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  1. Adolphe Sax
  2. The reason for Eb and Bb key
  3. A couple Snap-In pads question
  4. Newest Saxophone Patent - High G Key (2002)
  5. High F#
  6. new bis key
  7. first time on site, I have questions
  8. vintage saxaphone
  9. New Soprano Sax
  10. How The Saxophone Neck Is Made
  11. How the heck did Mr. Sax think of the saxophone???
  12. Saxophones with Low A
  13. Who robbed whom? Tbone or Brother Ray?
  14. different saxes
  15. Recommendations for Sax History?
  16. Coltrane and soprano sax
  17. Why the 1920s Sax Boom?
  18. Looking for some information
  19. Herb Couf Update
  20. why give up reso pad system ?
  21. Matching the "axe" to the era!
  22. Who has the oldest sax?
  23. Saxophone Innovations
  24. Good History Link
  25. When did lacquering become standard?
  26. mouthpiece chamber history in the Rascher/Mule debate
  27. microtuners
  28. Paul Desmond & his Selmer SBA
  29. "Bis" Key Etymology
  30. Some lessons learned from Tubby Hayes and Sal Nistico
  31. 'Writing for Saxophones' by Jay Easton
  32. Check this out - Play-a-sax
  33. The Good Old Days
  34. Tenor Sax on a budget
  35. Why Eb and Bb?
  36. The sound of the first saxophones
  37. Opposing bell keys
  38. Sax History Documents
  39. saxophone and band
  40. G# on adolphe sax's original saxophones.
  41. NPR All Things Considered: Taiwanese Saxophones
  42. Who has the oldest Mouthpiece?
  43. Saxophone Collection
  44. I just got to hold one of these...
  45. Where is the first saxophone ever made?
  46. Maccaferri reeds
  47. Where did Mr. sax come up with
  48. Development of jazz/classical 'cross-over' music for saxophone.
  49. Graves of famous saxophonists
  50. Dexter Gordon
  51. Did early saxophonists have a bad sound?
  52. Why do some jazz solos become "standards"?
  53. Concierto De Aranjuez
  54. Fork F#
  55. Mule and Teal's teachers
  56. What would a new North American made sax cost?
  57. 1930's Carl Fisher Catalogue for You to View
  58. The Ladies of Jazz
  59. Old Guarantee Records
  60. Vox Ampliphonics Beaugnier (Vito) Tenor Sax
  61. Sax Historians!!!!
  62. Saxophone Aptitude Test
  63. Are we on the cusp of a paradigm shift in sax manufacture and sales?
  64. Jazz During Cold War
  65. What did Adolphe do exactly ?
  66. Fact: the 1st Instrument played in Outer Space was a Sax!! What else would it be?
  67. Wait a minute...were there saxes before there were leak lights ???
  68. Baby Dorothy Johnson - World's Youngest Saxophonist
  69. Rudy Wiedoeft
  70. Italian Woodwinds resource
  71. When was the first CURVED soprano ever produced?
  72. Next time anyone finds themselves in the middle of Nowheresville, South Dakota....
  73. Woody Herman
  74. help searching for information on vintage player/producer Fred Blondell
  75. Original Conn F mezzo soprano sax ad
  76. What is this HORN?
  77. Price List of Saxophones in the early 50s
  78. History of the metal mpcs
  79. Soprano Sax: "The Story of a Skinny Horn" on NPR
  80. Importance of sax shape from "The Devil's Horn"
  81. Your Vintage Horn's Previous Owner(s)
  82. Selmer Mark IV. specifically NOT VI. IV as in 4.
  83. What did the Prez play for a horn?
  84. Presto archive at helped me date my Martin Horace Stencil
  85. James Reese Europe...Father of Jazz?
  86. "Ancient" sax. Worth anything?
  87. Stax Records...what a depressing story!
  88. Jazz (historic) Books
  89. Sweet spot years for Selmer Mark VI?
  90. Leon Kotchnitzky's Adolphe Sax & His Saxophone Free E-book
  91. 1923 Buescher Soprano History Lesson Needed!!
  92. A set - Henri Paris Selmer Alto Sax with Buffet Crampon Clarinet
  93. Did all Big 4 '40-'60's Sopranos vanish....?????
  94. Saxophone Pictures circa 1914
  95. Holy Cow! What's this?
  96. Happy SAX PLAYER DAY to all of US... Today ( Nov6 , was born Adolphe Sax)
  97. Sax History Buffs ! Soldier engraved on Sax?
  98. The saxophones history in Japan
  99. Is it "vintage?"
  100. History Help
  101. Who was "Ray Hyman?"
  102. Small LA Sax...???
  103. A Repad Then and Now -- 1928 vs 2013
  104. Elkhart Band Inst Co
  105. Which voice of saxophone has the most innovators?
  106. A (brief) History of the Sax
  107. Charlie Haden´s First Song (for Ruth ) ( History)
  108. “Curved, metallic device that produces sound”
  109. Saxophone history
  110. What was the N.Y. Symphonic Band?
  111. Stencil, Schmencil or a Conn by any other name .... What really does stencil mean?
  112. Absolute seeks advice
  113. Battle of Midway
  114. Selmer-U.S. Padless saxophone history
  115. Happy 200th Birthday Adolphe Sax!
  116. DOWNBEAT 1964- performance reviews of Trane, Cecil Taylor, Blakey and Monk ! Amazing to read!
  117. Saxophone Production during World War II
  118. A Question of Identity: "Child Prodigy" Saxophonist from the 1960s
  119. Freddie Gregory Tribute
  120. Double Serial Numbers
  121. When were the last quality saxes made in Elkhart, Indiana?
  122. Mind Your Elders!!!
  123. Interesting story about Jazz, now the least popular music from the country it originated in.
  124. Who introduced growl and subtone?
  125. Musical Instrument Musems
  126. Ferling 48 History?
  127. When the last VI is gone
  128. Adolphe Edouard Sax and Baird
  129. Conn-o-Sax in Action
  130. Big Jay McNeely, Olympic Auditorium, 1953
  131. Selmer Paris Factory Photos 1973
  132. Selmer Paris Factory Photos 1950
  133. Saxophone evolution: musically or technically inspired?
  134. Mojo - who plays the tenor solo?
  135. seriously cool video "History of the Saxophone" by Ben Flocks
  136. Brown Brothers and rarer sax sheet music from 20's and earlier
  137. The Most Legendary Saxophone Ever Made
  138. History of Selmer Paris?
  139. How was the two-octave-key configuration phased out?
  140. The Forgotten Players
  141. The Saxophone Advent Calendar!
  142. How to pronounce D'Addario :)
  143. Why are saxes transposing instruments?