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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Selmer Series II
    Morgan Excalibur 7E
    Christoph Heftrig ligature (Thanks abadcliche!)
    Vandoren ZZ 3

    I use this setup for big band, small group, and musical theatre. I also have a Vandoren Optimum AL4 that I use with an FL ligature for classical, but I've never used that on a gig...

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Conn USA 6m viii
    MPC Berg Larsen 90/1 m
    Rico Reeds #3
    Rico Padded Strap
    No Back up
    Yamaha YAS 23, Berg Larsen 90/1 m
    Rico Select Jazz #2H, Neotech Strap

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Yamaha YAS82Z
    MPC Otto Link Tone Edge7
    Reed Java2/La Voz Med
    Lig. Yamaha

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Hi there,

    my Alto setup:
    HORN: Yamaha YAS-62
    MPC: Selmer "Larry Teal" ebonite mpc
    LIG: Rover Mk III
    REED: Vandoren (2.5 or 3)
    MIC: Audio Technica ATM-35

    Music - His gift, my duty, our fellowship 3Jn2
    Yanagisawa A992 Alto, Yamaha YAS-62 Alto & YTS-62 Tenor, Selmer Paris Series II Soprano Sax

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Alto Setup:
    1951 SBA alto / meyer 5m

    after i get better intonation I will gamble with a beechler bellite mouthpiece. See if I can get a contemporary sound out of my sba.

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Horn: Selmer Super Action Series I or a Yanagisawa A991
    Mpc: Refaced Vintage Selmer Soloist D (small combo stuff) and a Vandoren Java A 45 for everything else (mostly lead alto work)
    Reeds: Vandoren Java 3
    Lig : Vandoren Optimum or a BG Super Revelation

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Kessler alto, Hite Premier, Rovner Light, various strengths of Fibracells, Vandoren Javas, V16s, and old Rico Royals (I'm not picky about reeds).

    I like this setup a lot. I've tried a bunch of higher-priced mouthpieces, and found that the Hite Premier is the most reed-friendly and tonally-flexible of the bunch. I have a home-made "spoiler" that I'll stick in it when I feel like I need a little more cut.
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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Selmer Ref. Hummingbird
    Meyer 7 New York Model, Bob Ackerman for backup (Just in case...)
    Vandoren Optimum Ligature
    Rico Jazz Select 3M filed reeds

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    sax: a 1930's american artist
    mpc: selmer c* soloist size 5
    reed :normally a blue box v size 3.5 or javas 3.5
    lig: no name synth cloth type

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    1964 mK VI
    oleg neck
    RPC 85 mpc
    Rico Jazz select, filed 2M

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Ref 54 hummingbird with custom neck
    vandoren optimum al4 - classical
    custom meyer medium chamber 6 - Jazz
    Bonade ligature
    DeJacques neckstrap
    vandoren blue box 3 - classical
    vandoren V16 3 - jazz

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Cool Reed Pipes alto (very nice chinese horn)
    Mouthpiece Cafe NYC
    Chris Heftrig ligature

    It's working for me so far

    - Ed

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    -1988 Yamaha Yas-23
    -Gold-Plated G1 Custom Neck
    -Prestini Pads with custom resonators
    -Phil-Tone Custom Meyer (Have a second one on the way as a backup)
    -Rico Reserve & Legere synthetic reeds
    -Re-adjusted stainless steel springs (I prefer a stiffer spring setup)

    I got the idea of customizing/tuning the sax from fellow Yamaha players who did similar types of modifications. Using this setup, I get a very big, bold yet warm tone that can be used for nearly any type of music.

    Also, my tech tried my setup and was extremely impressed. He stated that it sounded "like an excellent vintage saxophone."
    "An instrument is only as competent as the musician using it."

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Selmer Series III

    Legit: Selmer LT mpc(Scroll shank), Rovner Dark / Selmer standard lig (i flip flop), Vandoren blue box 3 1/2's

    Jazz: Meyer 5M, Rovner Eddie Daniels lig, Vandoren ZZ's 3's, LaVoz Med, whatever I have... (I play most of my jazz stuff on Bari)

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Meyer 6M
    Plasticover 3.5

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    My handy dandy Selmer Series III! Her name is Marsalia (I like naming my objects).
    Selmer S80 C* (I like the one that came with the Series III more than the one I actually bought)
    Vandoren Blue Box 3.
    Rovner Dark.

    My dream setup has been achieved! Phew. I'm going to go shut up and practice now.

    "Tone is like chocolate. It should be dark and sweet, with a hint of silkiness."

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Yamaha 875 EX
    Selmer S80 C**
    Regular 2 screw metal lig
    Vandoren Blue Box 3/ and I have 1 Legere 2.75 Studio Cut

    Yamaha 23 (Marching band horn)
    Meyer 6M
    Rovner Rip Off Lig
    Vandoren 2.5

    Martin Indania
    Don't know its in the mail.

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    Yamaha EX Alto w/ unlaquered G1 neck

    RPC 90R w/ Superial 2 1/2 (and a Phil-tone .093)

    Rousseau NC4 w/ Vandoren 3

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    concert horn-

    YAS-82Z silver plate
    vandoren jumbo java A35
    medium La Voz reeds
    Rovner dark lig

    marching band-

    selmer usa 100 professional model
    ditto for the rest

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    Default Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    You use a jumbo java for concert...
    Buescher curved soprano silver plate high F/Jicaino custom large chamber sop piece
    Buescher Aristocrat 140 silver plate /Jicaino refaced Buescher piece

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