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  1. WTB- Penzel Mueller Brillante clarinet
  2. Yamaha bass clarinet YCL-221 II (YCL-221II)
  3. WTB: Contrabass clarinet
  5. Wanted Bb Student Clarinet
  6. WTB decent cheap baritone saxophone, especially near Cleveland, OH
  7. Wanted: Selmer/Bundy New/Used Contra Alto Clarinet
  8. WTB: C Clarinet
  9. Wanted: Student Clarinet ready to play
  10. WTB Buffet R13 clarinet in A
  11. WTT/WTB: Albert clarinet
  12. WTB Selmer Model 37 Bass Clarinet
  13. WTB: Double register vent bass clarinet
  14. WTB Bass Clarinet in $400-600 range
  15. WTB: Leblanc paperclip contrabass clarinet LOW C
  16. Selmer Tray Pack Clarinet Case
  17. Wanted: Selmer Bb Vintage Clarinet Balanced Tone or Centered Tone
  18. Eefer
  19. Looking for Vito V-40
  20. Low C bass Clarinet in the Uk
  21. Looking for a B991
  22. WTB Selmer Paris Bass Clarinet
  23. IN SEARCH OF: Selmer Centered Tone Clarinet!
  24. conn clarinet
  25. Need advice to buy a clarinet
  26. Wtb/wtt : R13
  27. WTB Henri Selmer Albert clarinet Bb LP
  28. Wtb- conn Albert system Eb Clar, hard rubber
  29. WTB: Vintage Bb LP Albert system Selmer Paris ckarinet
  30. WTB: "A" Clarinet
  31. Step up Bb
  32. New, uhm, whatever
  33. wtb: project bass clarinet
  34. WTB or WTT: Buffet R-13 or other free-blowing in tune Clarinet in NYC
  35. WTB professional Selmer or Yamaha Bb clarinet
  36. WTB: Pre-1990's Buffet R13 Clarinet
  37. Looking for Selmer Centered Tone Needing Rebuild
  38. Pro horn wanted Leblanc, selmer other
  39. WTB: Bass clarinet
  40. WTB : Bass clarinet under $1500
  41. Noblet \ Leblanc bass clarinet lower joint
  42. WTB Student Bass Clarinet
  43. WTB Selmer Paris low Eb bass clarinet
  44. Wanted (UK Only) Bass Clarinet
  45. WTB: Great horn for cheap!
  46. WTB wooden C Clarinet!
  47. WTB Eeefer Eb Clarinet
  48. WYB Bass Clarinet
  49. Clarinet in C
  50. WTB: Buffet R13 Clarinet
  51. WTB: Boosey & Hawkes 1010
  52. WTB selmer centered tone
  53. WTB Bass Clarinet Low C
  54. WTB: Buffet R-13 in need of work
  55. Wanted: McIntyre System Clarinet
  56. Wtb - older selmer clarinet professional
  57. WTB: Good starter Bb clarient
  58. WTT- ATB mouthpieces for nice wooden clarinet.
  59. Metal bass clarinet
  60. WTB: Buffet professional clarinet: R-13, Prestige, Festival, etc OR comparable other brand/model
  61. Looking for a low C bass clarinet
  62. WTB: Bass Clarinet
  63. [Admin] metal Albert system clarinet wanted
  64. Wanted: Plateau Clarinet
  65. WTB HARD RUBBER (Ebonite) Albert clarinets and a Plateau Boehm clarinet
  66. WTB: Eb Clarinet
  67. WTB: Selmer Series 10 Clarinet
  68. WTB: Pro Low C Bass Clarinet
  69. Eb clarinet wanted UK
  70. Eb Soprano Clarinet Wanted
  71. WTB: Selmer Prologue Bb
  72. Looking for a decent Clarinet in A
  73. Looking for a cheap, doesn't-have-to-be-playable clarinet
  74. WTB/WTT: Metal Eb clarinet
  75. WTB Buffet Evette Master Model
  76. WTB Full Boehm Clarinet
  77. WTB bass clarinet
  78. WTB: 1970's Buffet R13 Clarinet
  79. SElmer centered tone
  80. Wanted: Full Boehm C Clarinet ...
  81. WTB: A Clarinet
  82. WTT a matching pair (Eb & Bb) Albert clarinets for a Böhm plateau Bb
  83. Selmer Series 9 *
  84. WTB/WTT: Pro Eb Clarinet
  85. WTB: Pro Low C Bass Clarinet
  86. WTB: Conn hard rubber clarinet model 324N
  87. Metal Clarinet
  88. 10S Clarinet
  89. FS: Buffet Bass Clarinet, Low C
  90. WTB: clarinet in A
  91. WTB: Noblet C clarinet
  92. WTT: Conn 6M alto for a playable bass clarinet
  93. WTB King Silversonic metal clarinet
  94. WTB Selmer Paris Metal Clarinet
  95. Buffet R13 wanted NY/NJ area
  96. WTB: Yamaha YCL 20/26/200AD
  97. WTB: Buffet Greenline R13 Clarinet
  98. Papercilip Contra UK
  99. WTB Selmer Centered Tone with articulated G#
  100. WTT for an Alto clarinet, wanted pretty quick!
  101. Wtb yamaha ycl 650 or buffet
  102. WTB Bass Clarinet
  103. Wtb contrabass clarinet
  104. WTB Student Bass Clarinet
  105. WTB Leblanc Paperclip
  106. Wanted a Conn 10M transitional.
  107. plateau clarinet
  108. WTB Pro Low C Bass Clarinet (Selmer 37/67, Buffet preferred)
  109. WTB- vito or Bundy Eb clarinet
  110. WTB Bass Clarinet Penzel Mueller / Pedler / Conn
  111. FS: Several clarinets
  112. WTB Buffet 1193 to Low C
  113. Looking for junker no value clarinets
  114. WTB- selmer series 9 or 9* A clarinet
  115. Marigaux RS Symphonie Clarinet
  116. Looking for an inexpensive, good conditioned Bb clarinet
  117. WTB: Selmer Signet Special Bb Clarinet
  118. WTB: Selmer or Buffet Low Eb Bass Clarinet
  119. WTB: Bass Clarinet
  120. WTB Buffet Crampon E13 or R13
  121. WTB: Buffet 1193 Greenline Bass Clarinet
  122. WTB: Basset horn
  123. WTB. Covered hole clarinet.
  124. WTB: Vintage Selmer Paris Wood bass clarinet
  125. WTB: Low Eb Bass Clarinet in Adjustment
  126. WTB: Bass clarinet with low C
  127. Wtb vintage Buffet R13
  128. Conn 514 clarinet
  129. Looking for a good Bb clarinet
  130. Good Playing Eflat clarinet
  131. clarinet in h (si) wanted
  132. wtb selmer bass clarinet
  133. Profesional bass clarinet with low C
  134. wtb Conn - or Malerne bass clarinet
  135. WTB- Low C bass clarinet
  136. wtb selmer centered tone omega
  137. Bass Clarinet Wanted WTB or WTT Yamaha YTS62 Purple
  138. WTB: Basset Horn
  139. Pomarico Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece
  140. King Silversonic clarinet
  141. WTB- closet/mint/low miles Selmer Centered Tone or Series 9 clarinet
  142. WTB - Eb Clarinet