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  1. What's a good setup for a SML tenor
  2. what kind of mouthpiece should I buy
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  9. Heimer - the horror...
  10. Reynolds Tenor
  11. Intonation problem on a Gold Medal Tenor
  12. Soprano King-Marigaux SML Paris
  13. Tenor Gold Medal I or II
  14. King Marigaux vs. Rev D: A Comparison
  15. SML Tenor Comparison
  16. Difference between SML Tenors
  17. sml tenor
  18. Are SML Rev D's any good?
  19. SML Gold Medal tenor on its way
  20. King Marigaux Soprano
  21. Coleman Hawkins Specials
  22. SML Tenor SN #11088 Any good??
  23. BEST OF SML?
  24. Radiotone
  25. What's your opinion on Marigaux Soprano
  26. Unknown SML stencil
  27. SML Baris
  28. SML Bari
  29. SML Rev A
  30. SML Memories
  31. sml baritone review
  32. I've got one!
  33. mysterious ways
  34. Altering left hand position Rev D tenor
  35. Nikkel plated SML's
  36. Rev D has killed my selmer
  37. Found silver Gold Medal Alto.
  38. SML Mutes
  39. ??: rth, microadjusters, made in Paris: Tichard Artist Model
  40. SML Stencil inquiry
  41. Rev.D = Gold Medal
  42. SML Rev. D
  43. GM tenor
  44. Vintage SML
  45. Am I in the Club Now?
  46. HELP!!! My Gold Medal I Tenor STOLEN!!!
  47. "The Duke" What do I have?
  48. Late Run SML Stencil - Elite Artiste
  49. SML Alto or Tenor Plus Serial Numbers Plus
  50. SML Tenor Sax
  51. That Mysterious "Santy Runyon Model"
  52. More Interesting SML News!
  53. SML alto mpc
  54. SML Tenor Sax. Model?
  55. Please reassure me that I made the right decision
  56. Trade gold plated SML Rev D alto for Bari??
  57. Immaculate Gold GM1
  58. Tenor Standard SML
  59. SML Sound--Is It Really That Special?
  60. $500 for a SML Rev D tenor
  61. SML is one HEEAAAVY horn
  62. SML for sale
  63. SML Gold Medal 1 vs Gold Medal 2 bore differences?
  64. WTB: SML bari
  65. Which SML Won Gold Medal--Rev D or Gold Medal?
  66. SML Gold Medal
  67. new selmer solosit f??
  68. what mouthpiece combo?
  69. Did SML make GM (either I or II) Sopranos?
  70. Gold Plated Tenor
  71. flat notes when using front F
  72. SML Paris tenor piece
  73. Pierret, Lyrist, Beaugnier, Leblanc, Selmer, SML et les autres
  74. New SML GM1 owner...
  75. SML and silver re-plate
  76. sml/Heimer/Parker??
  77. SML - Some New Info on EARLY Horns
  78. Awsome SML Stencil
  79. Sam Rivers, classic SML
  80. Gold Metal Tenor Wanted
  81. John Coltrane played SML?
  82. George Shelby Sax UK
  83. Evette Schaeffer Old Serial Number
  84. SML vs P.Mauriat
  85. Revision D design flaw?
  86. SML Rev D Alto in rose gold lacquer
  87. SMLs for sale in UK
  88. Help me to know about my SML
  89. KM Sop in Black Nickel
  90. SML standard
  91. SML Low A Bari on its Way to Me!!
  92. Nice Gold Medal Mk I /2-tone
  93. What would an SML neck do to a Mark VI alto?
  94. Wacky intonation on KM alto!!!
  95. SML Sop Wanted
  96. king marigaux questions
  97. new sml user.
  98. Rev D Alto and Tenor
  99. Real SML??
  100. Is there any well-known saxophonist who use SML sax
  101. Scam on Craigslist ??
  102. SML Rev D?
  103. Just picked up rev d, overhaul?
  104. Commodore- SML stencil
  105. Sometimes you just have a GREAT day (just picked up a SML)
  106. Case for SML Rev.D. Tenor
  107. New SML tenor
  108. altissimo F# => F on SML Rev.D
  109. Are SML owners the most satisfied
  110. SML baritonsax prototype?
  111. Ergonomics of King Marigaux Alto
  112. Where are all the SML fans?
  113. Soprano palm keys
  114. SML for classical? Need advice...
  115. SML devotion - mainly tenor?
  116. SML tenor rev D, need neck socket repair
  117. SML Cornet?
  118. WTB: SML Soprano
  119. SML not cutting through!
  120. Vandoren A45 stuffy on gold medal alto ?
  121. Brother and Sister SML
  122. SML Rev D? serial number
  123. This an SML neck?
  124. Altissimo Fingerings for Rev.D Tenor
  125. High School SML
  126. Was this King Marigaux tenor a good deal?
  127. New appreciation for SML
  128. The "Gig review Thread."
  129. the SML Alto thread
  130. I don't think SMLs are like Kings with clunky keywork
  131. How to tell a RevC from a RevD?
  132. Dusting off the old SML... what can you tell me?
  133. Carmen Leggio Rev D for sale on Ebay
  134. SML alto alert on Ebay
  135. Your SML Story...
  136. Help with a setup
  137. Selmer Altissimo fingerings on SML tenor??
  138. Silver Soprano
  139. Selmer Mark VI vs. SML Gold Medal vs. Buffet Super Dynaction tenors
  140. Saxophones as joint property
  141. Gold Medal 1 and 2
  142. Kosher Saxophone?
  143. Reynolds Contempora Alto
  144. Can you identify this SML Marigaux Alto Sax Gold Lacquer Body and Nickel Keys, Made in Germany?
  145. JUst landed myself a King Marigaux...wwwwwow !!!
  146. sml bari
  147. SML Rev A up for grabs in Oz
  148. SML gold medal
  149. SML: What mpc are you playing with?
  150. SML Coleman Hawkins Special tenor: Rev.A & Rev.B comparative pics!
  151. Fingering for high F# on gold Medal tenor
  152. Strasser Marigaux
  153. Here you go...This just came up on Craigslist.
  154. Here you again
  155. NPR: Useful research about younger jazz audiences
  156. Questions about SML tenor
  157. GM1 stencil
  158. Tricked out SML on Ebay
  159. Chinese sml copy
  160. Chris Potter in Aberdeen Scotland last night
  161. SML Rev D Tenor
  162. SML Rev D Tenor: Intonation Tendencies ?
  163. WOW! Just scored an SML soprano for 1K! I'm stoked....
  164. GM Mk I - Trying to bring a ‘sleeper’ back to live
  165. SML Alto sax - low pitch?
  166. What if Mr. Marigaux would have been fascinated with the sax ?
  167. KM - custom made by SML or King ?
  168. Help on SML Soprano (Is a real SML ?)
  169. Is this an SML stencil?
  170. What model SML is this?
  171. SML Rev D project horn on
  172. SML Rev. A Tenors
  173. Info Needed on SML Clarinet
  174. SML Facebook Page!
  175. SML stencil I've not seen before: Mastertone
  176. Sml 1952 revision d tenor saxophone
  177. I was REALLY hoping this was an SML...
  178. GM1 197XX - roused from hibernation.
  179. Beware SML copy on eBay
  180. Oldest SML I've ever seen - pre-Revision A?
  181. Sml tenor
  182. REV C owners......?
  183. Joining the SML club =)
  184. Very inaccurate eBay SML listing...
  185. New SML Paris Ténor Saxophones T920
  186. Rev D tenor alternate F# position
  187. SML Rev. D Tenor F#6 Fingerings
  188. David Marcos SML player
  189. SML standard tenor players?
  190. SML body to bell brace
  191. 1952 SML Tenor Altissimo
  192. Saxophone Ténor SML 1936
  193. SML Tenor, 1949 Super
  194. what about the 82 z II from yamaha
  195. what about the 82 z II from yamaha
  196. SML used on INXS's first album
  197. King Marigaux alto by SML
  198. Just got to work on an SML Gold Medal II tenor that was never sold
  199. Perma gold finish
  200. SML stencil Mastertone
  201. Anyone have an SML Coleman Hawkins Special alto or tenor?
  202. SML Tenor Standard
  203. For the SML experts: RevA question
  204. Old Gold Medal Or Rev D Tenor Case
  205. Couldn't resist, King Marigaux tenor
  206. Pretty SML on ebay
  207. Ever Heard or Seen "Perma Silver" as an SML Finish Option?
  208. "Gold Medal" Silver Alto
  209. what Selmer would an SML GM be closest to?
  210. SML Copies!
  211. SML soprano
  212. Marigaux soprano
  213. Which model alto is this - any idea?
  214. SML gold-medal alto with nickel keys......would it be original?...
  215. Sml rev d- wow
  216. SML Gold Medal lacquer question
  217. Suspicious Gold Medal
  218. Had to let a Rev D Alto slip by :(
  219. Sound of Alto Super 41 (Rev B) as good as RevD / Gold Medal?
  220. Original "Gold Medal" tag from SML Rev D tenor
  221. Rev D or GM1 Tenor With Only Logo Engraving
  222. Protec 304 XL or 'normal' for Rev D?
  223. Early Gold Medal tenor question.
  224. A 6 3/8" bell Gold Medal
  225. gold medal 1 vs gold medal 2
  226. SML Super 47 Argente ???
  227. anything to watch out for with late period SML?
  228. Obviously counterfeit Selmer
  229. SML Metal mpcs
  230. A very sad SML tenor....
  231. Plays pretty well for having been in the closet for decades...
  232. Late Marigaux soprano
  233. SML Intonation
  234. SML Coleman Hawkins - need help!
  235. SML and Yanagisawa connection?
  236. (Garage sale find) SML REV. A Primax Alto
  237. Ist this an SML Rev A ?
  238. 1937 Rev.A „Standard“ Alto
  239. Beautiful Coleman Hawkins SML