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    Default Pointed key arms

    Do these make any functional difference? I have seen several nice older flutes recently that are 10-20 year old flutes from Sankyo, Muramatsu, Miyazawa that are fairly reasonably priced from reasonable vendors, but have flat keys with 'Y' arms.

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    From what I've read Y arms are supposed to be stronger and help prevent the key cups from being bent. Most of the student and intermediate flutes have these. I don't know from personal experience it this is true or not.
    As I said before, It is only what I have read.

    Gordon may have better information for you on this subject.
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    In theory the french arms should place the pad down evenly but I can tell no difference. I would need to look at the flute I am playing to tell the difference. I make them both ways and the french arms cost about $250 more to make due to the soldering and clean-up. I will say that the arms look nice. I use a pointed cup with Y-arms and it looks a little more "upmarket". If you are buying a flute costing over $5K, then go for the fancy stuff. There is nothing wrong with those old Y-arm flutes from Japan.

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    The type of arms, if well made, are totally irrelevant.

    In theory, the pointed ones may be a zillionth of a mm more stable, but that is meaninglessly small. The pointed arms are done like that only for prettiness. Ignore the marketing BS.

    The cheapest flutes have non-pointed arms. (not because that is stronger, but because it is cheaper to make) The fancy flutes with pointed arms still have (i.e. have to have) non-pointed arms on the 5 key cups the fingers directly press.
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