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    Default Borgani Soprano: Worth a try?

    Seen on eBay, is it worth a try?

    Please advice. Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Borgani Soprano: Worth a try?

    Maybe if it was around $1300.

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    Default Re: Borgani Soprano: Worth a try?

    Borganis are hard to figure out. That particular soprano does not have
    adjustment screws on the bar by g#, has their simpler LH pinky pad
    and doesn't have the modern logo. It also has a higher serial number, which may mean it comes at the end of the their older production of very uneven quality.
    I would take a chance on it at $500, but no more. I have a curved soprano
    of the Ponzol-Borgani type (about 1998, I think but don't know for sure). It
    plays incredibly well, though it also has the older LH pinky pad. I put up
    with that because the sound is really nice, and I got the horn for $550. It
    is possible that they were experimenting with their metallurgy or something,
    and that some of the horns just before they switched to the Jubilee horns
    are really good, but cheap.

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    Default Re: Borgani Soprano: Worth a try?

    I contacted Borgani re this listing and they claimed that it was their student/intermediate level sax. It is not a Jubilee.


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