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    Default value of alto King super20?

    I'm needing opinions on the value of my alto King super 20 serial #278xxx. It has pearl keys, silver neck, lacquer still in beautiful condition with etching on bell. I played it for years but don't play anymore. It's still the best sounding alto sax I've heard!

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    Do you have pictures? Just for reinforcement of the overall image.

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    Hmmmm. Last time I checked, mdevf, this is the SML section. Perhaps your question would be more at home in the King section? What do you think? You may even get more replies!

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    Hello !!

    What about the quality in term of sound and construction (and value) about the SUPER 20 serie III ?? Those made in 1957 with Sterling silver double socket neck, underslung octave key, engraved keycups on the bell (Serial #: 359XXX) ?! For 3300 $ ????

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    Default Re: value of alto King super20?

    I have pictures. Sorry it's been so long. I can send pictures to an email address. I don't know how to post pictures on this site. mdevf

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