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  1. New Saxophone question
  2. Buying new sax: Alto or Tenor
  3. Saxophone for $1400
  4. We're Amatuer's PLEASE HELP!!
  5. Need some buying advice.
  6. Looking For A First Professional Tenor
  7. SOPRANO - Phil Barone OR Antigua 586(590)???
  8. Need help purchasing a Tenor Sax
  9. Still Made in France?
  10. What should I buy my sister
  11. Still looking for that first tenor sax
  12. Is this the right horn to start with?
  13. What saxophone should i get?
  14. if you just had to...
  15. The best budget alto?
  16. used kohlert
  17. Phil Barone Saxophones.
  18. I need your help
  19. Selmer (Paris) Series 3
  20. Who needs F#?
  21. yts-23 or cannonball excalibur
  22. neck strap
  23. Best Ideas for a $1,000 Tenor Step-Up
  24. Advice re: Amati Alto please?
  25. From Bangalore, India - Want to buy alto sax
  26. Vintage student alto's
  27. Old Fart needs help on sax choice
  28. Have I bid too much for this sax?
  29. Purchase advise for a gift. Help!
  30. New to the sax, alto vs tenor?
  31. Should I buy this Selmer??
  32. Soprano Sax choice
  33. Purchaser Etiquette
  34. Yts 475?
  35. What is the differences between sax types
  36. chinese saxes?
  37. Newbie tenor player with a few questions
  38. Is this buy worth it?
  39. Neck and Tube + Serial Numbers
  40. Yanagisawa T902 versus Yamaha YTS-475
  41. help with choosing a sax....
  42. Whats my next step?
  43. Sopranos-am I getting this?
  44. What Should I Look For? Tenor
  45. gear4music vs selmer prelude as700
  46. Altsax for a beginner - Which one?
  47. Antigua vs Kessler
  48. need help with identification of a model
  49. Tuning problems
  50. Depreciation on used & student sax's
  51. Modern pro versus vintage?
  52. Advice pls (Y)
  53. Which soprano is better? - RSR saxophones on eBay
  54. Determining Price Range to Buy
  55. tenor sax upgrade PMauriat 66R a good choice?
  56. Need help with buying an inexpensive tenor :O
  57. please help, advise needed
  58. [Fun/Casual use] Conn-Selmer Prelude AS700 - huge doubts :|
  59. Carmichael Evolution vs YAS275
  60. My clarinet playing daughter wants to play sax.
  61. Yanagisawa or Yamaha?
  62. Buescher aristocrat
  63. Vintage Martin Stencil Alto worth getting?
  64. Ebay?
  65. Starting w/82Z - Weird, or OK?
  66. And yet another request for some guidance...
  67. Replacement for YAS-25
  68. Walstein Alto or the Yamaha YAS-23 ?
  69. What should I get?
  70. BUESCHER Aristocrate Saxaphone
  71. good article on buying a sax for a beginning student
  72. Intermediate/Pro Sax recommendations??
  73. Buying alto sax
  74. Features for a beginner saxophone
  75. Grassi Professional 2000 or YTS 61 ?
  76. help in buying
  77. Set Up???
  78. Is this Sax good ?
  79. Kindly advice and Help me
  80. Best Sax For Me?
  81. YTS-61 vs SML 'KM'
  82. Which of these is good for me?
  83. Should I consider this Sax?
  84. im sooo confused
  85. Moving On to a New Sax Possibly Vintage
  86. Is it recommended for beginners to get a professional models as first sax?
  87. Volume
  88. YTS 275 + Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece + Vandoren V16 TENOR 2.5 reed ?
  89. Recommended Alto Saxophone for about $800
  90. Recommended alto saxophone in the $800 range?
  91. First Timer looking for that dark smoky sound
  92. Very Affordable Sax
  93. chinese vs. chinese - what to buy?
  94. Nickel plating on affordable saxes - allergy risk?
  95. Looking for a marching horn...
  96. Could a cheap Chinese sax be the better option?
  97. Walstein service options in U.S.
  98. The Indiana Sax Bb Tenor by Marlin
  99. Do not want to start something, but whats the best jazz saz.Alto,Tenor ,Soprano,Base?
  100. Which of the three?
  101. Things to know before buying a sax
  102. Yamaha YAS 52
  103. What Soprano Saxophone Brand To Get?
  104. My 40th Present
  105. Need help in selecting proper sax
  106. Tenor switch to alto or soprano?
  107. Unknown make - Schwartzchild ?
  108. Schwartschild sax on ebay
  109. considering a conn
  110. Whats the difference between these 2 saxophones ?
  111. Recommendations needed
  112. Horns
  113. Another, "What Sax Should I Get?" Thread
  114. Have I been Had?
  115. Phil Barone Alto Sax
  116. Returning player looking for insight
  117. Sax problem
  118. Yamaha yts-23 Vs late Aristocrat?
  119. Hello! first post! And opinion of you guys about two ( or more ) saxs.
  120. Doubts about private teaching and divided between two saxes: selmer and maxtone
  121. first time buyer: Clairmont saxophones?
  122. System 54,Phil Barone saxophones
  123. What is the different between a YAS-23 and a YAS-475 alto sax?
  124. Chateau Vintage Finish Vs YAS-23
  125. Potential New Player Needs Advice
  126. Stll cofused
  127. Cool Reed Pipes by SMI-Tenor Sax
  128. Questions
  129. HELP! know any of these brands?
  130. Need upgrade from beginner Alto
  131. Just a few quick beginner questions...
  132. Can this sax be recommended for a quik learner
  133. how much does a 2nd hand yas 21 cost?
  134. Soprano vs tenor - more or less air flow?
  136. Is $450 good for a YAS-23?
  137. Bundy 2 vs Bundy2
  138. Where to buy Sax parts in the Philippines?
  139. Beginner Tenor player needs Sax
  140. Revisting Sax, need one to grow with.
  141. Conn 24M
  142. Question
  143. Yamaha YAS275 alto saxophone
  144. Is used really an option for a beginner
  145. Which sax for funk?
  146. Help on buying a new tenor
  147. Warm copper ?
  148. Selmer 600 series/Horns made by New Great Century in Taiwan - Any experiences.
  149. Transferring from flute and teaching myself...
  150. Student Horn vs Pro Horn
  151. Adult beginner with teeny hands....
  152. Looking to Upgrade
  153. Vintage Saxes
  154. yamaha yas 52 vs 475
  155. Weimar X1 alto
  156. Conn Selmer or Jupiter
  157. Is There any Thomann TTS-150 owner?
  158. Jean Baptiste Alto sax
  159. The worst sax you've ever tried to play...
  160. Help With Sax Decision
  161. Wanting to start playing sax - buying my first instrument
  162. Help Me buy my
  163. Can anyone help?
  164. Newbie Here
  165. Yamaha YAS-275
  166. Yamaha YTS-61
  167. renting a baritone
  168. New Sax
  169. Meyer mouthpieces [:
  170. Getting a New Alto for College
  171. Jupiter JAS 769
  172. Saxaphone in Singapore
  173. Alto King Zephyr
  174. Please I need help
  175. Upgrading
  176. Tenor or New Alto?
  177. Conn 21m pls............. help me
  178. Purchasing a new professional Tenor choices
  179. Second Tenor Saxophone - To Buy or Not to Buy!
  180. Upgrade
  181. Is it a good deal???
  182. First Sax
  183. Gift for wife help (first sax)
  184. J.Michael Alto Sax
  185. Yamaha 275 or Trevor James Classic
  186. TK Melody, Harlem Nocturne
  187. Advice on first alto
  188. Beginner Alto sax.....need your opinions
  189. Conn Tenor - or What
  190. First sax - the short list.
  191. Cheap yet decent saxophones?
  192. I bought this last night
  193. Advice: vintage versus new
  194. A question about Vito Tenors
  195. Need you knowlegde and help
  196. Buy new Chinese saxophone here
  197. Has anyone heard of YAS-53?
  198. King lemaire tenor sax
  199. Please listening to this - and give me your advice
  200. Cannonball Sceptyr?
  201. Trying Out Horns
  202. Testing
  203. Yamaha YAS-23 or Selmer AS-500
  204. Old vs. New
  205. Dixon Soprano Sax?
  206. New Sax - Need more info than what the salesmen give me
  207. Another vintage vs. new
  208. New to Soprano
  209. Recommendation for begginer sax (Yamaha yts-23 or Selmer bundy)
  210. Looking for a good intermediate/pro horn...
  211. What can you tell me about this Silvertone tenor?
  212. repair old sax or not
  213. Buying Saxophone Pads
  214. short intro + Beuscher Aristocrat Tenor Sax from about 1965
  215. king 665 empire or buescher aristocrat 200 or h-Couf royalist???
  216. A tenor for about $2000 bucks?
  217. yamaha yas 23 made in indonesia?
  218. Martin Bari for $1000 (My First Bari)
  219. Is Conn 21M ok for a newbie
  220. YTS-23, just took my first plunge
  221. how bad is it to have a dent in the bell?
  222. New Sax
  223. Bueschar Aristrocrat 200 alto?
  224. Used YAS-62, older than 10 years @ $1500....What do y'all think
  225. TJJ Horn Revolution vs Horn rev II
  226. Selmer pennyslvania, any good?
  227. Yamaha 275 vs Yani T500/T800, please help!
  228. completely new to sax
  229. I want to buy a sax BUT..........
  230. Please comment on this Taiwan sax
  231. Beginner alto sax help?
  232. What Next
  233. Intermediate/Professional Sax
  234. Please help to evaluate these saxophones
  235. I need a good tenor saxophone that will help me with jazz.
  236. Keilwerth ST90 Tenor or Yamaha YTS275 and WHY?
  237. Bauhaus Walstein alto for a newbie
  238. Best Jazz/Classical Combo
  239. Which beginner sax of these two would you buy?
  240. Prelude, Bundy, Kessler....help!!??
  241. What sax to choose for my 9 year old?
  242. Two choices of sax - recommendations please??
  243. Is a conn 21m alto good for a beginner?
  244. What do you think about Evette for start?
  245. Need advice on RTO vs. buying outright.
  246. Buying first sax
  247. Buying a Saxophone
  248. Waiting time for Pro saxes
  249. Help out a newbie!
  250. Input needed - Fix 1 or both old altos or purchase new?
  251. choosing between....
  252. BW from justsaxes
  253. Looking to buy a new saxophone
  254. Buying another sax, need recommendations.
  255. Finally looking at professional altos :)
  256. Late Bloomer choosing new sax
  257. Tenor or new alto?
  258. Reynolds Stencil/SML Contempora
  259. vito 7133
  260. Drummer Questions about Saxophone
  261. Conn Shooting Star for Beginner
  262. Hazelton Tenor Sax by Samick ?
  263. a conn alto director 1959 should I sell it
  264. Growing out of my student Model :) HELP!
  265. Reaching the Upperclassmen years in High School...
  266. Vintage Beuscher Aristocrat Alto Sax 310xxx should i buy
  267. Yanagisawa a900 alto saxophone
  268. Another Kid Asking for Help
  269. Clarinetist with a hankering for a sax
  270. A case of bari-philia
  271. RAZZco RAZZ reeds?
  272. Selmer Mark VI 1966 silver plated??
  273. Roy Benson Tenor?
  274. I want to buy a Tenor Sax.
  275. bundy 2 or conn 21m?
  276. New
  277. Selmer La Voix Soprano? Worthy Beginners Horn?
  278. Cheap beginner alto sax...
  279. Advice on buying a 1,000 Tenor Sax
  280. Buying a used tenor for advanced student
  281. Best Soprano Sax to buy?
  282. Looking at used 1924 Martin Handcraft - Advice needed
  283. Recommendations for Sax for my Son
  284. Alto or tenor for a beginner?
  285. Beginner,want a tenor (should you buy this?)
  286. Lead me not into temptation
  287. Advice Please
  288. Yamaha YTS-52 Tenor Sax
  289. Don't know what to buy.
  290. Phil Barone tenor: Yay or nay?
  291. Phil Barone Baritone, should I buy one from Australia?
  292. Need advice on repair/replace smoke damaged sax
  293. cannonball?
  294. Buescher TruTone C- Melody restoration potential?
  295. MYSTERIES REVEALED: Best Good Inexpensive Student Intermediate Sax 1+1=1
  296. Trouble with Evette
  297. Yamaha YAS-23 vs Yamaha Q Class Yas 01 MQ
  298. Fidelity Deluxe Tenor...remind you of anything?
  299. What Tenor Should I Buy?
  300. Dealer Delay to test YAS 62
  301. Selmer alto sax as2300 ??
  302. Need a better horn, what should a buy?
  303. A warmer, darker Alto.
  304. Which Tenor ...
  305. A good "next step up" sax?
  306. GAS relief?
  307. Does this sax exist?
  308. How important is a F# key?
  309. How to test a sax for a non player
  310. Decision Made on Son's Sax
  311. Band director says I have to upgrade my alto.
  312. Which sax for Autistic son?
  313. CE Winds vs. Kessler vs. Bauhaus-Walstein vs. Other Suggestions
  314. Opinions on King 813 Alto Sax
  315. Starting With Alto(maybe) Sax
  316. Etude EAS-100 Sax
  317. Suitable saxes for a complete beginner
  318. Sax upgrading - Most important "part" of the sax?
  319. Need education from experts on different YAS 62 necks
  320. what to buy? YAS 62 or Allegro YAS 575 AS
  321. Looking For a New Jazzy Prof. Alto
  322. Beginner Alto Sax and Intermediate?
  323. new inexpensive tenor
  324. Upgrade from TJ Classic Tenor
  325. Help choosing a pro saxophone (already tried searching forums)
  326. Quality Alto Sax for Beginner
  327. soprano to stand in for clarinet in Eastern European trad music
  328. Sceptyr or '03 Excalibur for a greenling?
  329. Please help me to choose my first alto saxophone
  330. Need a Soprano Sax
  331. New Intermediate Sax, Best bet?
  332. Is this alto legit?
  333. Yamaha YAS-62II, Keilwerth EX 90 Series III, or Yanigisawa A-901 ?
  334. Beginner, Intermediate, Professional & Custom Horns
  335. Is this a fair price? Noblet /beaugnier(?) Vito
  336. what kind shoold i get?
  337. recommendations needed re:tenor sax for my 9 year old
  338. High school student, thinking of buying a tenor to keep for a long time
  339. Question About First Sax.
  340. Thinking of buying YTS-62, is purple logo better?
  341. Choosing Beginner Horns
  342. Yamaha 25 vs Elkhart deluxe Vs Jupiter Pls Help!
  343. HS student in need of new alto
  344. Anything else like Yani?
  345. Holton 241 Tenor saxophone or Shooting Star tenor Saxophone
  346. Do you know any of those chinese brands?
  347. Ultra cheap tenor alternatives
  348. I need help on picking the Alto or Tenor saxophone!
  349. Starting on bari?
  350. Which vintage sax for not more than 300 bucks?
  351. Looking for new Alto - P. Mauriat perhaps?
  352. Potential "Late Bloomer" needs help selecting the right sax type
  353. Need help for my 1st Sax
  354. Tasty Offer I Might Jump On, is it worth the price?
  355. Is this alto legit?
  356. Worth looking into?
  357. What to pick as another alto saxophone?
  358. First saxophone, which deal sounds better....
  359. Choosing between 3 altos...
  360. First alto sax: Trevor James or John Packer?
  361. Advice on a Bari for little hands
  362. Alto or tenor
  363. Easy blowing sax
  364. Vento 500 Series Model 5305 Soprano Saxophone
  365. Martin Indiana alto sax (New Zealand)
  366. son is joining the school band
  367. Alto Lirist, Paris, France? (New Zealand)
  368. Thoughts on this King Zephyr
  369. Vintage alto inventory at local music store
  370. Seeking Advice on Buying Soprano
  371. Saxophone.com any good?
  372. First Saxophone Need Buying Advice
  373. Stuck between alto P. Mauriat 76 and 67R
  374. Want to get my high schooler an Alto: please advise
  375. Looking for a Tenor !
  376. Prestini
  377. Alto sax recommendations
  378. What do you think of this horn?
  379. Worth getting the a 901 or 902 series to the 991 or 992 series? Yanagisawa
  380. Professional yamaha for alto 82Z 62II 875EX
  381. Vintage alto saxes
  382. need advices & clarifications on some issues. (looking to buy soprano sax soon)
  383. Equivalent to Keilwerth sx90 r
  384. Quick help - buying decision Alto Sax - YAS-23...
  385. Is this a good horn?
  386. curved soprano vs straight soprano vs curved neck + straight body?
  387. Recommendations on a vintage look tenor saxophone? Opinions on some brands please?
  388. Is there a best time of the year to buy?
  389. Old Man Looking at used Keilwerth Tenor ST90
  390. Dealer inquiry
  391. Legit Alto?
  392. Looking at used pro altos, need advice on brands and models
  393. YAS 23 vs YAS 275 vs P Mauriat PMSA 202 vs Big Band 201...first sax
  394. Cheap alto recommendation
  395. What has Yamaha YAS keywork, but Selmer SAII feel/tone??
  396. Pro alto suggestions
  397. G3 neck works in yas 21?
  398. Selmer SS600 soprano for beginner - ??
  399. What is a tilting spatula?
  400. Help choosing an alto sax