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    Default H. Couf T3200 Tenor

    Does anyone know much about this model horn? I've scoured the archives and the net. Not much mentioned other than it was probably mfg by Armstrong of parts made by ?? someone else.

    Does anyone have any hands-on experience with these? Are they decent horns? or not.....


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    Default Re: H. Couf T3200 Tenor

    I own one and it is a great sax! Here are photos...

    H-Couf T3200 Sax

    I myself know very little about this line of Sax - but having owned it - and played it - I can tell you it sounds great. I had a Woodwind repair person look at it once a few years back to check it out and she said it was a very nice sax, played well and sounds great. She does a lot of the local repairs for musicians in the St. Louis area.


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    Default Re: H. Couf T3200 Tenor

    The million dollar question, I think, is whether these use a Keilwerth body.

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    Default Re: H. Couf T3200 Tenor

    I always thought these were Amati stencils.



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    Default Re: H. Couf T3200 Tenor

    I'm pretty sure they are evolutions of the original Armstrong/HCouf Royalist II student horns. These were reverse engineered Keilwerth designs (done in their Detroit, MI office back then) - so they have strikingly similarities to the JK Royalist horns.

    The Royalist IIs were developed to lower the entry student horns. At that time they were selling the Royalist german horns as student when they were actually more of an intermediate priced and featured horn

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    Default Re: H. Couf T3200 Tenor

    I did some research on these T3200's about 4 years ago when I had a chance to buy one. They were not made by Keilwerth, but by Amati in the Czech Republic. Now the design is similar to a JK, because the Amati Co. was started by Julius Keilwerth, who was from (what is now) the Czech Republic, not Germany, as many erroneously believe.

    Yes, old Julius was born in Czechoslovakia and moved his company after WWII to escape communism (this is all chronicled on saxpics). But then you get into the whole issue of ethnic Germans who have always lived in the Czech Republic near the German border (which with his German-sounding name, JK no doubt was). Same thing with Poland. These were the areas that Hitler was the most interested in conquering because, due to their ethnic makeup, he felt they really belonged to Germany.

    But getting back to the point--this should be a solid horn. But because it's not a true JK, I just wouldn't pay over $900 for it, and probably $800 would be closer to its market value.

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