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  1. Bass
  2. Multi instruments
  3. Harmonicas
  4. Easiest Transition...
  5. anyone double on other instruments?
  6. reed books for "Cabaret"
  7. Time to practice it all??
  8. Recorders
  9. Keyboard Recommendations?
  10. less standard jazz instruments...
  11. Bj's instrument
  12. doubling on guitar
  13. How do I justify to parents?
  14. Doubler's practice schedule
  15. oboe,sax and clarinet advice !!!
  16. sax to clarinet to piano
  17. Bis key equivalent on flute and clarinet
  18. schools with masters degree in doubling/woodwind specialist.
  19. Define Doubling?
  20. priority of doubles
  21. Hairspray
  22. Drums: WW&BW's 'Verve' drum set
  23. Extremes in doubling
  24. Spring Musical
  25. piano for the non-pianist
  26. Confused Legit Sax Player
  27. Military Band Doubling
  28. 42nd Street
  29. doubling for jazz
  30. Similar fingerings?!?!
  31. Books for doublers?
  32. Doubling in Navy bands?
  33. Skill level required to "double"
  34. sax players- singers
  35. Harmonica doublers
  36. Harmonica Community?
  37. Singing and Sax playing?
  38. Tenor and Bass
  39. Question about doubling in jazz
  40. piano/keyboard for money
  41. Haha, holy crap. I gotta get me a Bamboo saxophone.
  42. Does doubling help your tone?
  43. Doubling in Concert Setting
  44. What about Bouzouki...
  45. Shakuhachi
  46. understanding converting between Piano and Alto Sax
  47. What kind of amp?
  48. anyone tried the launeddas?
  49. Djembe
  50. Quena anyone?
  51. What's in your collection?
  52. Beginning Drummer
  53. mellotron - anybody actually play one?
  54. Sax hybrids
  55. Singers in the house?
  56. yamaha vs akai wind instruments
  57. Starting Bass Guitar--any pointers?
  58. Any Piano players?
  59. Beginners piano?
  60. Has anyone ever heard of Scott the Piano guy?
  61. didgeridoo players?
  62. scored a Harmony Guitar at a garage sale!
  63. Finally!
  64. audition date looming
  65. Learning Piano frustrating... any tips?
  66. I finally bought a bass
  67. Good Technique Book for Doublers?
  68. Double Bass
  69. Good book for learning piano?
  70. Accordion
  71. Learning Tenor Sax, Wife learning Violin, Now I've got a keyboard...
  72. Beginning Piano Method aimed toward adults
  73. Ivers and Pond pianos
  74. newb here!
  75. Teaching myself piano
  76. Any harmonica/blues harp doublers?
  77. Yamaha P60 Electric Piano
  78. Fretless bass anyone?
  79. Reed 5 doubling
  80. The Duduk
  81. Playing Bass Guitar--Easy?
  82. Piano: Classical Before Jazz?
  83. Who Plays Recorder and what kind do you use ?
  84. Electronic Keyboard advice needed
  85. M-Audio Keyboards
  86. Pro synths / workstations
  87. Beginner Keyboard Help
  88. How do you co-ordinate lessons on each instrument?
  89. Master of One and Jack-of-All-Trades for the rest?
  90. Does anyone out there double on Violin?
  91. Trying to learn piano
  92. Native American Flutes - Real cool woodwinds
  93. Theremin!
  94. Keyboard Doublers...
  95. Singing/sax mindset
  96. I bought a Cello !!
  97. Finally got a Treasure of a Deal !!
  98. help me identify/value a tarogato..
  99. Banjo & Bluegrass
  100. What kind of flute is this?!
  101. My piano is sensitive to drastic changes in weather
  102. Shut up and play your guitar!
  103. sitar!!! £10?
  104. Vibraphone
  105. Glass Harmonica and the Crystal Trombone...
  106. Clarinet?
  107. Alvarez Guitar
  108. non-sax Gear4Music instruments.
  109. Is this a good starter bass????
  110. Help an old fart out with a guitar question?
  111. Learning Expierence?
  112. Trumpet mouthpiece for 5th grader.
  113. Strings 'n' Squeaks!
  114. Harmonica
  115. OT: Anyone know anything about congas?
  116. Opera singers
  117. Synthesizers??
  118. Help with Saxophone Amplifying. I want to sound like a Varitone.
  119. What the heck is a ophicleide??
  120. learning piano
  121. recorder manufacturer
  122. Guitar wantabee
  123. M-Audio Axiom 61 or other 61-key controllers?
  124. Non Woodwind Doublers - How long do you Practice?
  125. double bass~why so much $$$
  126. Dobro?
  127. Recorders can Rock!
  128. Electric Guitar
  129. How to cover all the reed parts for the Musical Oliver?
  130. THe Cello
  131. Beginning violin suggestions???
  132. Vocals: the best double for sax players?
  133. What instrument is this?
  134. If you are a wind player, Classical or Jazz, Read this
  135. Bowing the cymbal
  136. The Sarrusophone
  137. Upright Double Bass Forum?
  138. Alison Balsom
  139. Hurdy Gurdy transitioning
  140. Looking for teaching resources
  141. Bagpipes???
  142. buying new viola in Minneapolis area?
  143. Where to listen to jazz in NY
  144. Tips for comping on piano?
  145. jazz serpent
  146. piano
  147. Which is better for your sax playing, Classical or Jazz Piano?
  148. Pocket Trumpet
  149. Electric guitar for less than $500?
  150. Chromatic accordion fingerings
  151. Any Saxophone Players Doubling On The Violin?
  152. What do you think of Masato Honda?
  153. Sax - Guitar
  154. Method book for upright bass ?
  155. Next instrument to get?
  156. Great Sax players who also played great piano?
  157. Good guitar starter book?
  158. Different Tone on Piano??
  159. Recommendations for cheap ukulele
  160. Instrument needed for in the car
  161. Electric Bass
  162. How to Split your Practice Time between Woodwinds and Miscellaneous Others
  163. Wanted, doubling with percussion.
  164. Easy Jazz Piano pieces - suggestions please...
  165. Any harmonica players?
  166. I wanna start guitar
  167. Suzuki Harmonicas
  168. attn: Harmonica Players - 1 Day Sale on Mic
  169. Harp fever: I has it
  170. HELP! What Keyboard Should I Buy My Wife?
  171. Playing
  172. So, Anyone else play the...
  173. Bagpiping stuff!!
  174. Any jazz vocalists out there?
  175. Shout Out: M-Audio Prokeys 88sx
  176. For all Those Who Have an Opinion on Guitarists...
  177. Guitar: new model alert
  178. Any rappers out there on SOTW?
  179. What song have you recently learned on your other instrument (not on a sax)
  180. Bought drums!!! Good or bad idea???
  181. quiet acoustic drum set?
  182. Ocarinas?
  183. Native American Flute
  184. Fun, helpful tool to improve sight reading
  185. Jimmy Bruno's Guitar Institute
  186. Want To Learn Piano. What to get?
  187. How's your Piano playing going?
  188. Singing Scales
  189. The Ney (or Nay) flute, fascination and frustration
  190. Writing Drum Music
  191. Problem with Many Instruments
  192. Anybody double on guitar? What do you like about it? Dislike?
  193. Jonathan "sugarfoot" Moffatt!!
  194. Recommended Keyboard?
  195. Gotta Learn Harmonica...
  196. Some new music for your consideration!
  197. Materials For Learning Jazz Piano?
  198. Penny Whistles for Christmas
  199. Have you been bitten by the "drum set bug"?
  200. Violin Bridge and Strings Help!!
  201. Schools with Multiple Woodwind Masters Degrees?
  202. Looking for Piano Methods
  203. Out of Tune Guitar
  204. DIY Piano Tuning?
  205. No joke, this is a real instrument.
  206. Guitar GAS....
  207. Any keboard players using Fender SFX 200 amp?
  208. is that most modern piano are pitch at 440?
  209. Learning how to play vibes?
  210. Irish Whistle anyone?
  211. Overblow harmonica
  212. WX-5 Sound Clip Sample Posted on my site
  213. MIDI Question.
  214. Doubling: singing then saxing problems?
  215. Accordion?
  216. bass guitar?
  217. Viola
  218. Melodica?
  219. Vuvuzela?
  220. Which brand for a student violin?
  221. A chorale, and a concerto solo... What can't a Vuvuzela do?
  222. Virtual Analog synths and ROMplers vs soft-synths for live use
  223. Synthophone... Does anybody on the forum own one?
  224. I've Just Finished My First Arrangement WITH NO SAX - THE HORROR!!!
  225. People playing cucumbers
  226. Singing / Harmonizing
  227. Akai EWI USB
  228. "Portable" Grand Piano
  229. Bicycle Handlebars: a new double
  230. Using a Yamaha WX 11 with Roland JV 1080
  231. Beautiful Piano playing..
  232. Bass Geetar
  233. Naturinstrumenter..Great Folk Wind maker
  234. Recorders?
  235. Guitars, show us your home made units
  236. want advice on learning piano
  237. How do you get your voice in "tune" with an exact pitch?
  238. Stage Piano possibilities..
  239. A good, CHEAP keyboard?
  240. Do you have to be a natural to be able to sing? Or is it an acquired thing?
  241. I'm switching to the carrot!
  242. The Great Woodwind Doubler Census of 2011
  243. Hammered Dulcimer
  244. A crumhorn????
  245. Broken Neck
  246. I can't read tabs
  247. Interesting session today.
  248. My new instrument...
  249. Kung Superio bass recorder
  250. Shakuhachi
  251. If only I could play sax as good as...
  252. Pretty cool Ocarina recording.
  253. the "Hot Fountain Pen"...
  254. Alto recorder
  255. What the heck is this instrument?
  256. Sugestions for quick'n'easy keyboard chord comping/voicing?
  257. Piano Book
  258. Playing my Recorder with my dentist before I was worked on !
  259. doubling sax/ harmonica
  260. Any experiences with the new Rhodes Mark 7?
  261. Vintage Keys
  262. How do I write a bass tab?
  263. Drums to help your sax playing?
  264. Who here plays tarogato?
  265. Just bought a Mandolin!!
  266. Replacing mouthpiece of a ABS xaphoon
  267. Hammond organ tuning?
  268. Any ukulele players out there?
  269. good piano books
  270. The Double Bass
  271. Bought A New Piano Today
  272. Danso - Bamboo Flute
  273. Doubling brass and woodwind
  274. How's my singing
  275. Chinese timpani
  276. doubling, tripling, quad...what's possible?
  277. Sax to Guitar
  278. hurdy gurdy (no really)
  279. Ernie Tollar's Innovative experiment - holes in soprano saxophone keywork !!!
  280. Learning Piano?
  281. Bird Calls
  282. Just when I think people can't get any more creative or silly with instrument making...
  283. Blues & Jazz Complete, B. Konowitz Cd's - Piano Book
  284. Tuning a Marching Bass Drum - HELP!
  285. Doublers, please take note
  286. Playing Organ
  287. Keyboard stand
  288. My Pat Metheny costume for Halloween
  289. EWI Wind Controller is great for doubling on Brass
  290. Digital Piano/electronic keyboard up to $1,200?
  291. Any Tenormen Double On Cello?
  292. Want to learn blues harp
  293. Quenacho/Quena
  294. double on electric bass
  295. Keyboard Doublers-What's Your Setup?
  296. Sax and Tuba....anyone have or know of a sousaphone for sale?
  297. Doubling Practice Routines
  298. Folk gig doubles
  299. One tech book for all your doubles?
  300. EWI vs. Keyboard Synthesizer
  301. Technique books for those with limited time
  302. Jews Harp
  303. Schunda tarogato
  304. nay
  305. looking for more info on 1959 Spruce top Gretsch Country Club (6193)
  306. I picked up a Yamaha Electric Bass and practice Amp.
  307. My Schunda tárogató is here
  308. Hulusi and Bawu / Chinese woodwinds
  309. Recorder with "baroque fingerings"???
  310. An amazing Stowasser tarogato in C
  311. swab for a plastic recorder?
  312. Kaval anyone?
  313. Can anyone identify this instrument for me?
  314. Grenadilla recorder
  315. Doubling on GUITAR and SAXOPHONE aspiring to MASTERY ON BOTH.- JAZZ
  316. This Woman Deserves a Medal
  317. Saxinet review
  318. Very good classical piano book?
  319. what's as far away from sax as possible?
  320. 30 min piano lessons?
  321. My WX5 finally died, services at 11:00
  322. shruti anyone??
  323. Singing Lessons?
  324. Doubling on the Drums?
  325. Best start for Jazz, Classical Harmonica?
  326. Learning piano: the 88 keys saxophone :)
  327. New Rhodes Bass
  328. guitar, bass, vocals (and some keyboards) .....now tenor sax!
  329. Triggering keys while playing sax
  330. 7 String Guitar and Alto Sax
  331. morphine sandman details question
  332. Multi-instrumentalists
  333. Del Rio Mini Sax - Any experiences?
  334. Keyboard question
  335. Irish Penny Whistles Anyone?
  336. Jazz piano: How to construct a walking bass line while accompanying a soloist?
  337. Coltrane's Blue Train played note-for-note on a recorder
  338. Who are some of your favorite Jazz doublers?
  339. Getting a piano.
  340. Just bought a 1948 Kay Upright Bass
  341. Calling All Pianists At SOTW
  342. Addicted to my Shakuhachi flutes
  343. Percussion
  344. Help - Looking for Good Beginner Ukulele
  345. Are keyboards generally difficult to sell or trade after a few years?
  346. New horn. Picture!
  347. Bagpipe (GHB) Breathing and Breath Pressure...
  348. playing keys/flute on duo Xmas gig
  349. keyboard: preference for rosa grandiflora or tulipa gesneriana on yours?
  350. Shruti Box Recommendations?
  351. Digital piano with good piano sound?
  352. Akai Ewi 4000s difficulty changing sounds
  353. Hohner MP-36 Melodica.
  354. sax and harmonica
  355. Learning the Super 64 Chromatic Harmonica
  356. Question for doublers who practice several instruments every day
  357. Failure to play a bagpipe practice chanter
  358. Making my new ride cymbal Youtube
  359. Doubling and different fingerings
  360. Hammond XK iC
  361. Tenor recorders
  362. What next?
  363. Well known singers who teach in colleges today
  364. Blues harmonica....What key should i get? What's the "Selmer" of harmonicas?
  365. Triple French Horn Bb/F? Treasure or trash?
  366. Where to buy recorders near DC
  367. Guitar humor.
  368. Help Needed Identifying Electronic Musical Cane Thingamajig
  369. My 60th birthday present!
  370. Finally learning piano at 47.
  371. What is this instrument?