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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Quote Originally Posted by christiansax View Post
    Time To Update...

    The Martin Tenor Sax
    Saxscape SL .105
    La Voz Medium

    I leave my reeds in a jar with a bit of water to keep them wet and in playing condition anytime i need them. Works great so far!!
    What do you do to avoid the growth of mold? Do you put anything in the water, like vodka or hydrogen peroxide, or do you leave the jar open or in the fridge? Or ? I tried putting some reeds in a closed container with a damp sponge in it, and even though the sponge had hydrogen peroxide on it, I got a great mold garden growing on my reeds because I couldn't play for a week and forgot to look at them.
    "We don't determine music, the music determines us; We only follow it to the end of our life: then it goes on without us." -- Steve Lacy

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Quote Originally Posted by RCNELSON View Post
    See my signature area below.
    A bit more detail...and this has changed some recently

    TENOR mpc: Selmer Soloist E (one of the new ones but a good one); Rovner Dark Lig, Rico Jazz Select 3M filed (although I'm almost ready to move to 3H)
    ALTO mpc: Selmer S80 C* with Rico Reserve Classic 3's; also have a vintage metal C* on which Hemke 3's play well; and also a Meyer 5M with Rico Jazz Select file 2H's
    SOPRANO mpc: Selmer S80 G (came with the horn when I bought it), Rico Jazz Select 3S.
    Selmer Mark VI Tenor (74xxx) with Otto Link STM 6*, Francois Louis Ultimate ligature, Rico Jazz Select 3M filed,Selmer Mark VII Alto with vintage C*, Rico Reserve Classic 3,
    Buescher TT Soprano (1924), Selmer S80 D, Hemke 3, plus Selmer clarinet, Gemeinhardt Flute and Piccolo

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Yanagisawa T880

    New Yani mouthpiece (5)
    Lig? I dunno, it's kinda honey gold like Selmers. 2 Screw
    Rico 3s


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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    The Martin Tenor
    Jody Jazz HR 8* mpc
    Stock lig
    Rigotti Gold 2.5 light's

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    I've switched things around the last year - I'm now playing on a Selmer Serie III matte finish tenor (set up by TenorMadness) with an RPC 110B, Vandoren Java 2.5 reeds and an older than dirt Brillhart three ring lig that I got used back in college years ago.

    Great combination. The Bois lig worked well with the RPC as well but tends to be a little boomy. The Brillhart seems to even out the response through the horn (somehow).
    "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." Aldous Huxley
    Selmer Serie III Tenor, Yani 900 Bari, '24 True Tone Bass, Buffet S1 Bb Clarinet..

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Tenor: King Tempo
    MOC: Otto Link Tone Edge 7
    Reed: Legere 2 with Selmer ligature

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    1933 C.G. Conn New Wonder Transitional (silver) | Customised by Steve Crow
    Brilhart Ebolin 4* mouthpiece
    Vandoren MO ligature
    Alexander DC 3.5 or 4 reeds
    Matt London ~ Saxophonist, Composer and Blogger

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Reference 54 Tenor
    Otto Link STM NY (with original lig--I mess around with others, but always come back)
    Legere Studio cut reeds

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Selmer Mark VII
    Otto Link Vintage Tone Master 6*, stock ligature for now..
    Vandoren Java Red Box 3 1/2's
    Jazz is a mental attitude rather than a style. It uses a certain process of the mind expressed spontaneously through some musical instrument. I'm concerned with retaining that process.

    — Bill Evans

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Martin "Indiana" Tenor Saxophone
    Beechler 7 "JazzMing Chameleon" mpc
    VanDoren 2's (for the now...I'm still learning how to ride this Luscious Beast!)

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    P.Mauriat System 76 2nd Edition w/ Dark Laquer

    Otto Link NY STM 8* w/ stock ligature

    Vandoren V16 3.5 strength

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    45,xxx Selmer SBA
    Handmade Guardala MBI
    Vandoren Java 3
    Horns: 1951 Selmer SBA Tenor, Handmade Guardala MBI; CE Winds Artist Series DS Baritone, Dukoff D7; CE Winds Omega Curved Soprano, Barone Vintage HR, Akai EWI 4000S

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    '36 Conn 10M tenor silver / '68 Selmer MkVI tenor silver - handmade Guardala Super King / Rovner light lig / Vandoren V16

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    YTS-62 II
    Modern HR Link - refaced by Phil-Tone
    FL Lig
    Rigotti Gold 3 light -medium.

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Theo Wanne Brahma
    Wanne Lig
    Java 3

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Keiwerth SX90R Vintage
    Sugal SG II .107 - modified a lot; I have changed everything
    Original Sugal lig.
    Vandoren V16 reeds (2.5 or 3)
    Julius Keilwerth SX90II soprano - Runyon Custom .070 - Red Java 2 / Cannonball Big Bell Stones Series alto - Beechler Custom Bellite .085 - Red Java 2.5 / JK SX90R Tenor - Sugal KW II .110" - V16 3 / Taishan baritone - Vandoren V5 b75 .110" refaced/mod. to "double chamber" - Vandoren ZZ 2.5

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Borgani Vintage tenor
    Freddie Gregory Mark VI 7* mouthpiece
    Marc Jean ligature
    Rigotti Gold 2 1/2 reeds
    Selmer Mark VI, Ted Klum Focustone Solid Silver Handcrafted 0.108" mpc, Rigotti Gold 3M reeds, Marc Jean ligature

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Since last week I am a tenor sax owner:
    Buescher Aristocrat Big B 156 series, vintage 1949 - 1950
    Otto Link 5* metal
    A whole mixed bag of reeds to try out.

    I needed a tenor sax quick and an old friend wanted rid of some of his collection, so I went along to try some. There was an old Selmer Mk 4 (I was expecting to choose the Selmer) and a Conn Ladyface and this battered old Buescher. The Selmer was nice but not special, the Conn was too hard to play with my short fingers, and the Buescher blew my socks off! He threw in the Otto Link MP and a gig bag, all for 1200 Euro, not bad I think. When I got it home I cleaned it and half of the spots turned out to be beer. It already gunged up two swabs - that thing is dirty - but the sound is knockout and gets better every day.

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Selmer Mark VII
    Otto Link STM 6
    Vandoren Java 4-4.5
    Pretty standard I suppose.
    Alto Selmer Mark VI 101xxx
    Tenor Mark VII 286xxx

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    Default Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Set ups certainly will depend upon type of music played; desired sound, etc., etc. After years of experimentation (which remains ongoing) I currently sitting on the following for playing smooth jazz and soft classics with electronic accompaniment:
    Selmer Mark VI
    Meyer G series #6
    Rovner Dark Lig
    Rico Select Jazz 2M

    But, as mentioned, the search goes on.

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