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    Default Classical MPC for chu tenor

    Hi. I know these are not great horns for this type of music but it's the only tenor I got, so I was thinking maybe with the right MPC I can get a decent dark sound (I like the rascher school by the way). Has someone tried rascher mpc on these horns? What other possibilities do I have for a classical sound? Thank you very much.

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    Any large chambered mpc with a smaller tip will do

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    I think Dave is right -- any large chamber mp with a small tip opening will work. You may be able to find a Conn mp that is contemporary with your horn. These show up on eBay from time to time -- and get too mch money if you ask me!

    But seriously, if you live in an area where you have an old family-run music store, ask them to let you go through all the used and dusty old mps they have in back. You may very well find an old mp that will do the job.

    You are welcome to email or pm me. I have just done that kind of visit and have several old Woodwind mps and a few Rascher style mouthpieces. We can work out a price.


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