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    Is the King 660 a decent first instrument for an older beginner? Made in about 2000. Does it have a high F# key?

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    I figure the lack of responses answered my questions? That bad huh?

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    Guess it is way too late to post a reply but I hope you did go for a King 660 Alto ... it is an excellent sax and a perfect instrument to learn on. I bought one off ebay a long time ago for my then girlfriend (now Wife) to learn on and she loved and still loves it ... she refuses to part with it even though she can now blow a pretty mean horn and we have several other saxes to wake up the neighbourhood with! My own sax is a King Zephyr which could hold its own in the industrial demolition business if you really let rip with it ... the 660 is not quite in that league but not far behind. Surprisingly the 660 is actually heavier than the Zephyr although somewhat easier to play ... some of the keys take a bit of getting used to but are quite easy with a bit of practice but the whole sax is built like a tank. My advice? ... if you are still looking, go for a 660 (you can pick up a decent one on ebay for $200-$300), have it fully serviced and go make some noise!


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    Where is the 660 made? Is this a current production sax?

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    The King 660 was "Made in the USA" (as engraved on the bell) and was manufactured by the King Musical Instrument Company. Previously known as the H N White Company (legendary makers of Zephyrs, Super 20's etc.), the King Musical Instrument Company was formed In January 1966 after a merger with the Seeburg Corporation, a manufacturer in electronic entertainment equipment. The Company is now part of Conn-Selmer and still makes musical instruments, but it seems they stopped manufacturing Saxophones under the King name in 1986 ... check out their website :

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    I just picked up one of these, and have been amazed at how well pleased I am with it. I'm still a new player, but I have three years experience with Chinese horns, two Yamaha YAS-23s, and a Selmer Bundy II. I like this King 660 alto quite a bit better. I've had a hard time finding any info on it-the above posts are the most I've found.
    I picked mine up in a pawn shop for $150. It is in playable condition; no leaks, and the lacquer is in pretty good shape with just minor scratches. It is stamped "Made in the USA". It has a darker gold lacquer, has rolled tone holes, and feels a little heavier than my YAS-23. A local sax pro says my YAS-23 has a very neutral sound-the King is a bit deeper and more mellow. The keywork action is very light and smooth compared to the Yamaha, and the right hand keys fit my hands better (I have moderately large hands). I play it with a Yamaha 5C mouthpiece and Vandoren 2.5 reeds. It has instantly become my primary horn.
    I'm posting this to recommend the King 660. Having heard virtually nothing about them, and knowing the Yamaha YAS-23 is universally praised, as it should be, I would like the word to get out to consider a 660 if you run across one and are in the market for a student level horn.
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