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  1. I love my Keilwerth!
  2. Couf Superba I backup?!?
  3. Straight to the Straights...
  4. Keilwerth Stencils?
  5. New King
  6. Toneking and Toneking spezial - what's the difference?
  7. Keilwerth vs Selmer
  8. Who has seen a LOW A H. Couf Superba I bari..Some questions.
  9. Ever play a H. Couf Superba I "Low A" Baritone? Qu
  10. sx90r and getz sound?
  11. How good is an EX-90?
  12. KW product line..
  13. selmer or keilwerth?
  14. Keilwerth Research
  15. Keilwerths don't fit Hiscox cases.
  16. Question About Keilworth ST 90
  17. How are Keilwerth horns? Post opininos.
  18. Keilwerth Bari
  19. Best Prices on SX90R Tenor
  20. Pennsylvania Special Bari
  21. Couf Superba II Baritone est. value?
  22. ST vs. yamaha 23
  23. Superba I tenor altissimo fingerings?
  24. Keilwerth, H-Couf and Amati History
  25. HR Mpc. with great projection for JK alto
  26. Superba I Value
  27. Sax value ?
  28. Pronunciation?
  29. Differences in Black nickel finishes
  30. What's your classical setup?
  31. New Keilwerths vs. Old keilwerths
  32. Happy Camper
  33. hard rubber mpc for sx90r tenor
  34. Keilwerth Archive -- From the old Forum
  35. Figure 8 Bell Brace
  36. Keilwerth SX90R vs Guardala BG-5XXBN
  37. Are all Couf made by Keilwerth?
  38. Seen this JK mouthpiece?
  39. serie of Julius Keilwerth ST 90
  40. Keilwerth SX90R questions
  41. new Keilwerth SX90 -- low C# key not working!
  42. Weltklang Bari
  43. Weltklang Bari
  44. Diffrences in sx90r finishes
  45. Stencils by Keilwerth serial number question...
  46. SX90 sopranos
  47. Keilwerth SX90R vs. Yanagisawa T-9937... pros and cons
  48. Pinky Keys on SX90R Tenor
  49. Finishes on Keilwerth: Nickel Plated & Nickel Silver Bod
  50. Sticky pads.. how is it resolved?
  51. mpc for sx90 bari?
  52. senator alto
  53. Keilwerth factory visit
  54. Keilwerth Sopranos
  55. Bought two keilwerths today...
  56. more horizontally adjustable thumb rest for SX90R?
  57. Which mouthpiece for SX90II
  58. Where to go for Parts and Accessories for JK's
  59. SX90II - tight neck fit?
  60. High F and F# problems on my keilwerth!!!!
  61. My SX90R Alto Arrives
  62. Agggghhhh!!!! Sticky Pads!!!!!
  63. EX90 series II - Mouthpiece
  64. Decided on Mouthpiece for SX90R Tenor
  65. SX90R good as the tenor?
  66. Superba II soprano
  67. superba II sopranos?
  68. Keilwerth Altissimo Fingering..
  69. Keilwerth SX90 soprano finishes?
  70. How are the Diamond Series necks on keilwerths
  71. Palm keys on my new SX90R alto
  72. key clamps
  73. SX90R alto on its way - same mpc as tenor?
  74. Couf Superba I Alto Black Lacquer Price?
  75. Compare Keilwerth alto to tenor
  76. Looking at the Ex90
  77. Otto Link Super Tone Master Metal Alto Sax mouthpiece
  78. KIng Tempo Bari
  79. King Tempo Bari
  80. ST90 IV Alto
  81. What's your opinion?
  83. Confusion
  84. Online Sax Buying
  85. How Many Anniversary Tenors Did They Make?
  86. Toneking how good?
  87. sx90r anniversary.
  88. Value of Couf Superba I Soprano
  89. sx90r finishes.
  90. Max Keilwerth
  91. Keilwerth Merchandise???
  92. JK stencils for Armstrong: how good are they?
  93. Black nickel and silver keywork
  94. SX90r vs Series III vs Mark VI - a little help?
  95. King tempo alto = Superba II ?
  96. Pads for Keilwerth New King
  97. Keilwerth serial # info
  98. bis key bothers me
  99. "Whitehall": Possible Keilwerth stencil mystery?
  100. value of a weltklang bari??
  101. Does all German horn has spread sound ?
  102. Change from a Toneking Baritone Low A to a SX90?
  103. Sharp D2 on SX90R Tenor
  104. keilwerth sx-90(r) good or not???
  105. Questions about Keilwerth stencil - Conn "DJH modified&
  106. Resonators
  107. $900 tone rings
  108. JK curious
  109. Is Oxford a Keilwerth Stencil?
  110. Nickel silver pro. players
  111. Original pad/resonators on Couf Superbas
  112. Mpc advice to get a warm, rounded tone for SX90R alto
  113. Riggs endorses Keilwerth!!!!
  114. Sticky pad...
  115. Sticky pad...
  116. Info needed on H.Couf Royalist tenor
  117. Stuck Key or Stuck Pad?
  118. Peter Ponzol and Keilwerth
  119. Couf Superba I or Couf Superba II Sop ..... any difference?
  120. Couf Superba I SOP vs Couf Superba II SOP ...Any diff?
  121. couf superba sopranos
  122. King Tempo ........... how good? Rolled tone holes?
  123. SX90R straight alto for sale on eBay
  124. Kielwerth New king tenor on eBay
  125. Playing in tune on a Bundy Special alto?
  126. Looking for an SX90R
  127. Anyone tried a Tenney HR Link with an SX90R?
  128. Just bought a tone king that needs help
  129. Different Nickel plated Keilwerth have different sound ?
  130. New SX90R Tenor and Comparison to Various Horns
  131. which kielworth alto is the shiznit?
  132. Studio Purpose Soprano
  133. Armstrong stencil Keilwerth
  134. Compare Guardala and Keilwerth altos please!
  135. Keilwerth/Voss tenor sax #14692
  136. Value Keilwerth Anniversary Tenor?
  137. Classical on alto Keilwerth
  138. Bad intonation on Couf Superba 1
  139. keilwerth SX 90's hard to find ?
  140. JK2300 Models
  141. New mpc for alto sx90r??????
  142. The New King Bari
  143. JK - Martelle bari value
  144. should i buy the tenor SX90 or SX90R ???
  145. Used Keilwerth SX90 Baris?
  146. Who's in love with Keilwerth Altos?
  147. Your opinion of sx90r ns?
  148. Keilwerth Tone King Exclusive
  149. Keilwerth Tone King Exclusive
  150. Keilwerth EX90 (I-III) bl. nickel vs gold lacq. saxophone(s)
  151. Keilwerth bargain on ebay ?
  152. SX90 R with copper neck and bell
  153. Medium Hands and Tone Holes...'Rolled' Tone Holes
  154. Ribless
  155. Keilwerth EX90
  156. Ernie Watts & his Keilwerth
  157. Who's playing on a Couf?
  158. Keilwerth Neck Numbers
  159. Could it be a Keilwerth stencil?
  160. Different sound between SX90 and SX90R?
  161. Keilwerth Toneking Special and SX90(R)
  162. Conn = Keilwerth?
  163. out of tune low notes
  164. Stephan Boesken
  165. Interesting stencil - World Lexus
  166. Jubilee=keilworth?
  167. Pads/Resonators for a Keilwerth Toneking Alto
  168. keilwerth st-90 tenor sax
  169. JK soprano - difficult palm notes?
  170. ST90???
  171. Keilwerth Shadow, what a dream!!
  172. Bright or Dark
  173. Keilwerth goes Asia
  174. Couf superba II soprano
  175. National=Keilwerth?
  176. New King
  177. Contacting Stephan Boesken
  178. alto sound clips?
  179. New Neck for SX90R Tenor
  180. Info on Bundy Special bari
  181. am I hurting my horn?
  182. Is Keilwerth free blowing?
  183. H COUF A 3200 ALto Sax
  184. going rate for old Keilwerth/Superba 2/Conn stencil
  185. Question about Keilwerth rolled tone holes
  186. Question about Keilwerth "rolled" tone holes
  187. Keilwerth Neck Problem and Resolution
  188. SX90R
  189. I hope I'm done.
  190. Leak around bell/bow ring
  191. Contoured JK case -accessory
  192. Do SX90 tenors cut in a big band setting
  193. EX90 a good first time upgrade??
  194. keilworth Questions
  195. Are Keilwerth Alto's Harsh?
  196. Odd Note
  197. brushed nickel silver tenor
  198. Keilwerth Gear
  199. cold weather
  200. Senator tenor - Keilwerth stencil, or possibly related ?
  201. Question for keilwerth players
  202. Kirk Whalum-back to the SX90R....
  203. Crestone Sax
  204. Brand new SX90 = big intonation problems
  205. Brand New SX90 = big intonation problem
  206. Anyone know what year this Couf Superba I bari was made?
  207. Nice Keilwerth stencil alto 29XXX
  208. Houston area dealers
  209. Keilwerth SX90R Shadow
  210. Wondering about a King Tempo bari (Keilwerth stencil)
  211. What is your Keilwerth Setup?
  212. classical mouthpieces
  213. Hard Rubber Keilwerth Mouthpiece (not the new plastic one)
  214. Armstrong Heritage Alto by J.Keilwerth
  215. Keilwerth on wwbw
  216. Trading a Keilwerth SX90R for a Couf Superba Alto?
  217. Keilwerth customer service, it´s a dream!!
  218. ST90 Tenor for Student value?
  219. Keilwerth solid silver necks, who can tell me about them?
  220. EX90 2 Nickel vs Lac
  221. Traded my Ref36 for an SX90R
  222. Shadow Neck
  223. So should we expect a Shadow Bari........
  224. Absolutely brand new Couf Superba I alto on eBay!!!
  225. Older SX90R
  226. Older BN horns actually black lacquer?
  227. Keilwerth bari vs. Cannonball bari
  228. Two different H. Couf Royalist:
  229. Rumour?
  230. H. Couf A3200?
  231. Couf - made in Italy???
  232. Is my Yamaha too wimpy?
  233. Vintage Keilwerth tenor saxophone mp's..........
  234. H.Couf A3100 and A3200 - Distinction???
  235. H. Couf alto
  236. If you like vintage Keilwerths check out this website....
  237. Switching from a student model to pro
  238. Keilwerth king alto
  239. Keilwerth sound dissapates too quickly
  240. Rampone R1 Jazz Bari v. SX-90 in Blk Nickel
  241. Changes to SX-90R over the years?
  242. difficult subtone/low register
  243. Straight Alto Saxophone SX 90 R Keilwerth
  244. Mistery Soprano
  245. Keilwerth SHADOW SX-90R Alto sax
  246. Couf Supernova
  247. Convert
  248. Tenor Senator Value? Info?
  249. Is it a look alike?
  250. So who owns the Couf name?
  251. Solid Sterling or Solid Copper
  252. Anybody played a straight sx-90r tenor?
  253. How to keep the finish looking good?
  254. Couf vs. Keilwerth SX90R
  255. Vintage Amati's any good?
  256. Bore Size, Mouthpieces and Intonation on SX-90R
  257. SX90
  258. H. Couf low A or Keilwerth SX90 low A
  259. Couf Superba I and Keilwerth SX90 bari's
  260. When was my sax made? SX90r
  261. Got a Couf
  262. Problems with palm keys
  263. Bari
  264. I THINK I'AM IN LOVE..........
  265. Opinions on the Hohner President Tenor
  266. adjustable palm keys
  267. Need help on Couf
  268. Keilwerth Shadow Vs. Selmer Ref 54 (Tenors)
  269. Rolled tone holes or non-rolled that is the question.
  270. Baritone : Vintage Selmer MK VI vs. New Keilwerth SX-90(R)
  271. Rene Dumont
  272. SX90
  273. SX90
  274. Soprano: SX90R V 991 yani? (curved?)
  275. Tenor Anniversary value?
  276. KEilwerth Shadow Alto vs. Reference 54
  277. Nickel Silver alloy tenor?
  278. Sterling silver SX90R tenor
  279. Just joined the Keilwerth Klub!!!
  280. Focused sound?
  281. What's this? A Hohner President? I doubt that...
  282. How do you keep the Shadow looking good?
  283. keilwerth EX 90 III - warm?
  284. Keilwerth Special at Samash?
  285. neck screw problem on sx90R
  286. Any clips from the Tenor Shadow or SX90r?
  287. Keilwerth and warped or uneven tone holes
  288. Got Ponzol M2+ for my SX90R tenor yesterday - AWESOME
  289. Keilwerth SX-90 Bari
  290. the keilwerth sound
  291. JK Shadow and new ergonomics
  292. Jk tenor shadow.....for classical???
  293. Sticky pads
  294. Yahoo Group - Keilwerth
  295. SX90R with true RTH?
  296. shadow----»sx90r-----»differences?
  297. Sx90R flat a-c#
  298. Calling all Shadow players
  299. Keilwerth question
  300. Need help with V16 on Keilwerth Tenor
  301. Neck and octave mechanism adjustment
  302. Old Conn sop - JK/Couf stencil
  303. SX90R Laquer problems
  304. Keilwerth EBay scams
  305. SX90R Soprano anytime soon?
  306. Lawton mpc on Keilwerths
  307. Dark & mellow sound on Keilwerth SX90?
  308. Superba I vs Superba II?
  309. Keilerth bari stencil (Dabico Daughter) on ebay!
  310. Keilwerth straight alto
  311. Vintage Toneking Bari on Ebay
  312. Trying out an EX90 II
  313. Accent --> JK horn?
  314. Interesting vintage JK on eBay
  315. key works?
  316. Armstrong stencils
  317. Question on available finishes
  318. Can the Shadow (tenor) be luscious, sweet, and melow?
  319. What's up with the shortage of Shadow's?
  320. Keilwerth Serial Number Search
  321. Keilwerth aftermarket neck options
  322. Couf Superba bari and Selmer neck
  323. Current Keilwerth cases
  324. JK SX90 Sop disappointed me :(
  325. lost screw--how to replace it?
  326. ProTec v. Gator
  327. Keilwerth Stencil?
  328. Do Rolled tone holes make a difference on SX and Superba sound?
  329. Help Me I.D. This Stencil, Please
  330. Keilwerth ST-90 Alto Saxophone
  331. Keilwerth Magna with full pearls
  332. Differences exI - exII - exIII
  333. Problem with high "d" note
  334. bigger bow section?
  335. Bundy Special Tenor
  336. Best Deal for a Shadow?
  337. This can't be true can it?
  338. I need your thoughts on a Keilwerth SX90R Alto?
  339. Could this be a Keilwerth Stencil?
  340. Keilwerth stencil or Amati?
  341. Mouthpiece analysis for new SX90R alto
  342. Getting a horn in Germany?
  343. large bore? small bore?
  344. New King Soprano questions
  345. getting a Couf s1 sop
  346. Neck number on SX-90 Tenor
  347. Vibrations on Couf Superba I Tenor
  348. Couf S1 vs SX90R
  349. Joining the family....
  350. Got my new SX90R yesterday...
  351. Well, I hope I'm getting a Couf with a more compact tone and better intonation?
  352. Finally got a chance to play my Shadow
  353. Keilwerth Tenor for Electric Blues and Rock?
  354. SX90's: You will be missed!
  355. rare keilwerth troubadour
  356. Is Keilwerth pronounced Keel- or Kyle- werth?
  357. Anybody ever play a Metro??
  358. Richard Keilwerth Sax
  359. King tempo Tenor
  360. New Keilwerth Owner
  361. Doesnt any one like the ST's
  362. Got the New King
  363. Couf Superba I Tenor question
  364. SX-90 Necks: where to buy?
  365. Keilwerth SX90 Black nickel alto
  366. Six Degrees of Shadow...
  367. Shadow vs. NS
  368. Armswerth....
  369. SX90R "old/honey" gold finish?
  370. I will now be stocking Keilwerth saxes...
  371. keilwerth toneking price??
  372. BAM 'Hip-Hop' Case, Does it fit Keilwerth Sopranos?
  373. Visiting Stephan Boesken
  374. different laquer on Nickel-Silver horns?
  375. Sad news from Keilwerth, no more horns from Nauheim
  376. Does Kirk Whalum have replacment pearls on his JK SX90R?
  377. What Keilwerth "finish" is close to a Couf?
  378. New Finishes on JK's (I think)
  379. Ex-90?
  380. JK SX90R nickel/silver laquer problem
  381. EX-90 II vs EX 90 III
  382. Which resos for a New King tenor?
  383. 1st of march, come and gone...
  384. Value of a Couf Superba I Bari
  385. New "Vintage" Keilwerth Finish
  386. New Julius Keilwerth Alto Saxophone CX 90 Prestige
  387. New Julius Keilwerth Alto Saxophone CX 90 Prestige
  388. All the same tube?
  389. Recent Keilwerth News?
  390. Shadow info??
  391. Tenor SX90R Standard Gold Lacquered
  392. What is the difference between a Superba I and II tenor
  393. Differences in keilwerth models of 20 years ago
  394. Looking for DJH Modified Info
  395. Just bought a SX-90 tenor
  396. Keilwerth made Buffet Crampon
  397. Info about an Alto Keilwerth
  398. SX90 Opinions
  399. A Good Deal on SX90s
  400. Altissimo on SX90