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    Default Ad. Sax and Martin Freres mouthpieces

    I Just bought an alto sax mpc "Martin Frères - Paris" on ebay but couldn't find any info on it. What I did find is a picture of an "Ad. Sax" alto mouthpiece wich looks the same to me.
    Here the pics:

    Can anyone tell me more about this mouthpiece!


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    Default wishfull thinking...

    ...cause I payed only €1 (little more than $1) for it.
    Could these mouthpieces have any connection with an early Selmer Airflow? They look alike, except for the two engraved rings.
    There all French. Could it be there was one mpc-maker, producing pieces for several makes?

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    No. Many companies produced similar looking moutpieces (from the outside) because they were close to Adolphe Sax's original design. I don't think there was any connection, but many of these pieces are very similar due to the fact that they were really just copies of the Adolphe Sax piece.
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    Ok, it might be an Airflow imitation, but can I assume it's also '20-made? Or did the copying started only many years later?

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