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    Smile DOLNET M70 vs Buffet S1/SDA Pictures


    I do have the somehow strange privilege to have two rather rare altos currently on a concert tour and took the chance to take some pictures.
    I nhave inserted the necks on the regular playing position to give you an idea of the angle that the saxophone follows while playing.

    As an outspoken Dolnet fan, I like the M70 models the best of all Dolnets (even though this one needs an overhaul) but it would be a tough choice to choose between one of these two altos.

    You can obviously see the design difference with the somehow "twisted" arrangement of the whole mechanic on the M70 to the left side - which does make sense in the end:

    - The LH side keys and pinky cluster are very easy to reach (better than on the Buffet SDA with the S1 mechanic). The high f# key on the M70 model is very easy to reach next to the F# trill key.

    - the neck bore is significantly more open on the M70

    - note the tone hole diameters: the M70 has a VERY BIG low D tonehole and a larger low B tonehole than the Buffet, the placing of the toneholes is nearly congruent. - But in my opinion having this bigger tonehole on the low D and B really helps the response and intonation/balance of the low register

    - Both of them have mother of pearl key inlays and on the key guards, both mdoels have a great individual engraving down the bow, the laquer is a bit more on the "honey" side on the M70 model.

    - Bell - to - body brace follows a different concept

    - the bell area from the bow appears to be more slim on the Dolnet

    - when it comes to measurements, the M70 body tube is a bit more on the "parabolic" side - means (if I understand this whole issue correctly), it is a big thicker in the middle range of the tube than the Buffet model. In general the body tube of the M70 is a big longer, the neck therefore a bit shorter.

    - bell diameter is the same

    - the angle of the neck is a bit more "upwards" on the M70 model

    - Playing wise: Intonation on both horns is a joy, totally flawless, no comaprison to any Bel Air model I have played where intonation was always an issue.

    - Sound wise, sorry, but I prefer the M70 for its thick centred tone from pp to ff, there is a core sound that doesn´t change, certainly not as brilliant as the Buffet but it has a certain depth that I enjoy a lot. response on both horns is great and the Buffet is certainly one of the best Buffets I have ever played.

    That´s it for now, if you have specific questions, let me know and I will try to measure...have the two horns for 5 more days together.


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    Default Re: DOLNET M70 vs Buffet S1/SDA Pictures

    That distinctive diamond-shaped bell brace means never having to ask "which one is the Dolnet?"

    I can see what you mean about the larger low D tone hole, and the B/Bb pads are FRIGGIN' HUGE. It also looks like the low C is pushed further down the bow, which implies the hole beneath is larger as well, even if the pad and cup are not.

    The rotated bell thing is interesting, it seems not quite as severe as on the tenors but interesting nonetheless. I notice they did away with the double-action on the B/Bb keys, which is kinda clunky on the Bel Air (though it does mean they stay in adjustment longer -- a knock that moves the bell also moves the keys), and the low C# is articulated, another change from the Bel Air models, and a good one.

    I've also never seen a pearl-type keytouch for high F#. Is it where it should be? If so, the fact that it is relatively small is not at all important.

    Maybe get some sound samples for us before you have to part with it?
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    Default Re: DOLNET M70 vs Buffet S1/SDA Pictures

    Uwe, why S1/SDA? This looks like an S1, although I can't see well the LH pinky cluster. What serial No.?
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    Default Re: DOLNET M70 vs Buffet S1/SDA Pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by AhCheung View Post
    Uwe, why S1/SDA? This looks like an S1, although I can't see well the LH pinky cluster. What serial No.?
    Hi AhCheung,

    Well, its one of these "transitional" Super Dynactions that has Super Dynaction engraved on the side but has the two tone laquer design and the mechanic of the SI model. Apparrantly Buffet did this for a long time since this one has a serial number in the 20xxx range (I am not with the horn right now but I am pretty sure it was THAT high). I have seen another Buffet SDA/SI with a equally high serial number and the SDA engraving. -You might want to check saxpics on this.

    I am not sure I can manage sound samples. Will see. Yes, the High Fis is very convenient, even though I don^t need it for High Fis but mostly for alternate flageolett fingerings and multiphonics, I am used to older horns without High Fis.

    Thanks for your interest, Uwe.

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