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    Default Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    I am looking for an mp3 player that has A-B repeat or one that you can go back a few seconds when transcribing. Ideally it would also be a compact size too like an ipod nano. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    If you have a PC, BestPractice is amazing and FREE

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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    Quote Originally Posted by milnak View Post
    If you have a PC, BestPractice is amazing and FREE
    This is great - thanks for the link!
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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    I wish someone would come up with an MP3 sized transcriber like the Tascam Vocal Trainer. It would be great to be able to load up a few songs to work on without having to change a CD out.

    I gotta think one of these is in the works as MP3 players are getting lower in price all the time.

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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    Check out the Boss Micro BR. Yes, it is a four track recorder but also plays Mp3's and has the ability to slow the speed without changing pitch like the Tascam. Plus, its a tuner and is easy to operate. And has A-B repeat function, works really well. The size of a tuner also....
    My only complaint is that when you load an SD card with a bunch of files it will only show the first few letters of the title, leaving you to know what order they are in on the card to or to do some guessing as to which file you want...

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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    Just found's an ugly hack, but it actually works in iTunes!!!

    There is no direct way, but you could do the following. Pick the song you want to use for this "AB-repeat." Do a Get Info on that song in iTunes. On the Options tab, set the Start Time (for "A") and a Stop Time (for "B"). Play the song to see if that's the portion you want to repeat. Create a new playlist. Add that song to the playlist as many time as want it to repeat. Sync the playlist to the iPod and play it.

    Actually, you don't have to add it multiple times to a playlist if you want it to repeat forever. Just go to the iPod's settings and set it to Repeat the song ("One").
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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    While it has limited utility as a general purpose mp3 player, the Boss Micro BR 4-track recorder can play mp3's with a/b repeat. It also nulls out the center channel for play-along purposes, and it lets you time warp quite a bit to slow the tracks down without changing the tone. It goes for about twice what a good MP3 player does, plus its a 4-track recorder!

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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    I used to have a Trekstore iBeat.
    Long battery duration, repeat features, nice size out- and inside, good sound quality, ...

    But the company ran into a snag last year.
    Their website is back up and running, so they might have recovered.

    That Boss Micro sounds like a treat too!
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    Default Re: Mp3 player with A-B repeat

    The Amazing Slowdowner has an iPhone app (and maybe Android; don't know). You can loop any segment of an mp3, at any speed.

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