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  1. (sort of) beginner (sort of) decent mouthpiece
  2. Why did everybody tell me to go with a little mouthpiece?
  3. Does anyone else twist their mouthpiece a bit to the side?
  4. A mouthpiece?
  5. Change piece to sound like Getz?
  6. To insert mouthpiece very deep is going to hurt any part?
  7. Confused about when to get a "good" mouthpiece....
  8. Testing the Alto Mouthpiece Waters
  9. weird mouthpiece problem for a brand new beginner
  10. what kind of mouthpiece?
  11. 90% of the "Setup" is YOU!
  12. mouthpiece question
  13. Yas-23 mouthpiece
  14. What is a Vandoren A25 mpc like ??
  15. why ebonite/hard rubber instead of metal?
  16. Inexpensive Mpc for a C-Melody
  17. Eating my mouthpiece!
  18. mpc problem
  19. Varying the depth of the mouthpiece
  21. Reed size
  22. Classical and bright sound
  23. large gap &soft reed Vs. small gap & harder reed.
  24. Beginners Mouthpiece for Alto
  25. Selmer Goldentone Mouthpiece for Beginners ... Any Good
  26. difficult question s-80
  27. sax problems...
  28. Putting mouthpiece on neck
  29. Mouthpieces
  30. Alto Sax Mouthpieces
  31. mouthpieces
  32. Something wrong with new Selmer C* mpc?
  33. choosing a mouthpiece and new saxophone
  34. Mouthpiece Replacement
  35. mouthpiece upgrade
  36. Mouthpiece protocol?
  37. Which mouthpiece should I buy?
  38. Whats the thing with different Mouthpiece tip openings?
  39. Otto Link (Super tone master no:7) metal mpc for the Tenor. For a beginner or not?
  40. Beginners Jazz Tenor Mouthpiece
  41. Mouthpiece EXTREME frustration!!! Help needed!!!
  42. Mouthpiece that comes with sax
  43. mouthpiece woes
  44. Classical to big band: mouthpiece suggestions wanted
  46. Concerned about my mouthpiece sound!!!
  47. Buying a Beechler Metal Bellite
  48. An Introduction
  49. What reed for a yamaha 4C mouthpiece
  50. Jumbo Java T75 consistency?
  51. What mouthpiece to start on
  52. Better sounding MP vs 4c
  53. new mpc for alto ?
  54. Help On A Good Mouthpeice
  55. Need a mouthpiece
  56. Jazz mouth piece
  57. 4c
  58. Mouthpiece info
  59. universal mpc?
  60. what are all the white mouthipieces?
  61. New Jody Jazz DV or New Guardala Studio?
  62. Normal to see teeth marks?
  63. Alto Mouthpiece
  64. mouthpiece comparison
  65. Mouthpiece
  66. Why is Otto Link harder to use
  67. Mouth piece for newbie
  68. Help...where's Ralph?
  69. Cleaning cooties off used mouthpiece
  70. Can I Pick One By Looking At It
  71. im new i need help!
  72. Do I need a larger tip opening?
  73. Another Tenor Mouthpiece Thread
  74. jody jazz mouthpieces?
  75. Is it hard rubber or plastic
  76. Should I bother with a new mouthpiece?
  77. Any others sound like Guardala mpc?
  78. Buying a new jazz mouthpiece...
  79. Looking forwards a descent metal mp
  80. Mpc suggestions for a King Cleveland Tenor
  81. Suitable mpc's for Ref 54 alto
  82. Can anyone identify this Mouthpiece?
  83. Mouthpiece size matter?
  84. Adhesive mpc Baffle- Hot Rod your mpc
  85. otto link7 HR alto mpc
  86. Are 'pro quality' mpcs harder for the inexperienced to play?
  87. I just bought a Meyer's mouthpiece for my Yamaha
  88. Which sax YTS 23 or yas 23
  89. Tenor MPC/reed combo for power
  90. ligature for Morgan Excaliber alto: wanted
  91. Scared to fail
  92. What mouthpiece will go best with a '94 YAS-62 and a rovner dark ligature?
  93. Dukoff any one ?
  94. What's a good mouthpiece for my JK Alto Shadow??
  95. Need help choosing a mouthpiece for my YAS-62/Rover Dark. Playing mainly classical.
  96. Mouthpiece size-type/ligature question
  97. Getting back in to sax, question on Selmer mouthpiece with YAS-23?
  98. I know nothing about mouthpieces...what should I get?
  99. Mouthpiece for soprano
  100. MPC
  101. Trying out MPCs
  102. Opinion on Yamaha CUSTOM mouthpieces?
  103. MPC reed combo - advice wanted
  104. Best "reasonably" priced mouthpiece for an older Bundy 2 Alto
  105. Mouthpiece for dark tone
  106. Alto Jazz Mouthpiece Recommended?
  107. Oldster needs mouthpiece advice
  108. Do musicians run post effects on their sax or is it the mouthpiece?
  109. mouthpiece advice..please..
  110. Mpc recommendations for Conn 10M needed!
  111. How many ligatures?
  112. Berg Larson mouthpiece
  113. New Beginner Mouthpiece Advice
  114. tip opening...
  115. Help ...about tip opening..please
  116. Which mouthpiece to buy?
  117. HELP....some advice please...
  118. Tenor Hard Rubber Jazz Mouthpiece Help
  119. NEW MOUTHPIECE for alto sax
  120. Should i buy a new mouthpeice?
  121. New mouthpiece for tenor sax
  122. Grooving Issues on Plastic
  123. tenor m/piece help
  124. Help about mouthpiece
  125. 4c vs 5c
  126. claude lakley
  127. Selmer v Meyer
  128. Vandoren A45 Jumbo Java?
  129. Guy Hawkins Opinions
  130. Beginer buying new MP.
  131. Mouthpiece Sizes, how do they effect playability?
  132. yamha 4c vs selmer S80 C* for alto
  133. Hitting those darn low notes!
  134. Time for new mouthpiece? -beginner
  135. Tip opening measurement
  136. replace mouth patch..
  137. Thinking about getting a new mouthpiece, need advice.
  138. Beginner Tenor mpc for 50-something year old
  139. Mouthpiece size
  140. JodyJazz 'Classic'
  141. Mixed Style Tenor MPC
  142. Mouthpiece size
  143. I just picked up a 1968 Mark VI Baritone, any mouthpiece suggestions?
  144. new classical mouthpiece
  145. Difference in Tenor/Alto/Soprano/Baritone mpc's?
  146. Help with a vintage Berg Larsen mouthpiece
  147. Is the a mouthpiece?
  148. what have I got
  149. Rpc
  150. High notes sound thin
  151. Relation between mouth piece and tuning
  152. Need Prices for Vintage Mouthpieces
  153. tenor jazz mouthpiece
  154. Should I get a brand name mouthpiece?
  155. Rousseau Mouthpiece: Classic v. New Classic
  156. Beginner Mouthpiece
  157. Opinions on Meyer 4M?
  158. Vandoren for beginners..?
  159. Looking for Steve Broadus Tenor Mpce
  160. Are paying for brand name?
  161. what did i find?
  162. Larger Mouthpiece
  163. a new mouthpiece - any suggestions?
  164. New to Alto... squeaks and whisltes
  165. Rousseau and Dukoff
  166. Need warm, edgy, in your face tenor HR MPC
  167. Have just bought a Meyer...
  168. Question on metal vs. HardRubber/syn for begginners.
  169. Otto Link STM 6*
  170. Need new mouthpiece
  171. rubber mouthpieces?
  172. beginner mouthpiece advice....
  173. Logical upgrade
  174. new mpc for Guardala New York Tenor
  175. Otto Link Mouthpiece Bad?
  176. Sound clips
  177. Dukoff D8 Alto Sax Mouthpiece
  178. Mouthpiece to help with low notes?
  179. Looking to buy a Bay tenor mpc
  180. RPC 115B vs. Lamberson 7DD
  181. Too-Sharp lower teeth problem
  182. New Saxophone, new mouthpeice?
  183. My new Yanagisawa A-901 alto! Recommendations
  184. Price jump in morgans
  185. metal mouthpieces
  186. Question Vandoren AL3 alto mouthpiece
  187. Multi Sax Mouthpiece Tip Openings
  188. Noob Question.
  189. new mouthpiece, same sound, what's up with that?
  190. King Zephyr Mouthpiece?
  191. Ouch!!
  192. mouthpiece
  193. Looking for a new mouthpiece
  194. Whats a good mouth piece
  195. Looking For Full-Sounding R&B Tenor Mouthpiece
  196. Vandoren V16 vs. Jody Jazz HR*
  197. alto mpc for oldie!
  198. LeBayle Tenor Mouthpiece
  199. Tip opening questions
  200. Best MPC for $150
  201. Does the mouthpiece really... Matter?
  202. Looking for a store to try MPC's
  203. No Idea What to buy....
  204. Looking for a mouthpiece, metal, alto, need advice
  205. Cant decide on Selmer or Jody Jazz
  206. Mouthpiece choice for Jazz
  207. Old Guy Scores!
  208. newbie needs advice
  209. chinese mouthpiece
  210. Tip openings and facings??
  211. I know what I'm getting!!!
  212. mouthpiece openings for different sax's
  213. Recommendations
  214. classical/cross-over mouthpiece for alto sax
  215. My First Jazz Mouthpiece
  216. Newbie question: Tone?
  217. Yes I got it!!!
  218. Advive/opinions on separate jazz/classical mouthpieces for youngsters
  219. Looking for good classical mouthpiece/reed suggestions
  220. Lead Alto Sound
  221. New Or Old
  222. Link dillema
  223. Mouthpiece store in Scotland
  224. Whats a good soprano sax mouthpiece
  225. Mouthpiece recomendation?
  226. Old HR otto link for beginner
  227. Which Vandoren mouthpiece?
  228. Started with a Yamaha 4C: where do i go from here?!
  229. Choosing a mouthpiece...
  230. Tenor Jazz MP Recommendations
  231. Vandoren Mouthpiece
  232. Plastic vs Rubber on Beginner Sax
  233. Is now the time?
  234. Changing to a new MP
  235. Role of A mouthpiece?
  236. Anybody Out There That Prefers Small Tip Mpc's?
  237. Advice needed on which mouthpiece to get for "brasher" sound!
  238. Vandoren Java & V16, which opening?
  239. Student tenor mpc?
  240. Narrow mouthpiece for Tenor?
  241. Otto Link HR 5* or Meyer 6MM for a noob
  242. Otto Link NY
  243. Need some help / advice on my JJ HR*
  244. Jody Jazz HR*
  245. HR Link vs. JJ Hr*
  246. Otto Link STM > HR ?!
  247. Otto Link STM (USA or NY?)
  248. Help! Used Bundy II, nasty MP
  249. mpc quandry, help I'm confused
  250. Difference between Yamaha 4C and 5C (for a beginner)
  251. Otto Link STM for beginner
  252. MPC Upgrade for beginner (Moved)
  253. Changing mouthpiece from Selmer SSD to a rousseau
  254. what will $2000.00 buy
  255. What mouth piece should i get?
  256. Yanagisawa metal 7 alto mouthpiece
  257. Berg Larsen vs whatever?
  258. beginner's mouthpice
  259. Yamaha 4c 5c or 6c with Walstein Tenor
  260. help on jazz mouthpeice
  261. any St. Louis players out there?
  262. Leblanc mouthpiece - ok for beginner?
  263. mouthpieces!
  264. Too large a step?
  265. Mouthpiece Cafe New York Cafe Bros. Review
  266. Differences between open and closed mouthpieces?
  267. mouthpiece decision
  268. In which way are large opening harder to play?
  269. Index of professional sax player's set ups
  270. Mouthpieces.... same old question, need help
  271. Do mouthpieces make a big difference?
  272. MPC's.. comparisons
  273. How easy is it to shift..
  274. Cheap Symphonic/Concert Tenor Sax MP?
  275. Just purchased this Tenor
  276. What do you play after a C*
  277. Mouthpiece & Ligature Combo?
  278. Metal mpc that's not too extreme?
  279. 5C or rovner dark ligature
  280. What shoudl I do
  281. metal mpc,s for alto
  282. Which Hard rubber mouthpiece has a brigher tone?
  283. 50C* or 4R
  284. Selmer s80 C not C*
  285. Ponzol Stainless Steel Soprano Mouthpiece
  286. Graftonite vs. Hite Premier ?
  287. Looking for Tenor Sax Mouthpiece after 2,5 years
  288. New Mouthpiece or Neck
  289. Adult beginner mouthpiece - when to move up?
  290. mouthpiece and ligature for conn-Selmer as700
  291. Does anzone know which mouthpiece is this?
  292. Hard Rubber vs Plastic
  293. Rico LaVoz tenor mouthpiece
  294. New to Soprano
  295. new mouthpiece advice
  296. confused about yamaha 4c and lays in general
  297. mpc suggestions please!
  298. Trombone Player Moving To Tenor Sax - HELP
  299. went from a 4C to a 7C - help
  300. JodyJazz DV vs. NY
  301. Rico Mouthpieces - Graftonite vs. Metalite
  302. Your opinion about this Mouthpieces
  303. Mufled sound , time for new mouth piece?
  304. Newbie happy with Otto Link Tone Edge 5*
  305. Mouthpiece recommendations for playing blues?
  306. C* for Jazz
  307. Oldest and Most Naive Question I Can't Help but Ask
  308. Total Newbie!! Wet behind the ears and so ooo Frustrated!!!!
  309. What to buy? Tenor newbie
  310. Types of Mouthpieces
  311. Trying Out
  312. Mouthpiece patch
  313. Mouthpiece
  314. tenor mp for patient intermediate practicer
  315. Different Mouthpiece - WHOA
  316. Alto Sax mouthpiece selection - what do y'all think?
  317. Need help identifying mouthpiece
  318. What is the difference between c* and c**?
  319. Runyon Vs Yamaha
  320. New Mouthpiece
  321. The Aizen NY Meyer, who's using it?
  322. Explain to me Opening Size On Mouthpiece
  323. What characteristics for softer sound ease
  324. Which Mouthpiece For YAS-52 Alto
  325. Yamaha 4C or Rico B3? for Soprano
  326. Right Rovner ligature for Runyon 22 mouthpiece ?
  327. Premiere Hite or Yamaha 4 C ?
  328. Making a wooden mouthpiece
  329. Meyer nomenclature
  330. Meyer Mouthpieces
  331. The Must Needs?
  332. Switching from metal to rubber MPC question.
  333. Tenor beginner: mouthpiece recommendation?
  334. advanced mouthpiece on beginner sax ??
  335. Will an Alto Vandoren Optimum lig fit a Brilhart Level Aire?
  336. Berg Larson Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece
  337. Runyon=rock??
  338. Soprano Sax mouthpiece help.
  339. Jumbo Java Lig -Tenor
  340. Looking at various mouthpieces on WWBW...
  341. Where do i begin????
  342. What Ligature/Cap for Hite Premiere Tenor mpc
  343. What tenor mpc should a clarinetist buy??
  344. Beginner/Student Mouthpiece for a Jupiter 669-667
  345. what mouthpiece
  346. Beginner
  347. My First Big Mouthpiece Purchase
  348. Morgan Vintage Soprano Mouthpiece help please.
  349. Rico B5 mouthpiece & Vandoren Sz 3 reeds-good combo?
  350. What size Rovner lig for PPT mouthpiece?
  351. Complete Newbie Help Please
  352. Need help choosing a mouthpiece for bari sax
  353. Bought an old Dukoff
  354. Rovner Lig, bars on top or bottom?
  355. Need a ligature recommendation
  356. The piece of wood trick
  357. Thinking about starting tenor.
  358. Good mouthpiece.
  359. Sharing thoughts and experience on buying secondhand mouthpiece?
  360. Warm mouthpiece for alto
  361. Something like a Vandoren v16 too ambitious?
  362. what is the effect of a narrower rail?
  363. Where to buy Saxophone Cover in india?
  364. Alto mouthpieces
  365. Jody Jazz for a beginner?
  366. Vintage bari mpc suggestions
  367. Freddie Gregory HR Mk II & Mk IV
  368. Theo Wanne. Is it worth it?
  369. Tip opening vs. reed strength?
  370. Johannes Gerber mouthpieces
  371. Dukoff vs. Jumbo Java
  372. Do these work?
  373. Not a beginner, but need some advice on mouthpiece.
  374. My adventures in tenor mouthpiece land
  375. Bari Sax mouthpiece help!
  376. Dukoff for soprano
  377. Brilhart ebolin tenor 4* mouthpiece.
  378. Question on mouthpiece for alto
  379. Mpc other than S80 (which isn't that great) for a jazzy tone
  380. Mouthpiece selection
  381. Another Mouthpeice Question
  382. Guaradala
  383. Rico Metalite
  384. Rousseau or Meyer
  385. Mouthpiece easy to play
  386. alto saxophone mouthpiece
  387. Should I change?
  388. Short shank vs. bullet, or long shank?
  389. soprano sax mouthpiece..
  390. Vandoren Alto Sax Mouthpiece for a Clarinetist
  391. Help! baritone sax mouthpieces
  392. Do I need to buy a ligature?
  393. How much difference does a tip opening make?
  394. whats a good jazz mouth piece for a high school student?
  395. Need mouthpiece advice for an intermediate player
  396. Which lig for Link Slant Sig Tenor?
  397. OK Guys, now it's my turn. My son is starting to play the sax.
  398. What Mouthpiece Should i Choose Between these 4?
  399. Why do people get larger tip openings?
  400. Any experiences with Fobes tenor sax mpc's?