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    Recently bought a rather old Revere tenor (ser# 5809)- does anyone know the history of this company? Seems to be nicely built. Can't play it yet because the pads are gone or fossilized. Also - I'm wondering about the neck. It seems to be "wrinkled" or "hammered" all over. Is this from a major repair job, or could this possibly be the way it was made? Tough to imagine it was that badly damaged - the rest of the sax was obviously taken care of nicely. Another interesting thing is the microtuner nut for accurately pushing out the mouthpiece. How common was that? Thanks for any enlightenment!

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    The sax you speak of is a beaugnier stencil. beaugnier is a small french sax maker who vito\leblanc bought out in the mid fifties. I own a beaugnier alto and it kills. Make sure of the condition and check that the neck is original, good luck

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    I have 2 Revere tenors s/n 5985 and 6021. Usual Beaugnier design. It is good, if you have taken this tenor under 200 dollars. I can not tell, that the saxophone has a good sound. For me, for example, even Indiana/Olds Ambassador better than this French.

    I can assume, that Leblanc have decided (after purchase of this bankrupt company approximately in 50th years) to make Beaugnier saxophones under new trade marks, for example, “Vito”, “Noblet”, “Selmer Pensilvania”, “Besson”, “Revere” and possible others.

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