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  1. WTB CHEAP Student Tenor
  2. WTB: Yanagisawa A991 / A992 Yani Alto
  3. WTB: Buffet Prestige Soprano Sax
  4. WTB a professional alto saxophone!!!!
  5. WTT/WTB 90's Keilwerth SX90R Black Nickel
  6. WTB: Kohlert (1950's) Tenor Saxophone
  7. I'm looking for a bass... anyone?
  8. WTB Yanagisawa A9937
  9. conn transitional bari
  10. WTB sopranino
  12. Tenors in SWFL
  13. Tenor, Yamaha 82Z / Selmer SA80 (series I, II or III)
  14. sx90r keilwerth (alto saxophone)
  15. WTB: YBS-52 Baritone Bari Saxophone
  16. WTB Conn Tenor
  17. yanagisawa curved soprano
  18. WTB Buffet S1 Alto
  19. WTB Buffet S1 Alto saxophone
  20. Series 3 Silverplate tenor
  21. Low A Bari sought in Central Virginia
  22. Looking for the perfect part-time tenor
  23. Kings wanted
  24. WTB: Yani Elimona Soprano Sax
  25. WTB Conn Artist Model aka Naked Lady Tenor
  26. WTB: Yamaha YBS - 52 bari or comparable
  27. WTB: JK SX90 Soprano
  28. WTB: Selmer Balanced Action Alto
  29. WTT: A solid vintage tenor saxophone (preferably french)
  30. WTB Project Sax
  31. WTB: Selmer Alto Sax in Nor Cal or Bay
  32. Ebay watched items: Buffet SDA
  33. wanted CONN 30M
  34. Baritone that plays decently- cheap Cleveland area I'll look at most anything.
  35. trade a zyeph alto for a soprano?
  36. Looking for Yanagisawa tenor saxophone
  37. Yamaha Soprano Sax
  38. Wanted ~ 75xxx-110,xxx Selmer Mark VI soprano
  39. Wanted Yanagisawa S991 Soprano in mint condition
  40. Wanted Conn 6M alto
  41. wanted BUESCHER Aristocrat Tenor 280*** - 306*** mint
  42. Need Good Horns - Got Cash
  43. WTB: Vintage Conn alto saxophones
  44. Wanted Buffet Dynaction Alto and Tenor
  45. wtb: yanagisawa s-9030
  46. wtb SELMER Alto- cigar cutter/super /radio Im./BA
  47. WTB: Tenor or Alto
  48. Saxophone Garage Sale Ann Arbor August 21 9am-3pm
  49. WTB Super 20 Alto / SBA alto / SML alto
  50. wtb ZEPHYR SPECIAL alto
  51. Yanagisawa T990
  52. Wanted Couf Superba I Baritone in good condition
  53. Cheap soprano yanagisawa S6 for example
  54. WTB Soprano Mauriat or Barone
  55. Looking for Keilwerth tenor, SX90 or SX90R
  56. SML Soprano Wanted
  57. Wanted Selmer cases
  58. armin winter sax trade from tenor to soprano
  59. Selmer Mark VI Sop or Alto wanted
  60. Wanted: Selmer "New Largebore" tenor or RTH 10m
  61. silver bundy 2 tenor
  62. Looking for a moderately priced baritone saxophone
  63. Is it possible to buy a horn made in China while in China?
  64. Looking for a YAS-82Z Alto
  65. WTB newish Selmer alto, Keilwerth sx90r alto, or Yani a991/992
  66. Yss-875exhg wanted!
  67. Wtb / wtt 5 digit selmer mark vi tenor sax
  68. wtb french soprano
  69. WTT> for a Bass saxophone!
  70. Wanted Sop curvy
  71. WTB: Buescher True Tone Tenor Saxophone
  72. Conn Bass Saxophone
  73. Looking for BARI sax! Won the lottery! :D
  74. Wanted: Rampone/Cazzani Saxello R1 (Jazz)
  75. Quinn's Yanagisawa 880 baritone
  76. Radio Improved tenor sax
  77. Conn C "Melody" Tenor wanted
  78. playable vintage horn (Tenor or Alto)
  79. Intermediate-Pro Level Taiwanese (Antigua, Unison, Maxtone, Kessler, P. Barone, CE Winds, etc.) Alto
  80. WTB: Series 3 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor
  81. WTB Conn 10m w/ RTH
  82. WTB: Conn International 200M-HF Alto or 86M Tenor
  83. Cheap playable tenor
  84. Phil Barone
  85. WTB: P.Mauriat Soprano /straight model.
  86. Interested to buy Kohlert 57 tenor, Buffet dynaction or Super dynaction tenor.
  87. WTB: Yamaha YTS 61 Tenor
  88. WTB; B&S MEDUSA Tenor
  89. WTB: Keilwerth SX90R Black Nickel Tenor Serial Number 97,xxx, 98,xxx , 99,xxx
  90. WTB Carl Fischer curved soprano
  91. Buescher Baritone Saxophone
  92. WTB: Minty (or nearly so) Buescher Gold-plated Soprano
  93. Seeking trades: Seeking Buescher TT sops
  94. WTB King Super 20 alto 295...- 305...
  95. WTB your CHEAPEST non chinese soprano
  96. WTB Yanagisawa 991 or 901 alto saxophone
  97. WTB second hand Bauhaus-Walstein bronze soprano
  98. WTB: Alto Flute
  99. WTT: YAS 62II + Cash for YAS 82ZUL
  100. WTB: P. Mauriat PMXA-67R UL Alto Saxophone or similar
  101. WTB: Series II or Series III alto
  102. WTB: Conn New Wonder II (Chu) tenor sax
  103. has anybody a GRAFTON for sale ?
  104. Wtb- vintage baritone....Martin, buescher or conn
  105. WTB Buescher New Aristocrat alto
  106. WTB a good quality soprano saxophone
  107. WTB great playing tenor around $500
  108. WTB Yamaha 475 soprano
  109. Wtb: Yas 82z
  110. Want my first sax back: Conn 10M w/ 9xx,xxx serial or similar
  111. WTB: A good Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone for a reasonable price.
  112. Couf or Armstrong Soprano??
  113. WTB: The need of work student/intermediate tenor you never got around to fixing
  114. WTB SML rev b tenor, or gold medal tenor.
  115. WTB: Alto sax $200-300 in excellent playing condition
  116. Yanagisawa 9933 Alto?
  117. Tenor sax needed for talented youth
  118. Searching for SML Rev. D
  119. WTB/T: bass saxophone (UK)
  120. WTB Reference 36 Tenor
  121. WTB Selmer MK VI Tenor
  122. WTB - Intermediate Curved Soprano......with a catch.
  123. Looking for a good deal on a Yanagisawa S800
  124. Antigua AS3220LQ or Yas-23
  125. WTB: Yamaha YSS-62R Soprano Saxophone
  126. WTB: The Martin Alto Saxophone Comm III
  127. Second hand : Yamaha YAS-23/275 AltoSax
  128. WTB: P. Mauriat PMXA 67RUL
  129. WTB: Project tenor or bari
  130. WTB: Yamaha Tenor YTS-62
  131. Yani Tenor Wanted
  132. Any Conn 26M for sale?
  133. WTB: Buescher TT Gold-Plated Sop
  134. Looking for a newish yamaha alto sax yas 82 or 875
  135. WTB: Selmer Mark VI alto
  136. WTB Martin Tenor
  137. WTB Bass Sax
  138. Looking for a Keilwerth SX90II Soprano
  139. P. Mauriat Tenor Saxophone 66R Gold Lacquer
  140. FA: King Silversonic Super 20 Tenor
  141. WTT S20's for Mk V1 baritone UK
  142. WTB Soprano Saxophone!
  143. WTB: Tenor for under $700
  144. WTB Keilwerth "Shadow" Tenor
  145. WTB - Grassi Jade Series Tenor
  146. wtb: Yamaha YTS-23 or Vito Yamaha Tenor
  147. Yamaha Tenor YTS 82z Wanted!!!
  148. Wanted: Selmer Radio Improved tenor
  149. Looking for a yas-62(mark 1 or 2)
  150. WTB: Alto ~$500
  151. WTB: Yamaha 62 or Yanagisawa 901 Alto Sax in LA Area
  152. WTB: Curved Soprano
  153. WTB: SBA or 5-digit Mark VI tenor
  154. WTB 'Purple logo' YTS-62 in UK
  155. WTB: Yamaha YSs-62 soprano saxophone UK or european based.
  156. wtb Selmer SBA alto
  157. Baritone Sax needed in Singapore (rental)
  158. SML rev D GoldMedal 1 ALTO w a n t e d
  159. WTB yanagisawa A880...HELP PLEASE
  160. wtb Conn 6m Silver-plated
  161. WTB: Alto Flute
  162. WTB Alto mark 6
  163. Conn 26M for sale ??
  164. WTB Straight Yanagisawa soprano and Conn 10M NECK
  165. Wanted: Inexpensive Soprano Sax
  166. WTB Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxello
  167. WTB: EWi 3020 SET
  168. WTB: Pro tenor under $1000
  169. Wanted Keilwerth SX90 Soprano sax
  170. WTB Keilwerth/ Couf tenor UK
  171. WTB: Professional Alto
  172. WTB Selmer Reference 54 Tenor
  173. WTB/WTT for Martin/Yani Curved sop
  174. WTB: Selmer Reference 54 or possibly 36
  175. Want to buy: Selmer Super Balance Action Tenor/Will trade a mint 1937 Selmer Balance Action alto sax
  176. Mark VI alto wanted - UK/EU
  177. Trade a Yamaha 875 Custom EX Alto for Slemer Ref 54?
  178. Wanted: 1950's Conn 12m Bari or Mark VI Bb Bari
  179. Shopping for Student Alto
  180. Wtb keilwerth sx90 soprano sax
  181. WTB Bright Tenor Sax
  182. WTB: Selmer Series III Alto
  183. Selmer reference 54 alto
  184. Wanted Soprano Yanagisawa or JK SX90 II or saxello r&C
  185. WTB: Yamaha YTS-62 (or 61), Yanagisawa T901
  186. WTB : A880, YAS-61, etc.
  187. Yamaha YSS 62 silver wanted
  188. Wanted/ 82Z Silverplate tenor,trade for Mauriat 66RUL Tenor
  189. Wanted a Selmer serie III silver plated & engraved tenor
  190. Wanted: Yamaha Piccolo - YPC-61 or YPC-62
  191. WTB Soprano Sax
  192. WTB C Melody Sax
  193. Looking for Conn 10m
  194. WTB: Junker curved soprano to scavenge parts
  196. Yamaha YSS 875 silver wanted
  197. V1 soprano wanted
  198. WTB soprano sax
  199. Looking for Used Intermediate/Pro Tenor $800 or less
  200. Selmer Reference 54 or Super Action 80 Series II
  201. Looking for student tenor sax
  202. F/T Tenor Selmer MKVII & Soprano Selmer SA80II (Looking for BA, SBA or MKVI Tenor)
  203. I'm looking for either a Low A mark6, Selmer Series 1 or selmer series 2 bari sax
  204. WTB: Keilwerth SX90ii soprano Sax
  205. Wtb nice yamaha 61 or 62 alto sax
  206. WTB bundy 2 tenor in silver
  208. Yanagisawa S-981 Pro Straight Soprano VS. Yamaha YSS-475 soprano
  209. WTB: Yamaha YTS62 Silver Plated Tenor
  210. Wanted: Mark VI Tenor -beat to death preferred
  211. WTT Buffet Crampon 401 Series Brass Matte Tenor for a Soprano.
  212. WTB: Yamaha YAS-62II
  213. WTB: YAS23 - Yamaha 23 alto saxophone
  214. Vintage tenors in the Minneapolis area
  215. WTB: Selmer Super Action 80 Series 1 alto
  216. WTB Bundy II Alto SHINY!
  217. vintage tenor in texas
  218. WTB "The Martin" tenor
  219. WTB or partial trade plus cash: Yanagisawa A 9937 alto (preferrably A pattern) or Inderbinen alto
  220. Wtb bass sax
  221. WTB Phil Barone Vintage Tenor (used); Conn 10M or smth similar
  222. WTB Silver Plated Conn 26M
  223. WTB: Conn NWII Curved Soprano and/or Baritone sax
  224. WTB: Soprano - looking for a good deal on a used Yanagisawa S8xx, 9xx, S6
  225. WTB Buffet SDA or DA tenor
  226. WTD: Dave Guardala DG502SP Silver Plated New York Series TENOR
  227. yamaha yas-62 or yanagisawa a-901
  228. WTB: Vintage Buescher Alto Sax
  229. WTB: Mark VI tenor
  230. WTB Selmer Series II Tenor
  231. I need a new alto!!!!
  232. WTB: King Super 20 Alto
  233. Looking for project horns,Alto's /Tenor's
  234. Looking for Modern Curved Soprano
  235. Vintage curved soprano Borgani or Santoni
  236. WTB: Reference 54 Alto
  237. Wtb: Baritone
  238. Need good student tenor sax
  239. WTB: Keilwerth SX-90R or Buescher Aristocrat alto
  240. Wanted: Conn (RTH) 10m or Buescher Big B tenor
  241. wtb tenor mauriat 66rul
  242. advise on a clarinet
  243. Wanted to buy..Phil Barone Tenor Saxophone
  244. Wanted a Selmer "super action 80" (1st serie only) tenor
  245. WTB bari: Vito/Bauhaus/Taiwan/Weltklang?
  246. FT...Tenor. " new for vintage "
  247. WTB B&S Codera Alto
  248. Two tenors for one...clarification
  249. WTT: Francois Louis Sterling Silver Tenor Mouthpiece for a Tenor
  250. Looking for an Alto Sax - Ships to Australia
  251. WTB: Keilwerth Black Nickel SX90R Tenor SN# 96,xxx, 97,xxx, 98,xxx
  252. Two tenors for one...update.
  253. FT: Bundy bass clarinet+ for c melody, anyone?
  254. Two tenors for update
  255. WTB Yamaha YTS-82Z UWOF
  256. FT..Tenor, new for vint. ( UK only )
  257. WTT/A French Vito Duke Tenor model #38 for a C -soprano..
  258. WTB: Martin, Conn or Buescher Bari
  259. Good Tenor under $1000
  260. Conn 26M, Buescher 400 Top Hat and Cane, Martin The Martin (Committee III)
  261. Wtb/wtt professional alto
  262. looking for a H-Couf Soprano I or II
  263. WTT: Keilwerth Peter Ponzol Tenor SN 96,xxx for a Keilwerth BN SX90R
  264. WTB/WTT: Yamaha 82Z Tenor Sax
  265. Testing the Waters (aka looking for a vintage bari)
  266. WTB: Best alto under $500
  267. WTB King Super 20 TENOR 295*** - 320***
  268. WTB Conn Connqueror 30M Tenor
  269. need College Marching Band Tenor - cheap
  270. WTB alto by Maxtone
  271. WTB Maxtone alto sax
  272. wanted MINT Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Series !
  273. WTB: Bari - low A, modern, Sydney area if at all possible
  274. WTB: Student Alto
  275. another amazing tenor for sale on ebay wow
  276. wtb MARTIN Comittee 1 tenor
  277. Wanted a Selmer Radio Improved tenor sax
  278. Wanted a Selmer Radio Improved tenor sax
  279. wanted: *** Tenor Conn 30M / Super 20 **** Limit = $4000 ******
  280. WTB: Yamaha YSS-475II
  281. WTT: YBS-32 for Yanagisawa T991 in Canberra-Sydney area
  282. WTB - Conn 6m alto
  283. WTB: Pro Quality Tenor Saxophone for Cheap - around $500 or around $1,000
  284. WTB: Any cheap tenor
  285. Vintage Horns Wanted Conn 30m, Top Hat, Martin Magna, Mark VI, SBA ...
  286. WTB Maxtone or Barone tenor
  287. WTB: Bari Allora, B&S, King or Martin
  288. WTB - Good Entry Level Alto for Middle Schooler...Help a Brother Out!
  289. Alto Selmer Super Action 80 Series II
  290. WTB: Vintage Conn alto
  291. HUTMO is Looking a for a nice tenor
  292. Trade !920 Conn curve neck C melody for Bb soprano that needs work.
  293. Conn 26M for sale?
  294. Wanted: **black nickel/lacquer tenor/bari**
  295. Looking for a replacement low Bb/B keyguard for a 26M or from a 6M alto sax
  296. WTB-Looking to buy "project" horns: soprano thu bari
  297. WTB: One baritone saxophone.
  298. WTB - Antigua, Kessler, Barone, on Rent to Own programs - advice please
  299. WTB or Trade for a P Mauriat 66RUL Tenor. Trading Brand new Yamaha 62II Tenor
  300. WTB: Buffet Super Dynaction alto
  301. Want to trade? Looking for Super Balanced Tenor
  302. Hi
  303. WTB: Selmer Super action 80 (series I or pre 400xxx serie II) tenor sax
  304. WTB: Borgani Jubilee tenor sax
  305. Looking Upgrade my Bari Setup
  306. looking for a bari
  307. Saxgourmet tenor sax wanted
  308. ****WANTED TENOR SAX around $300
  309. WTB King Super 20 silver sonic tenor
  310. WTB: Phil Barone Alto
  311. WTB: Player's Mark VI tenor
  312. WTB: Martin alto
  313. WTB: Pre 1950 Tenor, max €600
  314. WTB: Looking for a Tenor
  315. looking for a Buffet SDA Alto/Tenor Sax SN#5060 ~ 12398, please help
  316. WTB - Selmer Series 2/3 Baritone Sax (UK)
  317. WTB selmer S80 series I alto saxophone
  318. Wanted: Low A bari sax
  319. Kohlert VKS Alto Saxophone.
  320. My Student needs a starter tenor for around 300.
  321. WTB: Early LA Sax Spray Painted Alto...Cheap...
  322. WTB: Reference 54 Alto (Honey Gold)
  323. WTB - Tenor Saxophone
  324. WTB - SA80II Alto
  325. WTB: Vintage CONN TENOR stencils or 16M, junked/ignored/unloved, etc.
  326. WTB Conn 6m "Lady Face" alto saxophone
  327. WTB Conn 6m "Lady Face" alto saxophone
  328. Wanted: The Martin Alto
  329. WTB: Conn 6m VIII alto sax Silver with gold wash bell
  330. Wanted Silver Buescher Sopranino
  331. WTB: Dave Guardala Alto (Made in Germany)
  332. Wanted: Alto Conn 26M Connqueror
  333. WTB: Martin Committee II Alto "Lion & Crown"
  334. Wanted:Alto sax in trade for 2 older alto Bueschers in need of work.
  335. FT: 14K Gold Illinois Wristwatch Towards Tenor Sax
  336. WTT tenor mpcs for tenor?
  337. WTB: Selmer tenor. $2k-3k range.
  338. WTT - My two Guardala's (soprano) for tenor or soprano sax
  339. WTB: Conn 10m
  340. WTB good modern alto for under 1k
  341. WTB/WTT Conn NW alto, silver/gold keys
  342. Curved Soprano around $1000
  343. Wanted: Selmer Mark VI soprano w/ Original Lacquer (or no lacquer)
  344. WTB: Bari Sax
  345. WTB- Nice pro tenor now
  346. WTB cheap Baritone!
  347. WTB Yanagisawa Tenor
  348. Wanted
  349. CONN bass sax WANTED.
  350. Conn Transitional or Artist baritone sax wanted
  351. WTB Selmer Alto or Tenor-SII, III, Reference, and Yamaha Custom Z, 875, or 875EX Tenor
  352. Wanted: Bari Sax
  353. WTT for: Zephyr Tenor, 60's vintage
  354. Big B Alto
  355. WTB: Yamaha Custom 875/875-EX Alto Sax
  356. Phil Barone Soprano wanted
  357. Mark VI Alto Wanted
  358. Selmer or Yanagisawa Bari sax wanted
  359. Yanagisawa Soprano Wanted
  360. WTB: Vito, Noblet, Pierret, Beauginuer Baritone project ( no neck )
  361. WTB Yanagisawa 990u Alto
  362. WTB/WTT for SML Tenor
  363. WTB: Any vintage tenor
  364. wtb broken/parts/project tenor
  365. WTB yanagisawa 991 soprano
  366. selmer tenor III silver
  367. WTB: SBA/BA tenor with neck issues
  368. WTB: Conn bari project horn - UK
  369. I want my BA alto back!
  370. As much as this pains me....Unbelievable Selmer Super Action 80 alto sax with Roo pads...
  371. WTB: Selmer Mark VI tenor
  372. WTB: looking for modern tenor
  373. WTB: a decent backup horn, relatively cheap
  374. WTB Selmer SuperSax/RadioImproved Tenor
  375. WTB: King Zephyr Tenor 305xxx-368xxx serial range
  376. wanted EARLY Selmer BA Tenor
  377. Wanted: Baritone sax
  378. SML Gold Metal Baritone Saxophone
  379. rampone cazzani tenor
  380. Need Mark VI alto sax cheap ok condition
  381. WT/ Borgani pearl silver or unlacquered Jubilee tenor,trde for 82Z silver plate tenor
  382. Wanted: Saxophone used by Charlie Ventura
  383. WTB: Antigua winds soprano
  384. WTB MK VI alto
  385. Looking for a vintage Pro alto
  386. Looking for a Bass Sax
  387. WTT Lamberson 6SB 6D-SB HR small font alto for Vintage Pro-ish alto
  388. Looking for Yanagisawa sc 991
  389. wanted ,,MARTIN MAGNA TENOR!
  390. WTB: Selmer Series II OR Yamaha 82z/875ex Alto
  391. Yanagisawa A901 Alto Saxophone
  392. Looking for a Selmer Balanced Action tenor sax
  393. WTB: yamaha 62 tenor saxophone
  394. looking into buying a C melody saxophone
  395. WTB Keilwerth Straight Alto..
  396. King Super 20 Bari / Baritone WTB
  397. King Super 20 Bari / Baritone WTB
  398. Barone alto or equivalent?
  399. WTB: Selmer SA80 II and III alto
  400. WTB: Decent playing tenor for student.