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    Default Antonio Hart Setup

    Does anyone know this fine altoist's setup, specially his mouthpiece? I believe he plays a Yani now but I'm not sure about before... I'm specially interested in the w/ Roy Hargrove period.

    How would you describe his sound?


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    The Hargrove period was a MKVI and a Meyer then he had a Super 20 a little

    Now, as you mentioned it's a Yani .. maybe still a Meyer; I don't know.

    He had a very Cannonball-like bounce to his sound back then ..

    Now, I haven't hear any recent Antonio, so I don't know what he's sounding like,
    these days

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    I've worked with Tony a few times. As I recall he blew a Yanigasawa with a Vandoren mouthpiece (the one like a Meyer, V16?) and one of those Vandoren ligatures with the screw/plate thing on the bottom. I didn't know him when he worked w/ Roy.

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    I'm pretty sure he does ineed play a Vandoren, either a Java or a V16 (I'm pretty sure it's a V16). Those Vandoren pieces are probably the best out there for the money. They have much higher quality control than most mass-production mouthpiece makers, and they often compete with boutique, hand-made mouthpieces.

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