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    Default PMSS-64 VS System 76 VS YSS475

    HI!!! I' am in the search for my first soprano. I just wanted to know witch one of these would you recommend, but I' am very interested in the difference betwen the 64 and the 76, apparently the 64 it's more like an american vintage horn and the the 76 seems like a MVI or something like that. Witch one would be darker??? I assume (watching the price) that the quality construction is the same. I really like James Carter tone on soprano, anyone knows wich one does he play??? Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: PMSS-64 VS System 76 VS YSS475


    Why are you limiting yourself to these particular horns? I would suggest that you try out a number of horns before limiting your choices. In the same general price range, I would certainly have thrown the Yani S901 into the mix, and if you don't mind vintage the Buescher TT straight sop and the Yamaha YSS-62.

    The thing about sops is to get one that has excellent intonation and response plus ergos that you find comfortable. The bloody things are very difficult to play in tune even after lots of practice, so you will be practicing a whole lot if you are serious about getting good.
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    Default Re: PMSS-64 VS System 76 VS YSS475

    I strongly second David's comment regarding the Yani 901. Best bang for the buck in terms of mechanics, keywork, tone, intonation, etc. simply incredible. Yani reigns king when it comes to sopranos from my experience over the last 30 years.

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