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  1. Soprano player wanting to play Tenor
  2. low A
  3. Best Tenor for Rock/Fusion?
  4. Characteristics of vintage tenors
  5. Formula for the Ultimate Big Band Tenor
  6. unknown beauty
  7. Modern horn produce Vintage sound
  8. Roaring tenor
  9. What are the good years for 10Ms and TH&Cs?
  10. Bb tenor before or after C melody?
  11. Anybody remember this?
  12. Tenor saxo and Bossanova and Samba
  13. Vintage sax
  14. familiarity breeds excellence?
  15. How much does your Tenor weigh?
  16. Basic info i really really need to know
  17. Tenor and Alto, difficult to play both saxes good?
  18. I've finally found "The One"
  19. My first experience with a tenor =|
  20. Measuring sax
  21. Favorite tenor
  22. Tenor for Jazz/Blues (nvm ><)
  23. If I want just one tenor...
  24. Going From Alto to Tenor
  25. Tenor for Small Hands
  26. Wow... Vintage Tenor-ness
  27. Even the guitar player noticed...
  28. My Bb(s) are very, very flat
  29. Low priced tenor
  30. Female Tenor Saxophonists
  31. Now I know what's bothering me..
  32. I want a new dark tenor sax!
  33. tenor
  34. Problem with octave key and C2-D2
  35. what key
  36. Reed frustration - I can kill one in 20 minutes
  37. oh no!
  38. trevor james
  39. Going vintage
  40. trevor james classic
  41. Most Powerful Tenor Made Today?
  42. changing from alto player to tenor , problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. Intersting tenor experience last night
  44. Please, I need some help here !!!
  45. Say it ain't so!!
  46. Tenor saxohonists to listen to
  47. Should I send my new Tenor back?
  48. Tenor Ssx
  49. Archie SHEPP's Tenor
  50. Tenor choices
  51. Okay Guys. Ref. 36 Owners - Make Yourself Known!
  52. How to choose my ultimate Tenor?
  53. King tenor Super 20
  54. Starting to feel limited on my Keilwerth SX90R
  55. Need someone new to play with
  56. Most free-blowing tenor
  57. So whats the difference?
  58. Berg Larsen tenor sax help
  59. Tenor Conclave solo order?
  60. found my set up...
  61. 1940's Super Action Tenor
  62. Just Picked Up a Selmer Series III Brushed Finish Tenor. Oh My!!
  63. Lyric Tenor Saxophone Made for Wurlitzer by Martin
  64. Projection
  65. What's a good price for....
  66. Top 5 new tenors today...what would you pick?
  67. Heavy versus Light Weight
  68. Old an New Tenors
  69. Post your super 20 setup
  70. Required Listening; Tenor
  71. High Register Tone
  72. Silverplated keys vs goldplated?
  73. Tenor Problems
  74. straight tenor
  75. more puffed cheeks playing tenor?
  76. bari to tenor
  77. Alto easier
  78. Low E / D harder on tenor than alto or soprano... why?
  79. Pee Wee ELLIS
  80. YTS 875exs sounds 'stuffy' in middle register
  81. Student horn, am I asking too much?
  82. Suggestions for tenor piece that projects
  83. PanAmerican Po'Boy 10-M Score!!!
  84. Tenor sax ladies!!!
  85. Intonation YTS23
  86. Removing black...dried... spit?
  87. Travel with a tenor
  88. Lower then Bb
  89. SBA tenor
  90. Vintage Selmer versus the Others...Why?
  91. Moving On...what to get?
  92. Poll - Easiest Blowing Tenor
  93. Altissimo notes on tenor
  94. New Sax for Music College
  95. Help with a couple areas of my sound
  96. What's Your Tenor Setup?
  97. A little help please
  98. high D sounding really flat.....
  99. What would you do?
  100. Saxophone day experiences (Tenor Sax Only)
  101. Wet fingers on Yani T992
  102. Squeaky High G
  103. Killing reeds.
  104. The Dark Side
  105. Help I.D. this Tenor
  106. How to get mass/girth in low register
  107. Problem with neck octave key pad
  108. Who made this tenor?
  109. need info on this sax please
  110. Got my first tenor - first experiences!
  111. Which tenor has the best intonation?
  112. Fix for gurgle on Low E-low C
  113. E & F sound the same...?
  114. Non Selmer with Selmer tone
  115. Tenor Set Up & Yamaha vs. Selmer
  116. F# fingering
  117. yani t901 for 1941 Conn 10M Should I Swap?
  118. Dilemma Mark VI or my own YTS 23
  119. focused, centered, sound
  120. Getting that wonderful tenor subtone
  121. venturing for a new tenor mouthpiece
  122. What is the pure sound of the tenor?
  123. D Sound Problem
  124. Looking for a better sound.
  125. Do you know this mouthpiece?
  126. Right Stack F E D Eflat problem
  127. Tenor and low notes...
  128. Tenor Sax Chubby Checker
  129. Dark, Mellow and Resonant Post 150xxx Selmer MkVI - Possible?
  130. opinions on pro tenors?
  131. question about the reunion blues sax double bag
  132. Coltrane's tenor needed work?
  133. opinion about tÚnor king super 21
  134. Joshua Redman's Sound
  135. Neck Replacement for a Buescher 400 Tenor?
  136. Do I have to repad my tenorsax!Listen to my soundclip!
  137. need advice: which tenors to look at
  138. Yamaha weight?
  139. Who comes up to your mind when talking about tenor saxophonists in south east Asia?
  140. My 80.XXX MK VI needs some work...what to do?
  141. Richie Kamuca and Bob Cooper
  142. Marching Horn
  143. Selmer mark VI tenor 80.XXX owners-what are your impressions
  144. 20303...zoot sims!!
  145. Yts-32
  147. subtone on mark VI
  148. How many of you sounded like Dex when starting on tenor?
  149. Bobby Keys Setup
  150. Wood Tenor
  151. Georgia on my mind
  152. Something is wrong with my Embouchure
  153. Yanagisawa T-800
  154. American Vintage.
  155. Low A On Tenor keyed to low Bb!!!
  156. Thomann's tenorsaxophones?
  157. Okay, So I need some serious help!
  158. Weird tenor on eBay
  159. YTS62 w/Barone copper neck
  160. Tenors - A long GAS journey back to the start
  161. Seated Tenor Sax
  162. Woohoo, I 'got' a tenor
  163. My "new" rebuild tenor Mark VI sax!
  164. Need to get this off my chest......
  165. How much does a good relacquer lower a saxophone's price?
  166. pitch control
  167. New Selmer Omega Tenor Saxophone.
  168. Another Problem
  169. What kind of tenor is Maxwell Davis playing in the photo?
  170. should anyone buy a hi pitch ts
  171. scratches inside new cannonball tenor neck
  172. Is playing the tenor too much effort?
  173. new model
  174. Limited Range
  175. Conn 10M estimated value?
  176. An odd observation (recollection?)
  177. The lightest (on weight) Tenor is...
  178. Aristocrat tenor out of tune in upper register
  179. Grover Washington Jr's setup
  180. Best Tenor Players
  181. stuffy notes on Yamaha YTS-62 II
  182. Borgani tenor identification + price estimate
  183. tenor weights
  184. How much does it cost to send a tenor across the pond?
  185. guardala tenors anyone?
  186. Marching band tenor
  187. Soldered Tone Holes
  188. New to the Forum, Self Introduction
  189. Octave key placement on tenors
  190. Gerald Albright Cannonball Tenor Octave key playing issues
  191. Tenor Shootout
  192. It's all so very exciting!
  193. Tenor Squeaking
  194. Initial Impression on a New Horn - Enough to Make a Decision?
  195. Diffrence beteween Alto and Tenor?
  196. tenor sax suggestions
  197. l
  198. Tenor Saxophone.
  199. LeBlanc Tenor Orientation
  200. Replacing my tenor
  201. Yet Another Tenor Shootout
  202. Tenor helping Alto performance?
  203. What is the most popular 'double' for tenor sax players?
  204. just a little help with setting up my horn.
  205. Tenor, no love for me?
  206. Absolutely stunned. I just walked out of a sax shop with a new Serie III tenor!!!
  207. Cheapo "second line" tenor shootout?
  208. The Perfect Tenor.
  209. WTH - straight tenor ?
  210. Buffet Superdynaction Tenor
  211. My Phil Barone Tenor
  212. Cello-like Sound?
  213. My New Tenor!!!
  214. Barone Tenor Review
  215. 5 Great tenors, a side by side review
  216. best modern tenor?
  217. New tenor arrived today!!
  218. Cannonball Tenor Advice?
  219. How to hold a Tenor?/My neck gets sore when standing!
  220. Tenor Gospels
  221. Anyone dislike tenor?
  222. Couple nice tenors on ebay today...
  223. So now will I dislike Tenors more or less?
  224. Alto to Tenor Difficulties
  225. Traveling with tenor sax
  226. Review: Leblanc System tenor. (vs Super 20) + clip & pics
  227. lead tenor
  228. Which Modern Tenors have a huge open sound?
  229. Brown Sugar, Dark Honey, Thick as Molasses
  230. Big Bell Cannonball Tenor Prices?
  231. Gas
  232. What to Buy?
  233. How easy is the transition?
  234. Rose Brass vs Brass Bb tenor, what's the difference?
  235. P.Mauriat Tenors
  236. I just had an idea!!!!
  237. Nasally...
  238. From alto to tenor
  239. Origin of Tenor Saxophones
  240. Finally REPAIRED!!!
  241. hello SOTW!
  242. Grand Concert Select For Tenor Anywhere?
  243. Low "A" (A3) Fingering on Tenor/Soprano??
  244. New TSax Help
  245. French Tenor Mouthpiece
  246. PF Flier (Tenor) review
  248. Thinking about selling my Mark VI
  249. A Horrible "G"
  250. My Phil Barone MAC 8 Tenor has arrived!
  251. Yamaha 82Z VS. P.Mauriat 66
  252. P. Mauriat Tenor Sax (Vintage)
  253. Kohlert saxes.
  254. Tenor filling in for bassoon part?
  255. Stephanhauser tenor 700 series
  256. To Sell or not To Sell
  257. Yanagisawa T991 vs. P. Mauriat PMXT 66R
  258. Questions
  259. Conn plays way sharp
  260. Change Up. Great Experience
  261. WWBW - Category: Professional Tenor Saxophone
  262. Tenor newbie needs help
  263. Tenormen: how much alto is too much? (help...)
  264. Case for a SX90R
  265. Tenor Sax Jazz Set Up for an intermediate player
  266. Tenormen: proof that the alto changes you
  267. Tenor Saxophone Help
  268. SCAM in Charlotte NC ...heeee's baaack
  269. Pete Thomas Tenor Shootout II
  270. HS Sax Player, looking for a tenor for jazz.
  271. Just got a tenor
  272. Too many horns
  273. Make low Bb Flatter?
  274. Making a comeback! How to "modernise" things
  275. Review of Phil Barone PB MAC 8 tenor in Antique Bronze
  276. HS Tenor Player needs a good sax
  277. Help: trying to get Micharel Breckers sound..
  278. Rahsaan Roland Kirk
  279. Looking for Barone Tenor owners
  280. Having Trouble with Higher Notes
  281. I never knew!!
  282. What kind of Tenor is this?
  283. Tenor Tone Expectations
  284. Tenor Classical Vs Jazz sound
  285. Just had my first lesson on tenor
  286. Planning for a New Tenor: Dark Rich Tone
  287. What's the best standing position?
  288. Hey Martin Guys
  289. Aching fingers
  290. Just Ordered a Classic Tenor From Phil Barone
  291. Horn Identification / Jack McVea
  292. Does the fingering chart in Top Tones work for Tenors?
  293. Time = tone?
  294. Another Borodi Silver/Gold Conn 10M!
  295. Looking to buy a tenor saxophone; advice needed
  296. blowing off the cobwebs, want a new sax
  297. New Tenor
  298. Brands to bandy about
  299. Review on, this time, TK Melody TENOR saxophones
  300. Need some tenor choice feedback please
  301. People with this classical setup....
  302. Looking to get a Tenor Sax
  303. Jamming in afghanistan
  304. Take 5 Alto to Tenor transposition
  305. Tenor suggestions...
  306. Disrespect
  307. Oxford tenor?
  308. Tenor for small hands/fingers?
  309. For those who switched to tenor from alto
  310. tonal complexity: from where does it come?
  311. What exactly is the Ideal/True Classical Tenor Sound?
  312. My YTS-82Z Drools on me...
  313. Feeble High A, B, and C
  314. Harmony question
  315. switching from alto to tenor
  316. New Tenor - Old Amati
  317. Selmer New York ?
  318. Who do u think, is the best tenor player alive?
  319. Cannonball in my hands
  320. Identify this horn?
  321. Quest: a tenor saxophone for my lovely oboe player.
  322. Is tenor a CRAZMAKER for you?
  323. You tube
  324. Best tenor for jazz
  325. Saxophone Tenor Question (saxphil)
  326. What Do U Think About This Tenor?
  327. Need Advice on a Tenor/Alto Issue
  328. Questions from a Returning Tenor Player
  329. Top F# or no top F#?
  330. Help me to decide which tenor to keep!
  331. clarinet to tenor sax
  332. Young saxaphone player needing advice
  333. Less well known Vintage tenors
  334. Sanborn-ish tenor sound
  335. Another "Which Tenor to Keep?" (With Prizes!!)
  336. Expanding my Horizon
  337. Late T-800/880, early T-900? Serial number/construction question...
  338. Concept for tenor solos in wind ensemble?
  339. archie shepp setup
  340. Soundfuga - What a Collection of Tenors!!!
  341. Jimmy Giuffre's tenor neck
  342. alto to tenor tuning problems
  343. Orpheo student tenor saxophone
  344. Over the Rainbow..I found my Dream
  345. Review Info on a PF/TM Tenor sax
  346. buying new tenor
  347. What's your tenor setup
  348. tenor mp: how far onto the neck is "too far"?
  349. First Tenor?
  350. How is a Conn or a King for legit playing?
  351. Taiwan tenor? which?
  352. My mark VI vs Reference 36 bird series
  353. collection
  354. If I only had an alto...?
  355. So What is the deal with Necks?
  356. Really Sharp!!!
  357. Best Tenor for Jazz and Classical, Rock, etc.
  358. Possible to be a "player" and still a musician?
  359. altissimo/ 4th Bflat and 4th Fsharp
  360. Tenor for rock
  361. Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor at Ebay - need advice
  362. The time has come!
  363. New to Tenor, having some issues im not used to
  364. Best Tenor for me?
  365. Neck Octave Pad Issue - Mark VI
  366. CE Winds Tenor Saxophone
  367. humorous tenor ad on ebay
  368. Looking for horns in SWFL!!
  369. WAY too free blowing tenor
  370. Cannonball Pete Chistlieb Edition
  371. Does anyone make a small bell tenor these days?
  372. tuning the instrument
  373. What is the name of this tenor player?
  374. Sound of SBA compared to 5-digit Mark VI (Tenor), tendency?
  375. Quick comparison of multiple tenors
  376. New to Tenor/Picked up a YTS 475
  377. Allora 879 Big Boss
  378. why did you start playing tenor saxophone
  379. The Tenor Brands that SOTW Members Play.. .Most:
  380. Yamaha tenors: model descriptions?
  381. Affordable Tenor with the High G key
  382. Length of a Super 20 Does anyone know how long without neck
  383. Tenor Test
  384. 1st Chinese named Tenor?
  385. Should I trade - Yamaha Custom Z Tenor for Cannonball T5 Tenor?
  386. Middle D problem (Martin Indiana)
  387. Finally!
  388. Tenor sax reads tenor clef as Bari reads bass
  389. I have a chance to buy a King 615
  390. CE Winds Pro DV v. Cannonball Stone Series v. Yamaha/Selmer/etc.
  391. Crazily Oute of Tune Tenor
  392. Your Best Tenor?
  393. PROOF that the tenor saxophone is the artistic equal of the human voice
  394. Getting to the next level
  395. Choose from Selmer Taiwan and Jupiter tenor sax
  396. Has anyone tried a Cannonball "Brute"?
  397. Freeblowing Taiwanese Tenors?
  398. The Martin Centennial tenor sax
  399. Vintage Conn Tenor Wicked Sharp
  400. Conn Tenor plays very sharp..