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    Default Free download of Hymns in the Garden by Kirk Whalum

    Not sure if anyone knew this, but he's offering this cd for a free download. I got this from his bulletin on Myspace.
    I already have it and love it... Thought someone else might like to hear it.

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    Thanks for posting the link, it had been awhile since I had been to Kirk's site. I'm listening to his tunes as I write this, man I love his playing and his spirit. It is really great when someone so gifted is unashamed to profess his belief in Christ.

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    WOW, that is an incredible CD! Thanks for letting us know JB!
    And thanks to KIRK!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randall
    WOW, that is an incredible CD! Thanks for letting us know JB!
    And thanks to KIRK!
    My pleasure, didn't want you guys to miss out.
    How do you like "Precious Lord"? Track 4? I love the way he did that song very much.

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    how? i went in but cant find any free dl. pls help

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    Nor me. Has it been withdrawn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelliot2
    Nor me. Has it been withdrawn?
    Im pretty sure it has. It was for the holiays.

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    I have recommended this album many times on this forum.
    I have it.
    Kirk gets a great sound.
    I especially enjoy his alto sound on one track.
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    Is there someway to get the sheet music for this album?

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    Curtis has some of Kirk's tunes transcribed and can do them for you too.

    I just wish I could play them.

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    Default Re: Free download of Hymns in the Garden by Kirk Whalum


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