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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Quote Originally Posted by warp x View Post
    Time for an update.

    Leblanc System tenor
    Otto Link 7* or 8* or Lebayle LR or my FrankenZinner or old Selmer Soloist F.
    Legeres 3-3.5.
    Brilhart Personalin on the way, yay!
    Now on a Morgan Excalibur.

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Guardala Tenor (B&S); SR Tech"Titan" mpc; Francois Louis ligature; Rigotti Gold or Robertos 2.5 Med

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Selmer SBA (circa 1952)
    Jody Jazz DV7 with Rover or alterred Vandoren V16 lig
    Vandoren ZZ 2.5, Rico 2.5

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Yamaha 82 Z Lacquer
    Jody Jazz DV 8* w/ Rovner Light and Jody Jazz HR 9* w/ Rovner Dark (I switch b/w the two)
    Vandoren ZZ 3.0/2.5 for the mpc's resp.
    Standard neck strap (only there if I accidentally let go of my horn...which has yet to happen...I have a tendency to let the neck strap get pretty loose while I play)
    Alto: 1978 Selmer Mark VII, Selmer Soloist .090" (Refaced by Fred Rast from a C*), W. Stone Ligature, Vandoren Traditional 2.5

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    update from my post from a year ago,

    Selmer Mark VI 86xxx.
    Phil Tone 105 Hard Rubber mouthpiece
    Rovner Light Lig
    FL reeds 2 1/2 or 3.

    I really like these Phil tone pieces, I use them on both alto and tenor now.
    Very good players, intonation is spot on and response is very quick.
    Poweful too, I can play acoustically in most situations, rehearsels, sessions etc without having to overblow and lose control.
    It really wails when pushed, with a big Gene Ammons like sound

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    I will soon have a Francois Louis Spectruoso SP T285 to help or maybe replace the MBII
    with a Francois Louis Ultimate Lig
    and a Trevor James Horn Classic
    and Vandoren ZZ reeds #3
    Soprano: Jean Baptiste Deluxe Curved Soprano, Bari Gold #8,#3 Alexander Superial reeds
    Tenor: Conn 10M Naked Lady, Sakshama Shorty 7*, #3S RJS reeds

    Index of Common Questions!!!

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    what is with jazz houses vatar it has a hedgehog. i want a tenor therefore i will go find an alto sax group.
    YAS 62II, [Eugene Rosseau NC4],
    Choosing open holed flute or not:

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Selmer Mark VI 83,xxx
    Barone Hollywood 8
    Selmer 404 Lig
    Rico Jazz Select Unfiled 2H

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Was playing Brilhart Tonalin .100 and an Ackerman Lost Wax Metal 7*, pretty much covered it all for me, but I recently gravitated to my Tenny Slant 7* with DC Superial 2.5 reeds and Selmer 2 screw ligature. Big, full tenor sound.

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Selmer SA80II Selmer Sterling Neck Vintage 5*Arnold Brilhart Levelair 3-3.5 Ricoplasticovers.

    thats my final answer............

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    PB MAC 20 Copper tenor.
    Jumbo Java T75 with Fibracell Medium, or V-16 2.5
    Also been using the stock MPC that came with the PB MAC, and its surprisingly versatile and lovely sounding.
    Soprano:Curved Martin Handcraft Silver plate
    Alto: Yanagisawa A901 & Conn Chu Berry GP
    Tenor/ Bari: PB MAC20 / Jupiter Bari Sax

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    I went to see Emilio this past Friday with my Super 20 for some tweaking.

    When I arrived, a lovely Berklee co-ed from Chile was with Emilio. He asked if I would let her try my Super 20. I cheerfully obliged and she put her vintage slant sig on my Super 20 and proceeded to blow softly and sweetly and dark.

    It totally blew my mind. I had never heard my horn played that way. It was like watching a race car in slow motion.

    She gave it back to me, after enjoying the sampling, and I put my Florida STM 8* on and it filled the room with the ballsy sound I'm used to. I then switched to my Dukoff D9 and made it scream like a banshee.

    A gentleman in the room likened my tone to a woman screaming at him. I could only smile.
    Just two questions: Where's the Bar located relative to the stage, and does the band get a discount?

    Songs I recorded with The Cyclones

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Common, you know it was this guy.
    Just say no to cane!

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Selmer super action 80 series II
    Jody Jazz ESP 7*
    Rico jazz select

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Yamaha YTS-62
    For mouthpieces, I alternate between a Meyer 5M with Vandoren Traditionals (#3) and a LeBayle Metal (Not sure which kind) #6 with Vandoren Javas (2 1/2).

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Quote Originally Posted by BASS SAXMAN View Post
    Common, you know it was this guy.
    My eyes.....they burn........

    And I just changed my set-up; I've been transitioning for a year, picking up a sop and a WX5.... MK VII tenor with Handmade Guardala Brecker II, 402 lig w/Fibracell Premiums. Diggin it.
    "I'll play it and tell you what it is later. "

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?


    After alternating between an Ebolin 3* and a Graftonite A3 on the 1945 The Martin, I found a Link Tone Edge 8 that I like much better than either. Playing Vandoren trad 3's.
    "We don't determine music, the music determines us; We only follow it to the end of our life: then it goes on without us." -- Steve Lacy

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Mark VI 195xxx
    Guardala BM
    Rico Select Reeds
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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    '65 King Zephyr
    vintage HR Selmer C* Soloist
    Harrison Ligature
    Vandoren traditional #3

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    At the moment:

    Mark VI (141xxx) that was gold plated some years ago.
    Otto Link NY 7* refaced by Mojo
    RJS 2H and Vandoren JAVA 3s. I can't make up my mind

    This is likely to change. I have a Barone Jazz coming to me soon as well as a Powell refaced Otto Link TE, along with a FL Ultimate lig for the metal link sized pieces. I used to use a V16 as my #1 but I'm liking my NY more and more these days.

    We shall see!
    "I will say too, that lovemaking, if sincere, is one of the best ideas Satan put in the apple she gave to the serpent to give to Eve. The best idea in that apple, though, is making jazz."
    -Kurt Vonnegut

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