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  1. No real preference for any one horn?
  2. Opposite ends of the spectrum...
  3. General Question on the various saxophones
  4. Global Ban on Fools who play two horns at the same time!!
  5. doubling tenor and bari
  6. To soprano or alto?
  7. Soprano saxophone as a doubling instrument?
  8. alto and tenor saxes
  9. Projection. Not the same as Alto and Soprano.
  10. Switching from alto to tenor - best way to proceed?
  11. WOW- i sound REALLY bad on tenor!!!
  12. from alto to soprano ?
  13. is doubling on other saxes good for you ?
  14. Alto -> Tenor ( Stan Getz )
  15. What is your Back-up sax?
  16. Need a good, full, well-rounded description of different saxes: experts?
  17. What am I listening to?
  18. Tenor to alto...having trouble
  19. Hardest sax to master
  20. soprano or alto ?
  21. Tired of alto..switch to soprano?
  22. might switch from Alto to tenor...
  23. Slightly Frustrating...
  24. USQMC Soprano Sax
  25. Thinking of switching from tenor to alto, need some advice
  26. Switching to Soprano?
  27. Amazing new invention-aulochrome
  28. What do they play?
  29. Severe struggle from baritone to alto
  30. From alto to tenor
  31. Alto + Soprano at the same time?
  32. trouble moving from alto to tenor
  33. double and triple case
  34. Alto or Tenor sax for me?
  35. Help me decide: Dream tenor, or stay w/ alto???
  36. alto or tenor on gigs???
  37. Transistioning to a ?...
  38. Does This Sound Reasonable for a hobbyist?
  39. my tenor playing makes me want to throw the horn off a cliff
  40. Get to play BASS!!!
  41. from alto to soprano or tenor?
  42. How much easier is alto than soprano?
  43. palm keys in the 1st octave?
  44. Need help
  45. Tenor and Soprano
  46. Alto or Tenor
  47. Required Listening; Sopranino, Bass, C Melody and/or all else
  48. Alto or Tenor: Playlist to help decide
  49. Sax/clarinet stand
  50. Buying a Bari - Reed & Mpc Question
  51. Improv: How to shift gears from Eb to Bb?
  52. Alto, Tenor, Soprano, Bb & Eb Clarinet - so MANY SET-UPS. How to stay balance?
  53. Cool Film! Roland Kirk and John Cage
  54. URGENT! project sax buy, hawkes c mel or alto
  55. From Tenor..... Alto Or Sop?
  56. Favorite note?
  57. tenor or alto more practical for comunity band
  58. alto sounds terrible after having started bari
  59. sax-a-boom
  60. Should I upgrade alto or buy new soprano
  61. Alto players getting advice "u sound better on tenor"
  62. Workhorse or a pet
  63. soprano or tenor
  64. Different pitch saxes for different personality types?
  65. $1500 to spend... what to spend it on?
  66. What kind of sax player do you look like?
  67. Double or Quits????
  68. Same fingering
  69. Switching from alto.
  70. Soprano?
  71. Doubling!?
  72. Beginner Starting out Learning on Alto and Tenor at same time...
  73. Descent inexpensive tenor
  74. if i did buy a tenor...
  75. tenor+bari= i'm about to slam tenor against wall
  76. favorite kind of sax
  77. Folding the soprano tent...
  78. mouthpiece advice--switching to tenor
  79. Unusual Saxes
  80. Alto leaving me out of breath
  81. Cleaning a Bari - PLS Help !
  82. Tripling???
  83. Can't seem to adjust back to Alto. :( Help
  84. Alto-->Tenor-- Mouthpiece/Reed Question
  85. Bari and Alto, supposed to double but how?
  86. Two C-mels at once?
  87. alto to soprano -- reed strength
  88. My problem:
  89. Soprillo sax!
  90. Adding other Sax family to my Alto
  91. beginner seeking advice on doubling tenor and alto
  92. advice: mostly alto to tenor
  93. Alto to Tenor
  94. Tenor makes alto sound bad... so alto makes...
  95. Jazz mouthpieces for classical player...
  96. Bare Brass Owners!
  97. Best double sax video EVER...
  98. Giant Steps Sheet Music
  99. Best places to buy saxes!
  100. Alto and soprano teacher controversy
  101. Alto to Tenor or Soprano
  102. How to select a tenor when I've only ever played the alto
  103. Pro Doubling and Soprano?
  104. What to buy?
  105. Moved from alto to bari - high G, G# leaking?
  106. G mechanism.
  107. Strange Transitions
  108. Going to Paris next week! Recommendations?
  109. Soprano Sax Advice! Need Help!
  110. Alto to Tenor
  111. Is it possible to have good chops on bari, tenor, alto and sop at the same time?
  112. Tenor player that wants to play alto too
  113. Alto to Tenor
  114. Got a Tenor. getting an Alto
  115. Multi-sax Blues Help
  116. Identify tenor and two altos?
  117. Matched sets or handpicked whatever?
  118. trying to find a good 500-700 doller sop as a double to tenor
  119. Should I be scared of the Sop?
  120. identifying an alto sax
  121. A curious thing...
  122. Where it goes saxophone playing in the next years???
  123. Buescher Aristocrat alto sax
  124. CG Conn Vintage 1914 Nickel Silver Alto Saxophone
  125. Why?
  126. Switching to Soprano
  128. To have a bari or a soprano
  129. bari to tenor, overtones
  130. Bari or Soprano
  131. Compositions for 4 saxes: only alto and/or soprano saxes?
  132. Has your favorite sax changed?
  133. Upgrade Alto or purchase tenor
  134. Switch Alto, Tenor, Sop during the week
  135. Soprano set up
  136. Alto to Tenor
  137. Boosey & Hawkes Saxophone
  138. To double or not to double?
  139. Doubling in dry heat
  140. Q: About switching from Alto to Sop on stage and keeping sop in tune
  141. Are you a multi-horn player?
  142. Not able to play in Eb
  143. Can't decide on a main axe
  144. Any sax players out there who DON'T double but still make a living playing sax?
  145. Multi sax indeed!
  146. Your favorite Sax-o-mo-phone
  147. Transition from alto to TENOR!
  148. A Few Questions I Have
  149. Playing Tenor Sax helps Alto Sax embouchure?
  150. Alto to Tenor,high notes too sharp
  151. Highs & Lows
  152. Doubling in a musical
  153. Claude Lakey 5*3 On Alto & Claude Lakey 6*3 On Soprano = Comfortability In Doubling ??
  154. Great Idea I Just Had
  155. New strategy to get people to check your sax pictures on e-bay
  156. Starting Bari doubling
  157. multi sax
  158. Tripling Bari Tenor and Alto
  159. Opinions on mouthpiece tip openings doubling Tenor and Alto
  160. Buying a new horn
  161. Should I switch to Tenor Saxophone from Alto Saxophone???
  162. Do saxophones play differently at high elevations?
  163. Practicing Soprano or Alto helps improves Tenor embouchure ?
  164. Which is considered THE sax?????
  165. Radically different embouchures for different saxes?
  166. Have you named your sax?
  167. Question learning soprano & set up
  168. dividing practice time between tenor and soprano?
  169. wanting to try alto again, bad idea?
  170. switch reed strengths with sax
  171. Playing five saxes in one gig
  172. Neck Strap Recomendations...
  173. Standing up sax stand......YAY!!!!!!!
  174. alto to bari reed size
  175. Alto - Sop
  176. Issues with switching saxs?
  177. Soprano and tenor setup
  178. from Alto to Tenor question
  179. How to stay in practice on 2 saxes
  180. Modern Soprano To Vintage Alto
  181. Switching from clarinet to sax
  182. I dare you to double on this sax
  183. Why is playing another sax regarded as Doubling ... ?
  184. Playing with a gimmic
  185. Concert Music: Alto vs. Tenor?
  186. Bass & baritone - how different are they?
  187. Identity crisis
  188. Staying Consistent On Multiple Saxes
  189. Soprano or Backup?
  190. Soprano sax
  191. switching from alt to tenor ?
  192. Alto or Tenor for a Bari Player?
  193. Embouchure for doubling soprano
  194. Alto to soprano
  195. What is different tenor from alto? Is it easy to play tenor for alto player?
  196. Overtones benefits on different sax?
  197. Decisions
  198. Have You Seen This? George Braith's Sopralto Braithophone?
  199. I'm having issues with my tone on tenor. Help?
  200. Suggestions for solid tenor setup?
  201. Comprehensive fingering chart?
  202. Bad tone on switches between Bari and Tenor
  203. Finding Pitch on a Sax
  204. What do you think makes the most difference...
  205. Tenor player, thinking of starting bari, is it a good decision?
  206. Check Out Gandalf's Sax Blog W/ Lots Of Cool Photos To Make You Drool
  207. Help getting adjusted to tenor and soprano sax.
  208. Tenor Sax out of tune.
  209. Thinking of swapping out the alto...
  210. Alto/Tenor: Tip Openings Correlation?
  211. Yamaha 62 Series I Saxophones
  212. My pile of junk.
  213. Contrabass Sarrusophone
  214. Dividing Practce Time
  215. Looking at Sopranos...
  216. The People Want Tenor
  217. Dr. Cohen's Collection Of Unusual & Rare Saxes
  218. Where to go from Alto
  219. Alto after playing Tenor
  220. Explaining to Your Wife How Come You Need Yet Another Sax...Got Ideas? (funny)
  221. Tenor Saxophone player adding Soprano as a hobby (good or bad?)
  222. Wannabe Tenor Player?
  223. I play both alto and Bari sax in my school band and jazz band.
  224. Matching back-up horn's timbre with your main horn
  225. Alto or Tenor dilemma
  226. Picking up an alto was the best thing I ever did ... for my TENOR playing!
  227. Fair trade?
  228. Best sax in the world? Here is the answer!
  229. Expanding My Repertoire of Instruments...
  230. Mouthpiece tip opening alto to soprano
  231. Band Placement
  232. Sax Demo Songs
  233. Meet the Stranierofono
  234. Switching from alto to tenor
  235. My horns
  236. Are higher pitched saxes supposed to be held at lower angles?
  237. Alto Sax to Soprano Transition Tips?
  238. Using a soprano to practice tenor skills