" stencil?
  392. 10 and 12 year old soon to be 11 and 13 play baritone
  393. Holton Baritone sax model 270
  394. Which baritone is the best??
  395. Secondary Impressions
  396. Jiffy Baritone Saxophone Stand???
  397. tenor switching to bari -- input needed
  398. Yani B901, Anything Better?
  399. Pricing Baris
  400. Holton bari on ebay?