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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    I Just purchased a Yangisawa SC991 Soprano Sax from Matthew at Saxforte. Great Experience. Matthew runs a superb operation, selling only the highest quality instruments. I actually made an appointment with him to try two different instruments. When I arrived he had both instrument set up and ready to play. He took a lot of quality time with me and I left a happy customer. And by the way the price was the best I could find. Thanks Matthew.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    I want to thank Steve L for another excellent transaction.
    Once again he made every effort to make things right and very quick....

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Quote Originally Posted by saxobari View Post
    To add to this list:
    Sergeant ,it was a pleasure to sell the ligature to you.
    Also 10MFans,just a fantastic Offset tenor Berg I got from him,probably the best ever tenor metal mpc Ive ever owned,just amazing,thanks Mark!!!.FAst delivery,and just as described.
    Best regards
    Some others GREAT SELLERS here to add to my list.
    Don Pedro
    Dr G
    All fantastic guys to deal with,and great communication too!
    Again thanks again
    Best regards
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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    +1 for DonPedro
    Nice guy, great communiction, smooth transaction

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    10mfan - I've bought 2 outstanding pieces from Mark and his almost instant detailed emails, flexible arrangements and careful, sturdy packaging are the best I've experienced from any seller, anywhere.

    Plus his mpcs are so d@#n good!!!

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Jlima is great to deal with, I bought a Selmer Ref 54 Silver Neck from him, a great guy to deal with, very quick responses from emails.

    Playing a Selmer Ref 54 Limited Editon "Dragonbird" tenor, with Theo Wanne Gaia MetalMP, Selmer Ref 54 Silver Neck, Fibracell 2.5 Reeds, ect ect..
    Alto is a Yamaha YAS 62 with a Theo Wanne Gaia Rubber MP, plus Yamaha 4C MP

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Just got a great playing Bergonzi Slant from Rittmeister. Kent was friendly, prompt, and fun to converse with. A pleasure to deal with him.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    I wanted to put in a good word for Jeff Foster. Earlier today he and I had a fun session of conversation and playing, and made a mutually beneficial mouthpiece trade. He took the time to make the trip to my house (even though the trade was my idea) to help make my schedule work. He was friendly and all-around a good guy to deal with.

    AND, he let me play his TH&C tenor - what a guy!
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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    As you said, it was mutally beneficial. I hope we have many more opportunities to get together and play. And thanks for the altissimo tips.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    I would like to give a shout out to New Player. He sold my friend a very nice Yanagisawa T-6 and he is very pleased. I got to try it out myself, I had no idea how nice a Yani T-6 is! (Ok, yes i did) He is easy to work with and will communicate in a timely manner. Thanks Minh!

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Two thumbs up to Kritavi. In the past we had done some small mouthpiece deals. Recently, we consummated a deal on a beautiful looking and playing Conn Chu/6M Transitional. The horn is a lights out player and is a total looker. Jim was patient, quick to answer PM's here on SOTW and very generous with his time. He met me at his tech's place for a personal transfer of this beauty on New Year's Day! It was my first time meeting Jim in person, and he is just as much a gentleman in person as he is on line.

    He's got some horns to drool over. That 217,xxx gold plated Chu tenor was one of the most lush, sexy, phat tenors I have ever played!

    I recommend Kritavi without reservation.
    Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid. -- F.Z.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rittmeister View Post
    I'd like to put in a good word for runzoff. Great seller to deal with...
    Yeah, runzoff deserves mention here. She's super nice, and she knows a good Lamberson when she finds one. Very cool person to deal with.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Adding Jason DuMars - I bought a tenor from him. It was clearly and accurately described, he was easy to communicate with and shipped promptly, and when he made a (minor) shipping error, he refunded the shipping cost without me asking. Overall a very good experience. I would buy from him again in a heartbeat.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Sakshama Koloski - great guy to deal with and his pieces are fantastic.
    Uwe Steinmetz - I bought a soprano from him recently. Super nice guy, responds quickly, horn arrived as described and very well packaged.
    Atonal - Also a great guy to deal with. Got an awesome Soloist from him in a trade.
    Stan - might be the best kept secret on SOTW. He is the guy that makes the HSM pieces. Incredibly nice guy (I've met him) and superb product.
    All highly recommended.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    I just completed a very smooth mouthpiece trade (where I had to kick in some cash) with a new young SOTW member, McFlurry129.

    His father actually handled the sale with prompt communication and parcel tracking info.

    Trading or buying from a new SOTW member without a long history or reputation can be chancy, but it worked out well in this case!
    Covering the bari part- because no-one else owns one...
    Cannonball "Lady Godiva" Vintage, Selmer Ref 36 and Barone MAC 8 tenors; Cannonball Stone Series and Mk VII altos; Cannonball Stone series soprano and bari

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Pbob42 - Just bought a great sax from bob, long distance! Everything went very smoothly. Quick shipment and packed really well. Horn arrived undamaged and as described. I would buy from him again.

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    This is long overdue, but quite a few months ago I sold my Ref54 Tenor to dzve in Australia. He was extremely quick and professional to deal with, sent payment immediately, and was overall a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend anyone to trust him with a smooth and professional international or local transaction.
    Tenor: Selmer Reference 54 Lacquer, Vandoren V16 T-75, Superial D.C. 2.5's or ZZ 3's.
    Backup Tenor: Late 70s Yanagisawa 880

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    I've only done two deals with sellers here on SOTW, one buyer and one seller. The seller was nottheedge, and it was a great transaction. Great communication, very informative, and received the horn very quickly, packaged very well, and in excellent playing condition!!!!

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    I recently purchased a Barone Hollywood from Rittmeister. This guy is a great communicator, he packed the mouthpiece really well, gave me a very fair price and the mouthpiece arrived promptly! This was a smooth transaction from start to finish. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
    Tenor: Saxart Creative Tenor Silverplate, Warburton LA 7*, ED Rovner lig.
    Alto: Selmer Mk VI, Barone Vintage, ED Rovner lig
    Soprano: Jupiter 947, Bari HR, ED Rovner lig

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    Default Re: Great Sellers with Whom to Deal!

    Great many thanks to Sakshama, Uwe Steinmetz and Thomas - great sellers in the positive sense that their description are spot on and honest guys. Further thanks to Sakshama for making what is obviously great mouthpieces. The latter may not be 100 cosmetically perfect as some others, but they play to boot and personally, I quite like the small imperfections that come from the pieces being handmade.

    Very special thanks to Palo Tung (ptung on SOTW) of Just Saxes for going the extra mile(s). I purchased one of his own brand of inexpensive altos and it is scaringly close to my Yani for a minor fraction of the price, probably significantly influenced by Palo's meticulous setup. I really like Yanagisawa and very much hope they will survive the competition from their asian neighbors, but the horn Palo sent me, makes me wonder. My JS alto played great right out of the box like a Yani; solid construction and flush solders like a yani; and zippo leaks like a new Yani. Thanks Palo!

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