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    Default Runyon Low C# Extension Key

    Hi, has anybody tried the Runyon Low C# Extension Key yet? if so, wat do u think of it?


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    I have used the Runyon "Pinky Palm Key" since they were first produced. In fact, Mr. Runyon called me up one day, "Paul, come up to Lafayette as soon as you can, I have something new to show you." This was when I first saw the prototype. At that time it was soldered on to his sax. Then he made a way to make it installable by the buyer.

    You can easily play passages that otherwise would be impossible to do quickly and easily. Trill from low B to C#, or Bb to C#. You can get around down on the bottom end with far greater speed and smoothness. If you just leave the key pressed, it automatically works the G# as you come up the scale. So, when playing in keys with lots of sharps (A, E, B, F#) or lots of flats (Ab, Db, Gb, etc) you can just leave it pressed.

    The key attaches with setscrews to the arm going out to the low C# key touch. Due to the shape of the arm, it will not work on a Selmer Balanced Action or Super Balanced Action. On a Mk VI it may require a little grinding of the mounting block here or there for clearance. Most newer horns require no modification. The shank of the key is deliberately too long, so that you can position it to fit your hand properly, and cut off the excess. It can also be bent slightly to fit your hand well.

    Due to the way it sticks out, you will need to remove it to place it in the case. Leave the mounting block in place on the key, and just loosen one setscrew, and slide the key out. Should you ever lose a setscrew, it is a common 6-32, and uses a 1/16" allen wrench. You can get these at hardware stores, and most any hobby shop (look for Dubro brand hardware, buy a bag of "wheel collars", which has 4 of these screws and an allen wrench).

    It will not work with older horns where the hinge line of the low keys is toward the side of the horn... old Bueschers, Conns, SMLs, Buffets, etc. It will work with modern Selmer, Yamaha, Keilwerth, Yanagisawa, L A Sax, Unison, Antigua Winds, Jupiter, and other saxes. It will not work on student saxes that do not have an articulated low C# key. To test to see if your low CE# is "articulated", press the low C# key. Observe the pad that opens near the bottom of the horn. Now, while holding the C# key down, press either the low B or low Bb. If the low C# pad remains open, it is not articulated (such as on Bundy II, Selmer USA 300, Yamaha 23 student models). If the low C# pad closes when you press the low B key, it is articulated, and will work properly with the Runyon Pinky Palm Key.

    With this key you will be able to play passages that no amount of practice will allow you to play.

    Email me at and I will send you pictures of this key installed.
    You are all welcome to contact me at, which is my public email address set up especially for my friends here on Sax On The Web.

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    Default Re: Runyon Low C# Extension Key

    I've just been informed by Lilly at Runyon that this was discontinued two years ago. Major bummer!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Runyon Low C# Extension Key

    Update again - I asked if they may have a used one laying around I could buy and she said she found one and is including it in my order (also ordered a mouthpiece and a book and some risers) free of charge - seem like really nice folks. Does anybody know why they aren't producing the C# extension keys any more?

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    Default Re: Runyon Low C# Extension Key

    I would guess they made one production run and it took a long time to sell out. Not enough demand to make it profitable doing it this way. Gizmos like this are usually custom made one at a time as requested. Guys who do custom key modifications can satisfy the demand.

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    Default Re: Runyon Low C# Extension Key

    Yeah, I wrote back and asked why they stopped making them and she said customers had a hard time installing them and most had to have repair shops put them on and not that many customers ordered them anyway. Still, I'm excited to get mine and thankful I was able to get one. If it works out that it helps me as I think it will I'll be extremely thankful.

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