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    I am a part time sax player with VERY limited experience. I would like to find out how to play sax part from Bob Seger Turn The Page, but I need the notes. Any help? Also, is it played on alto or something else? Matt

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    I used to play this tune all the time with a band I used to work with..

    If I remember correctly the tune is in the Key of E concert (C# on Alto) so the Alto notes on that opening part are;

    E D# B F# G#
    E D# B F# G#
    G# F# E D# B C#.. On a Long and Lonesome Highway
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    Smile Re: Turn The Page

    I worked it out on guitar and then transcribed it to the Alto

    I'm hearing this:

    Alto Intro
    E D# B F# G#, F#-G#
    E D# B F# G#
    F# E D# B F# G#... On a long an lonesome highway...

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    Yeah, all those #s sound about right!

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    I'd call it key of concert Em (same signature as G), which would transpose to C#m (same signature as E) on the Alto. Make sense?

    Guitar chords in the song are Em, D, A, with a C dropped in during the refrain. Would love to hear thoughts on what to play on the alto during the verse and refrain chord progressions when there is sax, but it sounds to me like he's hanging on the V, IV, or I note of the chord being played and then making little runs - like G#-E-D#-B - here and there.

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