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Thread: Get to play BASS!!!

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    Well, I talked to the band director at my school, Adrian College, in an audition for a scholarship (I got $2k/year) and he told me about an oppurtunity I have that not many people have. . . I get to play a vintage Beuscher Bass Sax in the band this year!! He said that for one concert each year, he brings out his vintage bass sax and lets a student play it. . . I really can't wait, I've never even played Bari, so this is going to be exciting. . . Anybody here ever gone directly from alto to soprano to tenor to bass? I'm kinda worried that I might suck, but at the same time, I used to play soprano and tenor interchangeably in concerts on a weekly basis, so I'm not too worried. . .

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    Here's an idea. Can you get another sopranoist, 2 altos, tenor and bari? Then you can have a sax-tet, with you as the bass.

    (This, of course, assumes the director will loan out his bass more than once a year. Or he can play it and you play soprano!)

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