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    Default Reeds For A Guardala Studio Tenor Sax MPC

    What reeds work well for a guardala studio mouthpiece? I am currently using Hemke 2 1/2's, but they just aren't working for me anymore. The Hemke's were great, but after a year of playing them the last few boxes i have played are garbage. I'm having problems getting them to play solidly on low notes and on altissimo G# they have started producing a multiphonic and they just aren't playing like they used to. I was considering Vandoren V16, Java, and ZZ. I noticed the V16's and ZZ's have been recommended for Guardala Studio's in other posts. I just wanted to check what sizes were recommended before I went and bought a few of these reeds. Also if anyone has any feedback on how the Java's play on a guardala it would be appreciated. If there are any other brands of reeds that work well please tell me.

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    Hi sopranosaxman,

    I play a D.G. Studio and a D.G. King. I've been experimenting with about a dozen different reed cuts on both of these. When I first got my Tenor, I had some leaks that I wasn't aware of and found that some reed cuts were easier to play than others. Now that my leaks are repaired, all the different cuts play on both mouth pieces, including a Hemkey 2.5. I continue to be surprised at the difference in sound produced by the different cuts.

    My current favorite reed on the Studio, with the Rovner Eddie Daniels II Lig is a Rico Jazz Select 2M unfiled. My current favorite on the King with the stock metal lig is a Vandoren Jazz 2. Both these reeds play great on either piece.

    It might be worth having your Tenor checked out in case it is contributing to this issue, just in case it is developing a tiny leak or getting slightly out of adjustment.
    Kind Regards,
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    I like Vandoren ZZ and the V16´s both #2.5. Also Alexander Superial DC and Plasticover usually all #2.5

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    Second the Alexander Superial DC's....

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    I believe I will try the V16's and ZZ's. I have already tried the DC's and didn't care for them. I'm looking for a sound like Kenny G's on Midnight Motion or Pick Up The Pieces. He has some edge to the sound, but it's not as much as someone like Sanborn has.

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