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Thread: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

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    Default Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    Ok. I actually asked about this sax about a year ago and decided to hold onto it for a year and ended up not using it at all (I wasn't in wind ensemble, and I play tenor in Jazz). The sax is three years old. I bought the sax for 1,450 new. It saw almost everyday use its first year while I was still only playing the alto, but after I picked up the tenor, I haven't really been playing it. I hadn't played it in almost a year until I started auditioning for my university's Jazz Band, in which I am now the lead alto. I'm sure you can see why I want to get a new alto.

    The sax I want to get a "quote" on is a Yamaha YAS 23 Alto Sax, serial # 161xxx. It has 99% lacquer (epoxy) and very few scratches. The octave key has lost its finish in a very small .25 cm diameter. The stock neck has 99% lacquer as well, and has no scratches. The mouthpiece is the 4C stock and is in almost new condition, though I probably will buy a new one to sell with the sax. I had it serviced by Alto Music in Monsey, NY the week of August 18 and small realignments were made. The sax was also polished for free!

    Anyways, the sax plays up and down the register, no leaks. Altissimo range is excellent, up to Altissimo F chromatically is possible since I can do it on the sax, though each player is different (*note*, this altissimo range is based on the 4C mpc...with my yani metal I can go a little higher). Pads are in great condition. All screws are present and accounted for...tension wires are all tense. Guards are not bent in any way. The "B" key gets a little sticky after about 4 hrs straight use (found this out while i was practicing for my audition), but this goes away if you use the "dollar bill" method or that nice paper which yamaha makes.

    The sax will be sold in its Yamaha case, though the case is a little scuffed on the outside and the "pleather" on the outside is loose on one side.

    I will most probably be selling the sax on this site, as I'm trying to get a good price for the sax, but I also do not want to get cheated. I'm looking for something in the vicinity of $850-900 but I wanted to check first if this was a good asking price first. It was appraised at $750 for a buyback, and at $950 for a trade in, but I'm looking to buy a kessler, which they do not stock, so I want to try here and see what I can get.

    So please, give me your $.02, and tell me what you think I can get for it. I will post links to pictures of the sax and its case as soon as I can get my hands on a camera.

    On another note, I also have a tenor sax Pro Tec case which was bought new and never used. Its valued at $125, so what would be a good asking price on that as well.

    I want to get this sold asap, so please respond asap on what you think the sax is valued

    *EDIT* Also, does anyone know if Dave Kessler does trade ins and how much he might do a trade in for this sax?
    **EDIT2** I've been playing the sax for almost 11 years and have been through 3 altos and 2 tenors, so I know what I'm talking about with the lacquer and such

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    here are those pics i promised:

    its a public album so just click the link to see the pics

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    If yours is a good one you could get like $600, but that's on the high side.
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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    I got mine in pretty good condition except for some surface scratches on the left side of the bell. It was $500-ish. It came in a black leather covered Yamaha 23 case, with neck, stock mpc, Neotech neckstrap, cleaning supplies and some other little things... I think it's still worth $500.

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    alright, looks like i'll try for that range then...thanks!

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    Just saw the pics. I thought, by that serial number, It was an older one. But it doesn't have an A at the end so it's a newer model (Also judging by the bell stamp). I don't think the age matters. But this is a nice one. I'd pay $600 for it, just as zxcvbnm said. I know this sound funny as it is only a student model sax, but I know a little too much about them, and too little about other great pro saxes. I love mine!

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    yea, the serial number is 161233, secrecy doesnt really matter with student models as much as vintage pro

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    Where'd you get that mouthpiece and ligature? It looks just like mine which is Long & McQuade.

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    its just a Yamaha 4C stock with a rovner lig...lol

    ...i think...it doesn't have a 4C stamp...I've always wondered about that...the lig is definitely rovner though, a dark if i remember correctly

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    Oh. Oops. I forgot my liagture COULD MAYBE be a rovner dark copy. The mpc doesn't look like a 4C...

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    hmmm... i guess i'll have to buy one to ship with the sax then...

    wonder what my mpc is then...lol

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    Default Re: Value of a Yamaha YAS23

    alright! posting to the market place...thanks for the help!

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