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    Default Woodwind repair Manual

    Anyone had a look at this please?

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    Howlin - sounds very much like the one I bought from another UK seller, it was scanned manual pages, and also included '2 useful measurement charts' on paper. Photo's lost a little in the processing to Postscript.

    Has to be worth the price, not sure about legit ownership of info.... My CD was definately 'home copied', and labelled with marker pen ! I have to say it wasn't from this seller tho' - but does look the same.

    Wasn't bad tho', lots of useful info, assumes you're starting with some knowledge because it also talks about 'workshop setup' etc. Is all a tad dated, still useful nevertheless as it fills lots of 'info gaps' and is the basis for a good technique.

    On-Screen layout was a bit of a pain as the printed 'columns' meant moving up and down a lot in Acrobat. I abandoned mine in favour of a couple of other printed manuals I use, maybe you could print it off.

    Regards, Alan.

    P.S. It was a bit big to email around (one stonkin' great .pdf file) unless some kind soul out there has a copy - and a high speed internet link....

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    Default woodwind repair manual

    Howlin - I bought this some time time ago and I agree with all the above comments. Some of the 'illustrations' seem to be out of step with the text. For instance, a close-up of someones right ear is intended to assist our understanding of burnishinh technique!
    With all it's shortcomings, it is a substantial piece of work and was quite obviously a labour of love for someone. I say 'someone' because the work is anonymous!
    It is definitely worth the money and there are some gems of knowledge in it, if you take the time to look.

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    Where is it scanned from?

    Musicmedic's info? He says that if it is, he doesn't mind. But if it is, is it available free from Musicmedic.
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    Thanks guys - perhaps I'll see if MMs video has any ears in it

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    Default woodwind repair manual

    Gordon - The disc I received had no information on it, so I don't know where it originates from - it is anonymous in every sense of the word. It seems there are several versions around.

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