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    Exclamation Schill Tenor Sax

    My friend bought a Schill tenor sax off ebay a few years ago, black and gold, obviously bought if for looks and not for sound. Kids down and out on his luck at the moment and hes trying to drop the sax to make a profit. hes trying to get me to buy it. Planning on offering him 100 Bucks for it.
    Worth it
    Proably not right
    I hear they suck

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    Default Re: Schill Tenor Sax

    Yes, they have a very poor reputation.

    But if you need a cheap throw-away sax to play in rainstorms or in parades through hostile violent crowds, it might be ok for $100. Otherwise, you are probably wasting you money, and more importantly, your playing time.

    However, you might want to read this too:
    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: Schill Tenor Sax

    Depends on the purpose. Play it. If it plays ok for you, and you don't want to spend more than that on a tenor, it may be worth $100 for you. I don't think you're going to make any real profit on it -- if you try to resell it you could easily lose some money. But, if you want to keep it and use it and you like it fine, great! If it sucks and you don't want it, keep your $100.

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    Default Re: Schill Tenor Sax

    I told him 60 dollars
    he was upset but i told him this is all its worth to me
    So now i own it for 60 dollars
    i have yet to do the transaction but i will post my reactions to the sax
    In my mind I bought this instead of buying an X box game
    so i wont be that bitter if Its not good, besides i could just dump it on Ebay or something, ill definitively make 60 back

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    Default Re: Schill Tenor Sax

    I came accross a Schill Tenor with only a few minutes to go in a auction,they said it was German built. I thought maybe everyone was cooking turkey and I had stumbled on a Keilwerth stencil,so I grabbed it 300$.Duh! then I find it is made in China!I will give the seller a chance to just cancel this.I guess I may be have file a dispute.I guess they didn't know as this had been there Grandfathers sax and he left it to them when he died.Seems to be a lot of Grandfathers passing and leaving there saxes to the kid's...Huh don't recall any of that with any mk 6's lately...I am going to write a book "Gullable's Travels"

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    Default Re: Schill Tenor Sax

    Just the name would have scared me off. Instead of reading Schill, plug the word "shill" into Google and check out the meaning from it's Yiddish derivations...

    A lot of the cheap mass-manufactured instruments from Asia (mainland China in specific) have their importers using phrases like "German Designed." That doesn't make it a German horn, it just makes it a smaller lie than "German made."
    "Zoot" would a good name for a kid...

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