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    Default Eric Alexander and Chris Potter equipment

    Does anybody know the actual equipment of these both excellent tenor players ?

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    Eric Alexander = Mark VI (A Semler), Florida Metal Link, Rico Select Jazz

    Chris Potter = Mark VI, Otto Link, Rico Select Jazz

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    The last time I saw Eric Alexander, he was using a Francois Louis ligature, Rico Select Jazz 3M reeds, a Theo Wanne Link, and a Mark VI.

    Chris Potter uses a silver Super Balanced Action tenor, and has been for the past few years. He also uses Rico Select Jazz 3M (filed) reeds. His mouthpieces are either a metal Link (8*) that he bought from Theo Wanne a few years ago in Philly )while he was in town playing with Dave Holland's Quintet, and then he played trio at Chris' with Scott Colley and Bill Stewart - a lot of saxophone those few days! ) - he also uses a 9* hard rubber Link (a modern one), but Francois Louis worked on it for him.

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    For live, may be Eric Alexander sometime use a Francois Louis ligature. But what I find in many photo (studio & live), most often he use a stock Otto Link lig or Selmer 404 ligature.

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    The older pics show him with the Link ligature. However, as JS states, more recent photos show him using the Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature.

    Evidence can be found here.

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    Just saw Eric Alexander. He was using the stock Link ligature.

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    Actually, I really want to know what's the main difference in sound on a STM by using a Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature & a good Otto Link stock Ligature ? FL more bright & let the reed to get more ?

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    I certainly can't speak for either Eric or Chris. As far as ligature go with my own personal experience......your mileage may vary......what works for one player's preference may not yield the same results for you. After years of trying many types of ligs....Lebayle "Fusion", Rovner, Ligaphone, Consoli, stock metal ligs, FLouis, etc. I have gotten my best results for a good full tone and flexibility on my metal SRTech Fusion piece with a Selmer silverplated Tenor ligature...for a bit I used the alto one but found I got a richer less edgy, less buzzy tone and better response throughout the range with the tenor model. I think in part is because the Selmer silverplate ligature is made of brass rather than whatever metal is used to make lots of other metal ligs and I also think the tenor size is less buzzy since it covers a larger area of the reed table.

    Don't worry about what any other player uses....everyone has a different oral cavity in addition to embousure, lips, air stream...there are a lot of factors to take into account. Chances are to achieve a tone similar to whatever favorite player you dig you will most likely get it using a different set up than the star. I know of no other alto player that (at least to my ears) sounds like Dave Sanborn playing on a Dukoff D9 or Lenny Pickett playing a Berg 130, etc.

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