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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    I'm the guy who get's that Berg soon
    Changed my horn to a B901 and the Link HR doesn't work to good with this horn. I currently have a Charles Bay Mulligan Edition on trial which is actually very nice and free blowing but very expensive

    We'll see...

    best wishes


    B901 - Charles Bay Mulligan Edition - Rico Royal 3.5 / Pearl PF-661 / Buffet RC - Viotto Eddie Daniels - Vandoren 2.5

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Hey Chris!

    Funny, here we are...! The Berg is in the mail, let me know when you receive it please. I'm looking forward to the rubber Link, hope it all works for us both!

    best, DC

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    leblanc 7190BA
    Yanagisawa 5 mouthpiece
    Rico 2

    just got it in the mail last week. I'm still trying to remember how to play after 9 years off.

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Gretsch Commander. It's a Buescher stencil using the TrueTone/New Aristocrat split bell tube and a combination of TrueTone/Aristocrat keywork (has a pearl G# from early TT but a roller Bb). Engraving is Art Deco, so probably early 30’s. Nickel-plated keys. The lower octave key cup has the tiny fitting for the Buesher snap-on pad, but that’s the only snap-on.

    Right now, it’s all stripped down with new corks, felt, teflon, and waiting for Black Roo pads with seamless domed resonators. No mouthpiece yet, so I didn’t really try to play it before refurbishing. I bought a Rico B7 and a Rovner ligature off of the web and they should get here about the same time as the pads. Can’t wait.

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    '57 The Martin Baritone
    Vandoren B95
    La Voz medium

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    MK VI 99xxx bought about 1996 for $2400.
    Lawton metal #9, .130" opening, refaced by Bob Carpenter.

    Al Carter

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Phil Barone Gold Laquered, low A
    Rousseau 6R, Vandoren Traditional 3
    Consoli Ramplig Dark
    Piano: Hyundai (Upright) Sop: Phil Barone; Selmer S80 EAlto: Selmer Series III; Rousseau NC4
    Bari: Phil Barone; Rousseau 6R
    Flute: Pearl PF-501 Clarinet: Bundy Resonite

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Yanagisawa B990
    Yana' metal 8 mouthpiece (thanks Stretch!)
    Med Fibracell reeds/ Vandoren ZZ 3/ Legere 2 3/4

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Quote Originally Posted by Al Carter View Post
    MK VI 99xxx bought about 1996 for $2400.
    Lawton metal #9, .130" opening, refaced by Bob Carpenter.

    Al Carter
    Al, good to hear you're still kicking around these parts. I hope to hear you play someday. Let me know if and when you want to sit in.
    "I played the wrong, wrong notes." - Thelonious Monk
    Quinn the Eskimo Vintage Horns ~ Woodwind Forums ~ The Bis Key Chronicles

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    1957 Martin Committee w/flat metal resos
    Greiffenhagen "Double Chamber" Vandoren B75 (.110" opening)
    Rico Royal 2.5 or 3
    "So shines a good deed in a weary world"........W. Wonka

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    P Mauriat PMB-300DK Low A Bronze Baritone (best horn ever imho)
    Runyon Quantum Metal #12 (best mpc I've ever used)
    Jazz Selects 2s

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    I'm happy after over 50 years with my Yamaha 62. I play a vintage mid 50's Gregory #6
    opened to .115 and 28mm facing length by Mouthpiece Guru, BOB CARPENTER, with his personal "3 step facing curve." Number 3 HAHN synthetic, and Rovner Mk III ligature.
    Does everything I ask of it. For real glass breaking, a BOB CARPENTER refaced mid 60's
    Level Aire opened to .125. Stock ligature, and #2 Hahns. Very funky, tremendous volume when needed. Find your own thing.....Hope it doesn't take you as long as it did me.

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Low Bb Vito The Duke - Made in France

    Mpc - Barkley Lawton Prototype or Bari Gold 95

    Reed - Rico 2 1/2
    Martin Indiana Alto
    Low Bb Baritone Vito "The Duke"
    Yamaha 411 Flute

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Buescher Super 400
    Vandoren OptimumBL4
    Rover Dark lig
    Lavoz Med hard

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup


    '57 Silver plated Conn 12M bari
    '58 Silver plated King Zephyr bari
    '62 "The Martin" "Official Music Man Model" bari

    All played with the same Jody Jazz ESP 8, Rovner light ligature, and LaVoz med. reeds or Fibracell Med. reeds
    Martin D. Williams
    Yeah, I did that.

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Weltklang Low A
    Berg Larsen Metal SMS 105/2 - La Voz Hard
    Ottolink TE 8* - La Voz Medium Hard

    Stay hard!

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    yamaha 52
    berg 120/0
    hemke 3.5's
    Alto: cannonball big bell series, silver plated. vandoren AL3 with vandoren 3.5's or stock cannonball with jazz selects Soprano "maxtone", vandoren AL3 vandoren 3'sClarinet: 1950's buffet r13, vandoren b45, vandoren 3.5's
    flute: miyazawa 202, 9mz headjoint. piccolo: emerson boston legacy with keefe headjoint.

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Weltklang Low A
    Runyon Custom 10 (w/o spoiler) / Rico Royal 2.5
    Caravan / Rico Royal 3
    Tenor: Yamaha YTS-61 (Otto Link STM/Fibracell, Selmer Soloist D/Vandoren BB) || Alto: Yamaha YAS-61 (Vandoren V16 A6S/Vandoren Java)
    Bari: Weltklang 3xxx (Vandoren V16 B9/RJS) || Clarinet: Selmer Series 9 (John Pierce/Vandoren BB)

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Modern Buffet-Crampon 400 series Bari
    Yamaha 5C
    Rico 3

    Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz
    Brancher L29
    Rico 3

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    Default Re: Your Baritone Setup

    Yanigasawa 901 Baritone Sax
    Selmer D* mouthpiece
    BG ligature
    Vandoren Standard #3 reeds
    Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Soprano, Alto, Tenor
    Yanagisawa Baritone, Yamaha Flute/Piccolo, Buffet Clarinets

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