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    Default Problems with Selmer Series III

    My Selmer Series III is having problems. I've had it for approx. 7 months. It's been in for repairs five times for the same problem- innumerable leaks. And it keeps coming back moderately better, but not fixed. It's nearly impossible to play softly or in the low register. Even my teacher, who's a professional player and a college professor, can't get it to play correctly.

    After this much trouble, what would you do? It's still under warranty, and I'm honestly thinking about demanding a replacement. My teacher thinks the keyholes may be uneven.

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    Document all the repairs that were attempted on the horn and take those records back to the dealer along with the horn. Go in the shop during business hours while customers are present. Calmly, and most importantly, politely lay the horn up on the counter along with your original receipt, warranty and repair record and let the manager know you wish to return a saxophone pursuant to your warranty. You must know the terms of your warranty beforehand, as you may only be allowed a replacement horn. Assuming your take on the warranty is valid, don't take no for an answer and don't leave the horn with them for additional repairs. Make copies of everything for your records before you go. If you are unable to travel to the dealer's place of business, don't just call them and try to work things out over the phone. Put everything in writing and then call to check on the status, again, putting everything discussed in writing in follow up. Some warranty claims might require a certified letter as notice. Once again, know your warranty and don't be nasty or impolite. A respectable dealer will honor your warranty claim and do their best to keep you satisfied.

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    Another option would be to see if you can get another shop to look it over and fix it. The tech that has been working on it might not be very good. You may want to see who your teacher uses.

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